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    Zarbon is Frieza's right-hand man. He is extremely vain, which makes him reluctant to transform into his monstrous true self.

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    Zarbon is one of Frieza’s elite henchmen. Zarbon travels to planet Namek with Frieza in order to collect the Dragon Balls. He helps search for the Dragon Balls and is confronted by Vegeta whom he beats with ease. Zarbon then takes the defeated Vegeta's body and places him into a rejuvenation chamber in hopes of retrieving the Dragon Balls location (all done under Frieza's orders). After Vegeta is healed, he escapes captivity. Zarbon and Vegeta engage in a second battle. Due to Vegeta’s increase in power after he is healed (due to his Saiyan ancestry), Zarbon is defeated.

    Zarbon has the ability to transform and increase his powers, like his master Frieza. Zarbon’s transformation resembles some kind of reptilian beast.


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