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He's a determined, young boy who fights to be a kind king. He will not stand by when his friends are in danger.

Powers & Abilities

As a Mamodo, his powers are activated when Kiyo reads the spells from his book. His powers are lightning-based.

  • Zaker - Zatch shoots lightning from his mouth. It's his standard attack in Mamodo Battles.
  • Rashield - This is Zatch's defensive move. In Mamodo Battles, it can block the opponent's strongest attack.
  • Jikerdor - In Mamodo Battles, he can magnetize his enemies so steel beams stick to them. Thus, hindering their movements.
  • Bao Zakeruga - This is Zatch's strongest attack. It's a dragon made of lightning. In Mamodo Battles, his attack can severely deplete an opponent's health bar.
  • Zakeruga - This is a stronger form of Zaker.
  • Rauzaruk - Zatch powers up his attack and speed.

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