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Heroine of Law

Sector Bootes

In the wake of the disastrous entrance into the Schwarzwelt, Zelenin and her fellow crew members crash land into what will become the second sector explored by the player, Bootes. Before the main character and the rest on board the Red Sprite can reach Bootes however, Zelenin finds that she and the surviving crew of the Elve have been herded into prisons within the sector by its head demon, Mithras
Mithras and his demonic servants take perverse pleasure in torturing to death the crew members of the Elve, boring holes into their skulls to watch their brains splatter out, feeding them poison, and depriving them of oxygen. 
After making it to Bootes, the main character and Jimenez begin their infiltration of Mithras' large tower in the center of the sector which also houses his torture chambers.  However, the main character is found by the demon hordes and thrown into prison himself, which just happens to be the same cell Zelenin is in. She is elated to see him but it lasts only briefly, as the main character is summoned away to personally meet Mithras. 
Not long after, the Red Sprite crew launches an operation to rescue Zelenin that includes a feint from Jimenez's team to draw all the demons out of Mithras' tower. The main character finds Zelenin's location but is again caught by an invisible demon and thrown back into the cell. Zelenin is dismayed and hopeless at the current situation. However, while searching for a way out, the main character finds that an unknown crew member has made his way into their cell, and reveals himself to be the angel Mastema. Proving that he wants to help them, he digs a hole in the floor with his bare hands, allowing the two to escape Mithras' tower. Zelenin is then kept under the supervision of the medical bay while the combat forces eradicate Mithras. 
The experience in Bootes' torture chambers scars Zelenin and makes her fear demons. She refuses to use the Demon Summoning Program and is uneasy around the demon Jimenez takes as a pet, Bugaboo

Sector Carina

Zelenin rejoins the search team in sector Carina, the infinite demonic shopping mall of Orcus. In their search, Zelenin and the main character stumble again into Mastema, who displays a very obvious liking towards Zelenin. Seeing that she refuses to use demons, Mastema instead summons angels for her to use to protect herself, which she gladly accepts. 

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