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    Zell Dincht

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    A main character of Final Fantasy VIII. Zell is a cadet at Balamb Garden, specializing in martial arts and hand to hand combat.

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    Zell is a master of close combat fighting skills; he uses his feet and his fists to defeat any enemy that stands in his way. Zell also loves the hot dogs, which are sold in the Balamb Garden cafeteria. Zell has never been one to cause trouble with others but his abundant energy, wild temper, and reactionary style get him into trouble. His cockiness has gotten him the nickname chicken wuss by Seifer.

    Throughout the game the player will see many emotional outbursts by Zell, his personality is made to combat Squalls quiet personality.

    Playing Style:

    Zell Dincht is a character from Final Fantasy VIII. He is a student at Balamb Garden with Squall and Seifer. Zell is extremely skilled in the martial arts focusing on using his fists to fight. The weapons that he uses in the game are gloves, which he puts over his fists.

    Zell's Weapons:

    Weapons in Final Fantasy VIII work differently than how they did in previous Final Fantasy games. You do not find weapons to equip and there is only a small amount of them. To acquire new weapons in Final Fantasy VIII you first need to find the hidden Weapons Monthly magazines all around the world.

    With each magazine you find the recipe for four new weapons goes into the weapon shops for you to craft. The only way to get the items for you to craft new weapons are either from winning battles against monsters who drop the items randomly or to refine the items from cards using Quezacoatl's Card Mod ability.

    Zell, like most of the characters in Final Fantasy VIII, has 4 different weapons including his original weapon.

    Metal Knuckle
    Metal Knuckle

    Zell's first weapon is the Metal Knuckle, he starts off with it so there is no need to construct it at any point in the game. It has a hit rating of 98 out of a maximum of 255 and a strength rating of 12. The recipe to make the Metal Knuckle is Fish Fin x1 and M-Stone Piece x 4.


    Zell's second weapon is called Maverick. It is a weapon that can be obtained before disc 2 and it has a hit rating of 99 and a damage rating of 15. The formula for a Maverick is Dragon Fin x 1 and Spider Web x1.


    Zell's third weapon is Gauntlet, it can be obtained by the middle of disc 2. It has a hit rating of 101 and a damage rating of 20. In addition to 400 gold a player can make the Gauntlet with Dragon Skin x1 and Fury Fragment x1.


    Zell's final and strongest weapons is Ehrgeiz. This weapon is generally obtained early in disc 3. It has a hit rating of 103 and a 25 damage rating. In addition to 800 gold the player can make Ehrgeiz with Adamantine x 1, Dragon Skin x 4, and Fury Fragment x 1.

    Limit Break:

    His limit break Duel is very similar to Sabin from Final Fantasy VI in that it requires the player to input different commands to do different moves. When the game begins Zell only knows 5 attacks. Unlike Sabins blitz move you can do multiple moves in Duel which lead to combos. The player can learn new moves for Zell by finding magazines called Combat King. Doing certain moves in a specific order can lead to accomplishing a combo which will end in a very flashy but powerful finisher.

    Combat King Locations:

    Combat King 1: During the first non-Laguna sequence on Disc 2, after acquiring the party's weapons but before rescuing Squall from the torture room this magazine is located in a cell on the very bottom floor of the D-District Prison.

    Combat King 2: Right after the boss fight against Fujin and Raijin outside of the Balamb Hotel during disc 2.

    Combat King 3: Complete Zell's love sidequest.

    Combat King 4: In Esthar, during the sequence where the party is split into two groups, use Zell's group to find a soldier at the bridge near the Curaga draw point outside of the Airstation.

    Combat King 5: Inside Lunatic Pandora. Can only be obtained here if during the second Laguna sequence (the one in the caves of Esthar) you hit the red switch before the blue switch on the detonator.

    All Combat Kings can be purchased later in the game with the Tonberry King GF's Call Shop skill.

    Fun Facts:

    Does NOT like being called a "chicken wuss".

    If you go to his house before the Timber mission in disc 1you can challenge Zell's mother to a game of cards She carries the Zell card.


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