Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling: Fight da Pon!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 25, 1994

    Released in 1994 for the Super Famicom. Part of the "Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling" series of video games.

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    Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling: Fight da Pon! is a game in Natsume/Masaya's series of Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling (also known as All-Japan Pro Wrestling, or AJPW) games for the Super Famicom. Unlike the other games in the series, Fight da Pon is a comedic/parodic take on the circuit, and features various AJPW wrestlers in a super deformed chibi style that exaggerates their personalities.

    The game features multiple modes, but the core battle system requires using cards at opportune moments. Each card depicts a type of wrestling move, such as a suplex or clothesline, and the player can use them to counter and overpower their opponent. The game's story mode(s) plays out like a board game with occasional bouts.

    The game was released in June 1994 in Japan exclusively. It is the third of four Super Famicom Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling games from Natsume and Masaya.


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