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Zeno Clash Review 1

Ghat has a problem. He is in the very unique situation of having committed both matricide, and patricide, by killing one person. This forces him to take flight in a prehistorically fever-dream of a landscape, along with a scantily clad antlered woman, Deadra, from several of his brothers and sisters who seek his head. The story in Zeno Clash is told by jumping between present day and a series of flashbacks, leading up to the murder of Father-Mother. Built upon the famed Source engine by Valve, ...

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A beautiful, unique (and all too short) brawler 0

Despite its bland, forgettable title, Zeno Clash is a remarkable game from small indie developer ACE Team. In essence, it’s a first-person brawler set in a tribal/fantasy universe. You occupy the role of Ghat, an outcast, who awakens from unconsciousness following a vicious fight with the clan’s leader, Father-Mother. With Father-Mother dead, Ghat is left with no other choice but to escape from Halstedom, his home town, with the help of his female companion, Deadra. The rest of the game switches...

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Unique visual style, creative storyline, and solid gameplay 0

Zeno Clash is an excellent action game available only through online stores like Steam or Direct2Drive. It was developed by an indie developer, ACE Team, and has a visual style unlike any game I've played recently.  The game follows Ghat, a young man banished from his homeland. An excellent story told in a non-linear fashion by the use of flashbacks explain to the player who Ghat is and why Ghat was banished. This isn't an RPG or an FPS. This is a very linear game with no opportunity for explor...

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A game that is not enslaved by reality. 0

Let me start off by saying that I don't play many "weird" games. I usually stick to IPs I know. When I saw the Quicklook of the XBLA version of Zeno Clash however, I was intrigued by the story. It was definitely weird and unconventional, and as an aspiring game designer, I felt compelled to see what Brad found so crazy about it. Yeah, it's pretty crazy, but it's not because it's horrifying or ambiguous like a David Lynch movie. It just has a very specific art design and a story that is not bound...

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Acid Clash 1

To say it straight, Zeno Clash is a great game. It features some truly excellent melee combat, decent shooting, gorgeous visuals, and one of the most memorable game worlds and atmosphere in memory. These elements work together in a great synergy, complementing each other to give you an experience of unending thrills and delights. Zeno Clash casts you as Ghat, a lean but tough young guy who just killed his parent Father-Mother. Nothing makes sense at first; your angry siblings jump you, a girl na...

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Zeno Clash 0

 Zeno Clash is a pretty one of a kind experience. The main game only lasts about five hours, and parts aren't that polished, and some aspects of its design are frustrating. But there's a sort of charm to its unrelenting weirdness, and it's pretty respectable for what is clearly a passion project for a pretty small development team.The game throws right into the action from the beginning, with a few mystical tutorials thrown in to get you up to speed. The story is half told in flashback, a...

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HD Video Review 0

   Great games like Bioshock have shown us how far games have come, but Zeno Clash shows how far we have left to go.  The imagination, ingenuity, and focus of Zeno Clash is undoubtedly the title's crowning points; it's something we don't see often enough in games.  While many reviews of the game have built themselves around paragraphs celebrating the art direction and story telling, there is still a game here that must be examined.  Zeno Clash in play doesn't quite meet the pedigree of its produ...

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WOW Just can't get over this game 0

This game from the start looked a bit over the top but as i played through it i loved it more and more. The story was really well done and the shooting parts of the game were fun too. The only part i didn't like was the challenge tower( I suck at the tower =D) It was really hard. And if they made some more moves i would be happy all in all i loved every second of this game. By Aceofspies...

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Punching dudes in the face doesn't get much better than this! 0

 If you haven't heard of this one, you're probably not alone. It won a few indie game awards but it has kind of been under the radar. It's also somewhat difficult to describe. To put it simply, it's a first-person fighting game that takes place in a very surreal environment. It's colorful, beautiful, and full of interesting creatures and people, whom you get to punch in the face. A story exists, the voice acting kind of suffers, and you spend a lot of time punching people in the face but the set...

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A game full of enjoyable combat, lush landscapes and replayability value. 0

I recently completed Zeno Clash. I went through the short campaign, had a blast at the tower challenges, and got a handful of the achievements. Now whether I go back, tackle the remainder of the tower challenges and polish off the rest of the achievements is a totally different question. The real question is, did I enjoy it? Was it a worthwhile experience? There’s a lot of positivity in Zeno, and for a small indie number I think it packs quite a punch. Excuse the pun.Now, if someone asked you: “...

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Fun and refreshing 0

Zeno Clash is definitely something that I could see got more popular over time everywhere. I heard about it a little bit, but kept seeing people refrence it and say good things. I have to say, after i have tried it out, it was a fun, mind bending romp. The combat is very smooth and actually takes skill to master, which i really respected throughout this game. The graphics are kinda dated, but the art style makes it look pretty good despite the technical hinderance. THe story is pretty confusing ...

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A unique and interesting world 0

There is a moment I want to say about half way through Zeno Clash where the girl you have been travelling with asks you to go hunt for some food. So you run out into the desert and walk through the legs of large dinosaur type creatures. While this wasn't the first time during the game where I said to myself "wow, this is a different game environment," it was the moment where I was sold.  There is something to be said for doing small tasks in interesting enviroments. It feels as though the guys w...

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A Clash of Zenos 1

  Zeno Clash is a gorgeous game. It is not technically beautiful, like say a Crysis, but the art is without equal. The characters all look remarkably different, the locations are varied and logical, and the entire game has a cohesive, alien feel. It creates a world in a way that most games only hope to do, and it does it without having cutting edge graphics or a gigantic budget. The voice acting is sub-par, sure, and the writing could have stayed in the oven a little longer. These issues are to ...

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Riddick? Eat Your Heart Out 0

As Ghat, you start out the game in a bit of a pickle. You've just murdered your father-mother, a hermaphroditic creature, and now you're on the run from your multitude of brothers and sisters, all of whom want revenge for the death of their matriarch/patriarch figure. Going along with your companion, Deadra, you'll piece together what the hell just happened, in a series of flashbacks and randomly interrupted cutscenes.Zeno Clash is, without a doubt, weird. This is the kind of game you'd expect i...

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