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Zenozoik is a punk fantasy prehistoric land, filled with many different landmarks and many different biomes.


Halstedom is the main (and only real) city of Zenozoik, comprised of many different homes and buildings. It is seperated into 3-4 areas: the main city, where the majority of people live. The family plaza, where Father-Mother and his/her family resides. The outskirts, which is one of only two entrances into the city, and high town, where there is a clock that tells time (but tells it off by many minutes).

Corwid Woods

The corwid woods are where the Corwid of the Free live, a faction comprised of crazy people. The woods feature many different hazards, from giant bugs to giant snapping plants to precarious ledges. It also features vine like trees and many other colorful plants. There is also the deep woods, which are more treacherous and house the mantra whisperers.

Rath-Bird fields

a very large and very colorful area, this place is home to the titular rath-birds, as well as a few settlements. It features trees that blow bubbles, giant pelicans, and strange structures the Zenos did not build.


The coast is home to a small settlement, and it grows larger during Zeno Clash 2, where Henae and Rimat go to build a settlement away from Golem's prying eyes. It is very grey and dark, and features annoying flying birds and dreary rock formations. It also features saw nosed whales.

Avernum Islands

A mysterious island chain Father-Mother visited before the events of Zeno Clash, it is a rocky island, with a mysterious fortress build housing shadows, dark creatures that protect such important places. It is also the home of Samoro-Teh.


The desert is where settlement dies down, as the only people that live there are the Tiamte, who have their own territory stuck deep in a canyon. The desert features giant giraffe looking animals, as well as the bugs. It is also protected, as it is the last area before getting to...


The area known as Endworld is the last known area north, and is also Kax-Teh's domain. It is a dangerous place, filled with shadows and dangerous mist. It also features The Throne, which is where Golem was awakened in Zeno Clash 1. During Zeno Clash 2, Ghat and Rimat find a secret tunnel that leads them to:

Beyond Endworld

This area is rocky and barren, but at the end of the area Ghat and Rimat see very sophisticated buildings and docks and such. This is the end of Zenozoik, and the entrance to the civilized world.

The Lost Cave

This is connected to both the desert and endworld, and is where the prehistory of Zenozoik is told. Zenozoik is a land filled with Chimeras, with which the civilized peoples (of many many many years ago) despised, so they sent these people to a strange land and protected it against these chimeras escaping by the 4 golems and 4 natural barriers; Kax-Teh protects the north, which is also protected via desert. Xotl-Teh protects the south, which is also protected via freezing cold. Samoro-Teh protects the west, which is also protected via ocean. Nahuatl-Teh protects the east, which is also protected by mountains.


The area to the east that the Zenos know of, a rocky canyon of no real significance, only thing being that it's the entrance to the Mountains.


The mountains are a very precarious area, protected by two headed monkeys and giant furry goatmen. It also features technology that is more advanced than the Zenos know of, such as elevators. The mountain also features Pink Tower, which is where Nahuatl-Teh resides. This area features a giant tower.


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