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The Zeraphi are one of two sentient races who originate from the area of the nameless Torchlight world known as the Mana Wastes, with the other being their hated enemies, the Ezrohir, who split off from the Zeraphi race thousands of years ago, abandoning their fleshy bodies in the process and becoming monstrous automatons visually reminiscent of the traditional outfits worn by their Zeraphi forebearers, as noted below.
The Zeraphi are a deeply mysterious species who never show their true forms to outsiders; even in their own capital city of Zeryphesh, the Zeraphi cover their entire bodies in cloth wrappings, then add gold-inlaid armoured plating, most notably a decorative helmet-mask with a face carved into it, as they have noted that the other races of the world find it unsettling to speak to "faceless" individuals. Even upon death, their magical armour self-destructs, destroying the body within, so that there is no chance of their appearance being revealed to any outsider.

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