What do you want to see in the next Zero Escape game? [Spoilers!]

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#1 Posted by BeachThunder (14736 posts) -

Just finished Virtue's Last Reward and I assume there will be another one. I loved the changed they made from the original. Anyway, personally:

  • No long ass cutscenes involving dots moving through maps.
  • Being able to fastforward dialogue during escape scenes.
  • A specific hint system, rather than just EASY/HARD; if I want a nudge in the right direction on a puzzle, I don't suddenly want a whole barrage of hints for everything.
  • Storywise - I have no idea, I'm not really sure where you can go from VLR...
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#2 Posted by Bocam (4099 posts) -

I want Blick Winkel to show up

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