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    The Elder brother of Fyuria, and leader of a make shift guerrilla band against Gridamas with his sibling and fellow survivors.

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    Where you meet Zerva:
    You meet Zerva in ZeZagun Fort in generation one at level 5
     Zerva  founded a gurrellia band with his sister and fellow survivors of the Gridamas invasions to take out Gridamas for the lost of he and his sister's family and fellow Syrium caught in the invasion. It was quickly broken up and he and his sister were seperated during battle. Sense his seperation he found new allies from the Frontier and again took charge against the Gridamas forces. 
    In Zezagun Fort Leonhardt comes to Zerva's aid, or tries too, upon seeing his sibling with the former general of Gridamas (Golden leo) Zerva attacks in a way to save her. Thinking that she was captured by the human. Upon learning the truth he is still distrustful of Leonhardt, but between a rock and a heard place he joins the group if only to get he and his allies out of harms way.
    Zerva gradually learns to trust Leo, even to the point of the end of the first generation that he swears to watch over Leonhardts son.


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