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    Zhu Rong

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    Zhu Rong is a figure from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. She is the wife of Meng Huo and therefore the queen of the Nanman territory.

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    Zhu Rong was the wife of Meng Huo, a ruler of the Nanman tribe in the jungles to the south of China as recorded in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Notably, she is the only female figure in the novel that is explicitly depicted as taking part in battle. She fought against the forces of Shu to prevent them from gaining control of the Nanman territory. Zhu Rong was captured by Shu and released multiple times until finally, she and her husband surrendered and pledged their allegiance to Shu.

    In Dynasty Warriors

    In the Dynasty Warriors series, Zhu Rong is depicted as a tribal, Amazonian woman and a fierce warrior. Her husband, despite all of his bluster, is terrified by the very idea of angering her, and does what she tells him though she stops short of ruling in place of him. Depending on the game, she either fights with a large boomerang or throwing knives.


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