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While wandering through Prosper Bluffs, the Kid stumbles upon a soothing song that eventually leads him to Zia. She agrees to come back to the Bastion with him.

Rucks tell the story of Zia as he tries his best to remember it.


Zia is an Uran who was born and raised in Caelondia. The city took her parents in as refugees on the condition that they would never return to their home again, the Tazal Terminals. She never knew her mother, who passed away from complications at birth, and was raised by her father alone. She never really knew her father either, who was hired by the cities Mancers. Knowing nothing about her heritage or her father's work, she devotes her time to music. Due to rumors of her and her father being Uran spies, Zia found it hard to fit in and make friends.

Eventually she befriended one boy, who claimed to be interested in Uran culture and eventually convinced her to meet her father. She took him to his den where the boy greeting him in the Uran native tongue. What he forgot to mention to her was that an outsider speaking Uran is incredibly disrespectful. Her father became outraged and drove the two of them out. Convinced that she wasn't welcome anymore, she had the idea to flee Caelondia with the boy. His ulterior plan ended in tipping off the Marshalls about the escape and was stopped before they made it out of the city. Zia is wrongfully accused of treachery, and her father is forced into work; never seeing her again. She is however, warned about the Calamity in their final goodbye.

One of the most popular and distinctive songs in the game's soundtrack is sung by Lia called "Build that Wall (Zia's theme)". It is a folk war song depicting the Ura triumphing over the Caelondians.

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