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    A traveling mercenary with a fond interest in the Laguz.

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    "I told you, they're not my friends. I am an ally to the laguz. What? You need proof? There!" -- Zihark, when Mordecai recruits him in Path of Radiance.

    He is a respectful person as is evident in the way he does not call laguz, "sub-humans." He is also rather polite and kind as proven in the way he speaks to Meg when she is shy to approach him, and when it comes to Ilyana, he has a rather flirtatious side. Unfortunately for him, it flies over her head. Of course, he does not take to sudden news very well, as he becomes flustered when Meg tells him that he is her fiancee. Zihark is very amiable as well, if his relationship with Brom has anything to say about that.


    In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Zihark is just an ordinary Daein citizen/mercenary. Somewhere along the way, he fell in love with a female laguz of the beast tribe. The stress of a forbidden relationship became too much for her, so they broke it off. Zihark never really felt the need to enter another relationship because of that. He is hired as a mercenary to kill off some laguz and the "dirty laguz supporters" (Ike and his mercenaries) to prevent them from escaping to their ship. Zihark had no intention of doing so, as he reveals to Lethe or Mordecai. He tries to buy them time to escape and may end up joining Ike's side if the player wants. After the war's over, Zihark heads back to Daein.

    In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Zihark joins Jill and Tauroneo in protecting Prince Pelleas. He is then recruited into the Daein Liberation Army. When his target becomes laguz, Zihark is at a loss for a reason to fight. His country that had been under siege and never really recovered or the people he never wanted or thought he would to slaughter? Depending on player choice, Zihark can do one or the other. After Ashera is defeated, Zihark eventually settles down in Gallia after a life of resolving Beorc-Laguz disputes as a mercenary.


    In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Zihark has a total of three supports: Ilyana, Brom, and Muarim. It has been suggested that it was planned for Zihark to have an additional support with Ike (well, the reasons for this is pretty obvious). For whatever reason, that support was cut out. The reason would most likely be that Ike already has too many supports, and the designers were unwilling to exchange the already planned out ones for Zihark's.

    In his conversation with Ilyana, Zihark coincidentally appears to meet her everywhere in the base. Whenever Ilyana makes a mention of how hungry she is, Zihark tends to leave saying that he has to be somewhere. When he leaves, Ilyana mentions that everyone gave her food instead of him and wonders if she made her hunger problem sound more serious, then maybe he would change his mind. In the final support, Zihark will enlighten Ilyana about a rumour that talks of a girl that lures men in with her cute face and runs off with their food. He then begins to scold her for not at least remembering the man's name when he buys her an expensive dinner. Ilyana protests that she collapses into a coma if she doesn't eat, but Zihark only asserts his previous reprimand. Feeling pity towards her, though, Zihark says that he'll take her out to dinner since he doesn't feel right for "preaching to her." To which, Ilyana attempts to get his name right as a thank you, but fails until he corrects her.

    In his conversation with Brom, Zihark meets Brom while mending his right shoulder guard. Zihark mentions that he has a natural talent at remembering names and faces while Brom talks about his rather large family size. As they converse, Brom notes that Zihark isn't like other mercenaries since he apparently taught himself to do things like mend his shoulder guard and possesses adequate skill in mathematics. Not to mention, Zihark must have good memory if he can remember how much Brom paid for their dinner; not something that other mercenaries are too sloppy to do. Brom then goes on to mention that Zihark must be popular with girls, to which Zihark only replies "maybe an eccentric one..." Brom then decides that Zihark should marry one of his daughters, then, much to Zihark's surprise. Eventually, Zihark manages to tell Brom that he has no intention of marrying since he had an "important girlfriend before," and he cannot bring himself to forget about her. Brom thinks it's a shame, so Zihark attempts to placate him by saying that the idea of joining Brom's family has appeal which makes Brom attempt to marry Zihark to his second oldest daughter.

    In his conversation with Muarim, Zihark meets Muarim when he loses his sword powder and asks if Muarim has seen it. The laguz has not, so Zihark resolves to find Ike and see if he'll share some. He also mentions that he envies the laguz for always having their own weapons at the ready. When next they meet, Muarim asks if the sword powder he has will work for Zihark's blade. Since the item in Muarim's possession looks expensive, Zihark asks why a laguz would have this. Muarim replies that it is habit. Back when he was a slave, his master had him sharpen his swords. The swords would be presented to him unannounced, and if Muarim didn't have the necessary material, then he would be beaten. Zihark apologizes for bringing up a painful memory and offers Muarim a dinner. When next they meet, Zihark presents Muarim with a fragrant herb. Muarim is confused by this, and Zihark concludes that he must've picked the wrong herb. Muarim assures him that it is just not something tigers find appealing. Zihark then tells Muarim about his forbidden relationship with a laguz girl, that she had loved the herb, so he just assumed that all laguz did. Muarim accepts the herb nonetheless and apologizes for bringing up a painful memory. Zihark replies that he supposes it makes them even.

    In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Zihark can have a support with anyone he spends a lot of time with. In his C support, he will tell the unit to keep their blade sharp if they have a sword or that he hopes they're all right if they do not. In his B support, he will offer to team up with the unit. In his A support, he will ask the unit to please stay alive.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Zihark were to have a support with certain characters, then he would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

    The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Brom, Ilyana, and Muarim (his supports in Path of Radiance)
    • Lethe and Mordecai (they recruited him in Path of Radiance)
    • Ike (cut out yet again, hm...)
    • Jill (they both fought for Micaiah and can betray her later in the game)
    • Tauroneo (they are both Daein)
    • Kyza, Ranulf, and Lyre (they are all cat tribe laguz)
    • Nephenee (she's friends with Brom)
    • Meg (she's Brom's daughter)

    Military Affiliation

    In Path of Radiance, Zihark is initially a mercenary hired by the town militia to hunt Laguz. However, Zihark does this to free Laguz as revealed in his conversation with Mordecai or Lethe. He can be recruited by Ike and his mercenary.

    In Radiant Dawn, he is on the side of Tauroneo and Jill who fights for Prince Pelleas in order to free Daein from Begnion. Zihark will stay with Micaiah for the entirety of Part One. Of course, when his target becomes laguz in Part Three, he can be recruited to the "enemy side" by Ike, Lethe, or Mordecai. In the Part Three Endgame, Zihark can also be recruited by Ilyana or Brom if he has a A support from Path of Radiance transfer data with either of them.


    In Path of Radiance, he starts off as a level ten Myrmidon. When he reaches level twenty-one or uses a Master Seal, he will promote to the second and final tier Swordsmaster class.

    In Radiant Dawn, he starts off as a level three Swordsmaster. When he reaches level twenty-one or uses a Master Crown when he reaches level ten or higher, he will promote to the third and final tier Trueblade class. He will also gain the Master Skill, Astra.

    In both games, Zihark comes with the preassigned skill, Adept, which allows for two consecutive strikes at random moments.

    Another note on his class, Zihark can reach an SS weapon grade in his second tier Swordsmaster class. He and Edward are the only two swordsmasters in Radiant Dawn to that. Interestingly, they are also both the only playable male Daein sword users in the game.

    Unit Data

    Base Stats

    Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
    • Starting class: Myrmidon
    • Affinity: Earth
    • HP: 25
    • Strength: 10
    • Magic: 1
    • Skill: 13
    • Speed: 15
    • Luck: 6
    • Defense: 7
    • Resistance: 0
    • Constitution/Build: 9
    • Weight: 9
    • Movement: 6
    • Weapon grade: Sword - C
    • Starting class: Swordsmaster
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Earth)
    • HP: 30
    • Strength: 17
    • Magic: 6
    • Skill: 22
    • Speed: 23
    • Luck: 11
    • Defense: 13
    • Resistance: 11
    • Constitution/Build: 11
    • Weight: 11
    • Movement: 7
    • Weapon grade: Sword - A

    Growth Rates

    Path of RadianceRadiant Dawn
    • Health: 55%
    • Strength: 45%
    • Magic: 15%
    • Skill: 50%
    • Speed: 60%
    • Luck: 40%
    • Defense: 30%
    • Resistance: 20%
    • Health: 55%
    • Strength: 35%
    • Magic: 10%
    • Skill: 75%
    • Speed: 70%
    • Luck: 40%
    • Defense: 25%
    • Resistance: 35%


    Zihark has one ending at the end of the game in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is as follows:

    Blade of Unity - Zihark

    Zihark traveled Tellius as a mercenary, resolving beorc-laguz disputes. Some say he eventually settled in Gallia.


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