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    One of the main F-Zero racers, he has appeared in almost every game, and is a main character in F-Zero GP Legend.

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    Zoda is a highly remarked criminal, and is wanted throughout the entire galaxy. This is the reason why he is one of Captain Falcon´s main bountys, and is as well chased by his nemesis, Super Arrow. He is regarded as being insane, much like an evil genius. Part of this behavior is due to a special machine that pumps adrenaline into his body, enhancing his reflexes for maximimum concentration in the F-Zero races. He is a fierce competitor who has shown no fear of death. Zoda is also one of the main characters in the F-Zero anime.


    Zoda´s machine is the Death Anchor. Manufatured by the Secret Society Deathriddle, the anchor has first class acceleration and boost, yet is body is quite nimble and it´s grip is far from being decent. In order to use Zoda correctly, players must try to avoid as much hits as possible, while attaining all the boosts on the tracks and using the boost power in critical moments.

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