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    Zoe Nightshade

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    Zoe Nightshade has appeared in two James Bond games, 007: Agent Under Fire and James Bond: Nightfire. In both games she has appeared as a love interest for the protagonist, James Bond.

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    An American CIA agent, Zoe Nightshade assists James Bond (and is a romantic interest i.e. Bond girl) in both 007: Agent Under Fire and 007: Nightfire.

    In 007: Agent Under Fire, Nightshade acts as an undercover agent stationed in Hong Kong. Captured by Nigel Bloch (the game's antagonist), James Bond is assigned to rescue her, thus beginning their relationship. After getting killed in one of the game's missions, Zoe encounters Bond, revealing that she was cloned, and her clone was assigned to kill 007, plan which ultimately failed. Towards the game's finale, Zoe rescues Bond from an exploding base, with their futures unrevealed after the game's events.

    Nightshade makes an appearence in 007: Nightfire, assisting Bond to escape Raphael Drake's castle. She was a minor character in the game, appearing in only 3 missions. After Nightfire's events, Nightshade has not made any other appearence in the Bond franchise.


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