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Zok Zok Heroes is an RPG game published by Media Factory for the Game Boy Color in Japan in 2000.

Zok Zok Heroes came with a peripheral known as the Full Changer. The Full Changer used motion controls and connected via the Game Boy Color's infrared port.


A character named Specter crash lands outside the protagonist's (either Ippei or Mina depending on the player choosing male or female) house. Specter is badly injured after a losing battle with the Gyala Gang.

The protagonist's grandfather decides to bring Specter inside in order to study him. The grandfather then attempts to recreate this beings powers. The protagonist then gains the ability to transform into a being known as Brightboy or Brightgirl (depending on the gender chosen.)

The newly powered up protagonist then decides to help Specter battle the Gyala Gang.


Zok Zok Heroes is a Japanese style, turn-based role-playing game. The game uses a peripheral called the Full Charger in order to use the games transformations. These transformations were done by shaking the Full Charger and then swinging it in the commanded direction.

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