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Bland 3

 Zombie Apocalypse is another addition to the ubiquitous dual joystick shooter library. The concept is four survivors fight through 55 waves of an increasingly difficult to defeat undead. There's actually only seven levels, but the game merely cycles the same levels over and over. With the arenas not having individual flavor, this is one of the most harmful aspects to Zombie Apocalypse. However, it isn't the only reason this game is bad. Each survivor is equipped with a standard automatic ri...

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Zombie Apocalypse Review 0

Zombie Apocalypse, is by no means a great game, but it is a fun game. The meshing of game play similar to Geometry Wars and other dual stick shooters allows for fun and simple gaming. This game is fine solo, but the addition of other players, either via PSN or local mulit-player, makes for more interesting and  compelling to play, which offers competitive co-op.  Despite many flaws in the game and the lack of originality, the $10 asking price for this game is manageable and worth it....

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The Top Down Left 4 Dead? 0

 Zombie Apocalypose it's a good game. To start this off, I want to point out that I think this game launched with a perfect timing. Why? First, Left 4 Dead fans are waiting for it's DLC and sequel, so something related to it -very similar characters-     seems a good buy to ease the urges. Second, Zombieland is out in theaters, and honestly the carnival level is very, very similiar to the last scenes of the movie, so the movie fans looking for some zombie massacre can get their fix here. And thi...

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This game has no soul, in a bad way 0

 Zombie Apocalypse feels like a game designed by committee to touch all the bases that a group of investors might think are important to gamers. As a downloadable title it should obviously play like a twin stick shooter but without all those annoying colors and shapes like in Geometry Wars. Zombies are still hot right? It should have lots of gore. It should have the same guns that those really successful action games have. And like those popular MMO's, it should include some amount of dancing. P...

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No guts, no glory. 0

 What can I say about Zombie Apocalypse that isn't obvious from its screen shots or videos. This isn't a game that is trying to break through and create a new, and it isn't a game trying to redefine a genre. It is simply a game that takes the standard "throw monsters at you, you run around and shoot with gun" paradigm and does it well enough to keep me coming back off-and-on for that experience for a long time to come. This game truly is what it is, a fun blood and guts blasting romp thro...

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Ooo shiny!!! deja vu anybody?! 0

Let me just start by saying, I went into this game with no sort of qualms, I knew from the off being Konami it would be full of the typical cliché of characters from various backgrounds, seen it 100 times before. Playing the game I feel the animation colours and general lay out are pleasing on the eye, but as per usual with this kind of coin -op Konami delight I get that same old gut feeling of been here before about 35 times. It's not that the game isn't very fluid with decent animations and lo...

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I review Zombie Apocalypse 0

Zombie Apocalypse is a twin stick shooter for Xbox Live Arcade that incorporates the elements that we would expect from a twin stick shooter: Precision is key, racking up points is fun, and multiplayer is a nice addition to the game. Besides using the left and right analog sticks to move and shoot, Zombie Apocalypse also uses the triggers to control a chainsaw, and the bumpers throw zombie bait to attract the zombies to a location preferably away from you. Hilarity ensues when this occurs, becau...

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