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Zombies are on the attack. Defend survivors of the apocalypse from the zombie hordes with your defenders and weapons. Defeat the cadavers using your set of defenders; like the Biker who wields a club to bash the zombies back to the ground, a quick-slinging trooper who blasts away at the invaders, a preteen brat slinging water balloons of sludge to increase the effectiveness of fire and slow the impending doom, a roaster with a home made flamethrower, the cooler with a portable air conditioner to slow the zombies, and a metal head rocker that increases the moral of your defenders. This game is similar to a traditional tower defense game, but layout of the game is side-scrolling.

Zombie Misfits is not just another zombie game. As a product of Nexon America's Nexon Initiative in 2010, Zombie Misfits takes zombies to the next level. Zombie Misfits is "cartoon-style apocalyptic tower defense game with an RPG flare." Save the brains of civilians barricaded in shacks labeled brains from the brain-hungry undead. With an art style that can be found on cartoon network, Nexon steps up the zombie themes with a side-scrolling tower defense play style coupled with original atmospheric music. The original Facebook release was on October 26th, 2011.

Game play

Zombie Misfits is a tower defense game. Players choose from a set of 4 defenders at a time and place each defender to a predetermined location on the map. The defenders range from melee, ranged, debuff, and buff abilities. The player collects zombie energy to purchase or upgrade defenders. Zombie energy is obtained through defeating zombies and collecting dropped energy by moving your cursor. Combo-collecting the energy that dropped is an additional method to obtain bonus energy.

The goal of the game is to defend the brains of those who are barricaded inside their home-made shacks. For every regular zombie entering the shack, one brain is lost. For boss zombies, several brains may be lost per boss. To prevent the zombies from getting to the brains, the player must defeat the zombies before they enter the shack. The player can strategically place defenders to counter the zombie invasion. Over time, the zombies gain more power and health, and appear more often in larger waves. The player can upgrade the defenders to increase their damage and appearances. Zombie Misfits is currently set in North America, but can be expanded with future updates, features 7 different maps with different stage effects that help you in your defense such as a barrel kicking donkey that brings back memories of Donkey Kong.

Players smash, shoot, freeze, burn, and slime virtually unlimited waves of zombies through several game modes. Players can equip their defenders and weapons with mods, clothes, and shiny new weapons for more damage and utility to assist in the zombie genocide. With the help of player weapons that chop, burn, saw, shoot, blow up, taze, and hit zombies, players receive scores that are shown to your Facebook friends. Additional "contraptions" with the appearance of DIY creations can also be used to restrict the flow of these cadavers.

Different species of zombies attack in separate waves leaving fast paced and difficult game play. Boss zombies enter the fray with special abilities to disrupt the defenders or make regular zombies more powerful. With 6 defenders, and more to come with updates, Zombie Misfits offers hours of bloody enjoyment in zombie massacre.


Players can recruit the help of their friends for additional defenders and items to help create more weapons and contraptions once a day.

Players can post scores against their friends for bragging rights.

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