Game breaking bugs?

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Anyone else have any?

Went through a conversation on another forum that is a little more active on this game trying to figure out why I couldn't progress in one area. Turns out...the game is busted. At a certain point you get the ability to scan symbols on walls. By doing that, you decipher codes for keypads. Easy stuff. Well, at Brick Lane Markets you need to scan a code to enter a building to get gas to power up the generator in your safe house. The game won't allow me to scan the symbols.

I believe something happened during a sequence before that at the Tower of London involving a helicopter. If I go back to that area all the objectives are completed but the Prepper talks to me over the intercom like I'm just now entering that place for the first time (no matter how many times I go there). That place also contains the upgrade to decipher codes so I'm guessing every time I leave that area it thinks I have yet to go there. That's my best guest.

So this is 5+ hours in. I literally can't progress in the game anymore. Has anyone else had trouble with this game? Is it worth starting all the way over from the beginning? It's hard to gauge because not many people are talking about the game and there isn't an official forum for it to see if this game is riddled with these sorts of problems or if this is a special case. It's a bummer; first Wii U game I play and it broke on me.

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