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    Gaia Online's Casual MMOG. Flash-based, Free-to-play, Fully-featured. Seemlessly blends in with Gaia's current avatar format. Class-less. Slots for 8 skills (Rings) allow you to mix and match abilities. Be a pirate. Or a ninja. Or a ninja-pirate. For free.

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    The virtual world of Gaia Online has come alive, as the lands surrounding Barton Town are besieged by animated object-creatures with a taste for mayhem. By equipping up to eight magical Rings at a time, members can create any skillset they wish and fight on their own terms. When enemies are defeated, or quests are completed, players collect energy orbs that they can Charge their Rings with. Death isn't something to be feared, as players can only become Dazed if they become too exhausted in combat - meaning they have just enough energy to slowly escape from battle until they find a safe haven and recover and get back into the fray.

    All of the features of modern MMORPGs are present. Groups, Clans, Crafting, etc.



    Player skillsets are created by wearing up to eight (8) Rings. They can be either passive effects, such as a boost to luck, or an active effect like a sword attack. This means that the character is free to equip their site-wide avatar with whatever they would like, and still have the 'build' they desire. There are 'sets' of Rings that get bonuses for being used together, but they are by no means required.

    Rings can be acquired through normal item drops and chests, purchase on the Gaia Marketplace, or as a gift from a friend. The effective Charge Level of a Ring is independant of its owner, so a new player can be loaned powerful Rings from a friend in order to play in the same areas.


    When Rings are used, a player's exhaustion increases. If the bar ever caps out, then the player will have to rest before they can continue to fight. Kneeling will increase a player's rate of recovery.

    Rage is a stat which allows players to use the higher Rage Ranks in their Rings. Each Ring has four Rage Ranks, which use different amounts of Rage to increase their effectiveness.

    Total Charge is the amount of energy orbs your character has accumulated. Charge Level is the amount of power currently in the Ring.


    Gaia Online is fictionally genre-less, mixing fantasy, modern, and sci-fi elements at whim.

    Training Mission

    When you first start zOMG!, your character goes through a tutorial on a Train. Get it?

    Barton Town

    The first area you explore is inside the first city of Gaia - Barton.

    Village Greens

    South of Barton is where members reside in their private homes, in Towns. This area as a whole is known as the Village Greens, due to the golf course nearby. In zOMG, you can enjoy a round or two at the course, if you can fend off the lawn gnomes long enough to take a swing.

    Bill's Ranch

    Southweset of Barton lies a large farm run by Rancher Bill. His acreage lies between the Village Greens and Barton Trench.

    Dead Man's Pass

    Overlooking Barton Trench is a large, gloomy mountain. There is a mansion at the top of it, rumored to be a vampire den.

    Zen Gardens

    West of Barton, and east of Durem, lies an oriental-style botanical garden cared for by an expansive team. At least, until the Kokeshi Dolls started waddling around on their own.

    Bassken Lake

    North of Barton is the popular Bassken Lake. Home to many fish, and protected by Centaurs.

    Buccaneer Boardwalk

    On the shoreline south of the Isle de Gambino is a newly rennovated dock network owned by a Pirate alliance.

    Gold Beach

    A huge surfer haven, protected by a giant reef and a massive lighthouse.

    Old Aqueduct

    The unused remnants of Durem's old water system are still around, as well as the creatures that lurk underneath it.

    Otami Ruins

    Even more east of Barton than the industrial city of Aekea, the Otami Ruins are the last echoes of an ancient civilization. Where once the Otami dominated, the jungle now does.


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