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Zool is a "ninja of the Nth Dimension" and in his first game he is forced to land on earth to pass six lands to gain his ninja ranking. These lands included the "Sweet Zone" and the "Music Zone", lands based on sweets and music respectively. He returned in Zool 2 for more platforming action.

Zool as Amiga's mascot

Prior to Zool's first outing in "Zool" in 1992, the Amiga was slowly dropping in popularity as a 16 bit gaming device, while the SNES and Genesis gained momentum. This was often attributed to their mascots, Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog. Worried about the future of the Amiga, Magazines dedicated to system started to push Zool as the Amiga's "Killer app", and Zool as a possible mascot for the system.

Unfortunately, due to Commodore not owning the rights to the game, it was also released on its rival's machines, and the mascot idea fell through, leaving the mainstream Amiga market to slowly collapse.

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