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Zordak Ragefire is the final raid encounter in the cleric epic quest, which results in the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh. The encounter originally took place in Nagafen's Lair and required a cleric to sometimes camp the same spot for over three days of real time. It was the most notorious camp in the game for a couple years. Ragefire would first appear as a human merchant. Once a cleric handed him a shimmering orb (obtained from previous tasks in the quest), he then transformed into a powerful dragon and immediately attacked the cleric. Clerics who brought enough friends to slay Ragefire in his true form were able to take his heart and then head to Timorous Deep to claim their epic weapon.

In the Summer of 2002, Sony Online Entertainment changed the ending of the quest to alleviate the bottleneck. Instead of having to wait out a spawn that could take anywhere from one to ninety-six hours, clerics were given a much simpler task of gathering a few items in Skyfire Mountains that could be used to summon Ragefire at will. Many cleric players were relieved that they did not have to devote the time required to camp the dragon, but many who had already obtained their epic felt it diminished the sense of accomplishment that carrying a Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh brought.

Ragefire would later return in the Omens of War expansion, which introduced all new class-based epic weapons (referred to as Epic 2.0 by players). Again, he appeared first as a human, then transformed into a dragon. This version of Ragefire is much more powerful and is green in appearance. He looks similar to the undead dragon, Trakanon.

In EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark, one of Ragefire's talons can be found as a point of interest in the Jarsath Wastes.



  • Level 55 Human Merchant (Nagafen's Lair)
  • Level 50 Human (Skyfire Mountains)
  • Level 60 Dragon (Nagafen's Lair / Skyfire Mountains)
  • Level 73 Human (Timorous Deep)
  • Level 76 Dragon (Timorous Deep)


  • Dragon Fear (Nagafen's Lair / Skyfire Mountains)
  • Lava Breath (All)
  • Cloud of Discord (Timorous Deep)
  • Deathly Chants (Timorous Deep)
  • Force Breath (Timorous Deep)
  • Timeless Panic (Timorous Deep)

Related Quests

Items Sold

Human - Nagafen's Lair

  • Oil of Fennin Ro
  • Spell: Imbue Fire Opal


Human - Nagafen's Lair / Skyfire Mountains

  • Fine Steel Staff
  • Plasmatic Priest Robe

Dragon - Nagafen's Lair / Skyfire Mountains

  • Blazing Boots of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Bracer of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Breastplate of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Gauntlets of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Greaves of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Helm of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Vambraces
  • Impure Heart of Zordak Ragefire
  • Kavruul's Mystic Pouch
  • Niltim's Grimoire Pg. 416
  • Rune of Frost

Dragon - Timorous Deep

  • Soulshard of Zordak

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