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Zoroark is the Illusory Fox Pokémon. It is 1.6 meters tall (5.2 ft) and weighs 81.1 kg (178.8 lbs).


National Pokedex No: 571

Type: Dark

Found in: Isshu/Unova

Ability: Illusion - When it enters battle, it assumes the form of the second Pokémon in the user's party, but retains its type.

Evolves by: Level 30

Evolutionary Chain

Zorua -->



Zoroark, and it's pre-evolution Zorua, are based on the mythical vulpine creature know as a Kitsune from Japanese folklore. The mythical Kitsune is a well known in Japanese lore as a shape-shifting fox who plays tricks on unsuspecting travelers for it's own amusement.

Game Location

The only current method of obtaining a Zoroark is through a special event in Lostlorn Forest. The player must bring a shiny beast (Which was an Entei, Rikou, or Suicune only obtainable in Japan) to a lone camper van usually occupied only by a silent woman. When the shiny beast is in the player's party, the woman bursts out of the van in an angry rage, instantly starting a battle. This woman is actually a disguised female Zoroark.


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As a Pokemon fan favorite, many that follow the game series have speculated if Zoroark will attain a Mega Evolutionary form in the future games to come.


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