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    ZUN is the original creator of the Touhou Project and the founder of Team Shanghai Alice.

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     As the sole member of Team Shangai Alice, ZUN is responsible for the design, programming, script and music of the Touhou Project games. He was born in Hakuba, Nagano, and he has had an interest in music since a young age. He learned to play the trumpet and the Electone in elementary school and he started composing his own music in junior high. Later he graduated from Tokyo Denki University and worked for Taito for a while on various titles.

    ZUN started making games during his time at the university, because he couldn't find any that appealed to his tastes. The doujin circles provided him with the ability to do everything that goes into making a game himself, which is a source of great pride. He was also able to bring his love of music into games by composing his own soundtracks.  
    ZUN's real name is a secret. 

    He also likes beer. A lot. 


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