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BREAKING: Double Fine Reveals First Massive Chalice Screenshot

News breaks on Twitter directly from turn-based strategy game's director.

SAN FRANCISCO--After completing a heady and ultimately successful Kickstarter for its new turn-based strategy game Massive Chalice, Double Fine has now revealed the game's first screenshot via director Brad Muir's Twitter account. Given that the crowd-funding campaign wrapped a full six weeks ago, this screen likely represents a game nearing the end of its production cycle.

Take a look at the first shot after the jump.

At press time, no word was available on Massive Chalice's support of advanced features such as enemies, or texture maps.

Brad Shoemaker on Google+
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Game of the year

Posted by Roxasthirteen

Are we gonna get a play by play on the development of this? If so I am on board.

Posted by zipperface

Massive Ground Texture!

Posted by bilbomarks

Psyched! I hope it has sound too!

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Another example of why I love this damn site.

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Hehe, nice!

I saw the word BREAKING and only 2 comments, so I clicked right away (without even reading the rest of the title) thinking I might for once be one of the first to know, well, anything.

I was not disappointed.

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The future is now

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Shoemaker is coming for you scoops

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My god...

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Normal and specular maps are a $200 backer exclusive.

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mind blown!

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Uh oh, Brad Scoopin Kleps

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Bahaha, what a sarcastic jerk, lol

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Almost Life-Like!!

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Subtle but effective use of shadows. Love it!

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robot seed?

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Man, Scoops totally out scooped by the Shoemaker!

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Brad Scoopsmaker.

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nice. great looking game.

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I don't necessarily want to call it a bullshot, but I'll believe it when I see it in the final release.

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Am i supposed to be laughing right now?

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Yuck, pointy shoulders.

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looks bad, will not buy.

get it together double fine.

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Ahaha. Good work, Brad(s)!

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Next-gen, indeed!

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Got my monies worth!

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I thought the GTAV screenies were impressive but this is just, wow.

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These exclusive stories are the reason I come to GiantBomb.

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Holy shit! This like GB circa 2008 style. Brad's writing blog posts

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These exclusive stories are the reason I come to GiantBomb.

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This is beautifully dumb. Great scoops, Brad.

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This is the greatest single article I have ever seen on GB. So perfect.

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any DLC announcements yet?

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I hope to see more from muir soon.

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How many lines have code have been coded? We need to know. How many!