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Worth Reading: 05/17/2013

Patrick has some news to share about the future, and somehow acts surprised at how many horror links there are this week.

“We have to go back.”

Six years ago, I moved from Chicago to San Francisco. Six years later, I’m headed back.

One of the last conversations I had with my father before he passed was telling him we were coming home. This was more than a year ago. At the time, we figured it would happen in a few years. My wife and I had started talking about the future, and we were concerned about the logistics of raising a family in the Bay Area. It’s expensive, and our families are in the midwest. When my father passed, the gut reaction was to panic, and sprint towards what’s comforting.

During my extended stay in the midwest last summer, I considered not coming back. But life cannot be defined by crisis, and I'd have regretted pulling the trigger so quickly. I loved the life I’d built in San Francisco, and I loved my job. Around the time of our wedding, we committed. The plan was to move back for the first anniversary of my father’s passing, and that date is rapidly approaching. A year moves fast.

You might have gotten a sense that change was coming when I started experimenting with streaming from my apartment using a MacBook Air. Man, that was dumb! It was around then I was mulling the logistics of no longer being in the office, and how that impacts the work I’ve come to value while being part of Giant Bomb. I came to this place as a wordsmith, but have since spent most of my time in front of a camera. When I move, the extra time means I’ll naturally gravitate back towards more writing and reporting, but I don’t want to lose the connection I’ve built up with Giant Bomb’s incredible audience.

I’m actually excited about what’s possible being disconnected from the office. Alex and I have been talking about doing a live morning show, since we'll both be in earlier time zones. Perhaps most importantly, I haven't had time to break any big stories. Now, I will. It’s very frustrating to sit around and watch other reporters file stories that I’ve sat on for weeks or months, knowing I could have easily done that. Now, I can. Besides more frequent Encylopedia Bombastica entries and Spookin’ With Scoops episodes, you can look forward to much more thoughtful, in-depth reporting from me. I’ve really missed it.

June 21 will be the last day I’m in the office, but I’ll continue to be your news editor at Giant Bomb.

We’ll leave the teary goodbye for another day.

Hey, You Should Play This

Besides Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, there’s not another horror game I’m looking forward to as much as Among The Sleep. It's comforting to have my enthusiasm justified. On paper, Among The Sleep is a winner. You’re a two-year-old trying to find your parents in a house where things are going very, very wrong. I’d play that game, even if it turned out awful. As part of its Kickstarter funding, the developers released a playable version of the game. They are very much on the right path with this one.

And You Should Read This, Too

Speaking of horror games, Frictional Games co-founder Thomas Grip sat down with Slender: The Arrival and wrote a thoughtful analysis of what does and doesn’t work. Scaring people seems like one of the most difficult task for a creator, whether we’re talking about games, books, movies--whatever. Horror is incredibly subjective, and requires participation by the player/viewer/reader in a way other genres do not. Grip’s methodically breaks down and articulates why Slender: The Arrival can get under your skin.

"Most of the creepiness comes from the game featuring perfectly normal situations and locations. It is easy to draw parallels between the game's scenery and your own life experience. There is no need to figure out the world and your place in it, all that comes automatically. This makes it possible to become immersed in the atmosphere almost instantly. It also makes the game leave a certain amount of dread behind after you have finished playing."

Apparently we’re keeping it morbid on Worth Reading this week. Former THQ president Jason Rubin has penned a stunning editorial about the unfortunate working conditions at Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games. It’ll have you reaching for the buy button on Steam by the end, and only makes what 4A Games has pulled off with both the Metro games all the more impressive. It makes you wonder what 4A Games would be capable of with better support. You know, like proper chairs.

"When 4A needed another dev kit, or high-end PC, or whatever, someone from 4A had to fly to the States and sneak it back to the Ukraine in a backpack lest it be "seized" at the border by thieving customs officials. After visiting the team I wanted to buy them Aeron office chairs, considered a fundamental human right in the west. There were no outlets in the Ukraine, and our only option was to pack a truck in Poland and try to find an "expediter" to help bribe its way down to Kiev. We gave up not because this tripled the cost, but because we realized that the wider Aeron chairs would require spreading out people and computers, which would lead to extra desks, and that ultimately would have required bigger offices. Yes, really."

If You Click It, It Will Play

Crowdfunding Has Promise, Hopefully Developers Don't Screw It Up

  • I love games with two people on a journey together. Hopefully The Realm tuns out well.
  • Boon Hill is a graveyard simulator. Game, you had me at graveyard.
  • Remember that dinosaur video game from last week? It's The Stomping Land.

Tweets That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm"

If I wanted to ensure that smart people do not want to come work at my company, I'd make the slogan something like, "Level up those badges!"

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) May 16, 2013

Lastly, PDZ Fact #5: Every level in Perfect Dark Zero contains a hidden rat. That's what happens when you leave all that cheese around...

— Chris Allcock (@taskbaarchitect) May 17, 2013

Comment on our greenlight page: "you dont have the balls to take money for this when black mesa is and will be free"

— Davey Wreden (@HelloCakebread) May 17, 2013

Oh, And This Other Stuff

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Everyone's leaving to have babies

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What the what?!?

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Let's get a beer at Hopleaf.

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Happy trails, Patrick! We'll miss you here in the Bay, but family first, always.

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Wow. Best of luck Patrick. I'm going to miss having you on Quicklooks but you need to do what's best for you and your family.

Posted by Aska

I don't know how much more I can take.

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I'll miss you on the Bombcast dude, I hope you'll pop in from time to time?

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Good luck in Chicago Patrick. Family is everything, it is good that you remember this. Look forward to your future musings whatever the form.

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Aw man.

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Tweets that make you go "Hmmmm" should have included "The WiiU is crap".

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All the best.

Posted by FinalDasa

I know this isn't the tearful goodbye part, but I've thoroughly enjoyed everything you've done here at GB and will miss getting to see your energetic and fun personality in front of the camera regularly.

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You, sir, shall be missed.

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You're presence will be missed Scoops. Best of luck to you.

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no more podcast? that makes me incredibly sad.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Sorry to see you (sort of) go Patrick! Now they won't get half as many Quick Looks done without you! I kid, but it'll be weird not having you in stuff regularly.

Posted by gaminghooligan

Wow. Sad news, but good to hear you'll still be around. GLHB on your move home Scoops!

Posted by poisonmonkey

Hope the move goes well Scoops, you will be missed on the quick looks and TNT though.

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Patrick, please do something with EVE before you take off!

Posted by Darthozzan

Hope you have fun back in Chicago! Will be a bit odd for a while not having you on the bombcast but oh well ^_^

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That really sucks, I loved having you on the bombcast. Still, best of luck and welcome back to the midwest :).

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Best of luck, Patrick! Glad to hear we'll still have you around, though.

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!. Good luck.

I really enjoyed your presence on quick looks, live shows, and the podcast. It won't be the same without you. :(

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Just commenting to say, I'm not going to read any comments.

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Fare thee well Tricky!

Posted by SandmanDan

Great content this month!

See you on the flip side Patrick.

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Glad to hear that you'll be able to do more of what you want after you move. Just make sure you don't party too hard in your last month on the West Coast.

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Good Luck Have Batman, Klepek.

Hopefully we'll still see you at PAX and other gaming events.

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Damn, that came out of nowhere.

Best of luck, Patrick! As mentioned, I hope you will still make the odd appearance in the Bombcast from time to time.

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man... That is kind of bummer, really great for you Patrick but I definitely enjoyed seeing how you interacted with the rest of the group. Best of luck.

Posted by Daveyo520

Times are a changin

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Woah. Your presence will certainly be missed in the office but it sounds like this is for the best and Chicago is where you need to be in your life right now. Also, it brings us closer to our ultimate goal of creating Giant Bomb East! (even if Chicago isn't really "east", I guess, whatever)

Posted by Phatmac

Patrick!!!!!!!!!!! no :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Don't leave us! D:

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will be sad to see less patrick on gb, but best of luck back in chicago. looking forward to more of that independent content

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:( I'll miss you on the podcasts, quick looks, and office premium streams. Hope it all works out for you.

Posted by jkz

God damn noooooooo but also good on you for doing what's right for you and your family, while still working to maintain what you've built at your job. S'not an easy track, but I'm sure you'll do great. It'll be weird as shit not having you show up in Quick Looks / the podcast / video in general.

All the best luck to you, Señor Klepek. You were outstanding during your time at the GB offices, and I'm sure you'll continue to be an outstanding writer and reporter in this new situation

Posted by Gabe_Fox

I'm sad to see you go. (Though excited to still get to read more of your work.)

Posted by JoeyRavn

Oh, man. I really like Patrick, and I hope he keeps his promise and gives us more video content. I don't want him to become another Alex, who only appears from time to time and for very special events. Giant Bomb is a family, guys... stop moving away :(

Posted by DonkeyKong

I'll miss Patrick being on the live shows and stuff, hes been great. all the best man.

Posted by louiedog

Patrick is being pulled in by the Langzone.

Posted by JammyJesus

We are gonna miss you. Hope everything goes well back in Chicago!

Posted by CaLe

Families are overrated.

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Damn man, I'm really going to miss you on the weekly streams but if it means you can devote more time to doing what you love then I'm happy for you. Just make sure to keep up with the video features so we can keep track of your beard.

The radio show is a pretty awesome idea.

Posted by Faltru

There is too much change afoot at Giant Bomb, and I hate change!

At least you can continue doing Spooking with Scoops (please do).