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Worth Reading: 10/25/2013

Probably the last place you'd probably come for Tampa Bay Buccaneers coverage.

If this video game thing doesn’t work out, I’ve figured out my new gig: helping Halloween web sites escape from 1994. Have you tried looking at a haunted house web site? Oh my god.

I’m headed to a haunted house for the first time in possibly a decade tomorrow night. For whatever reason, San Francisco had zero options in the city, and you need to travel a decent distance for anything that’s not the respectable but remarkably tame Six Flags.

In any case, as October rolls to an end, it’s hard to avoid looking ahead towards November, which brings two new hardware launches. My invitation to attend Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch party in New York City arrived, though lord knows if I’ll actually be hopping on a plane. I’m not sure why Sony is asking folks to fly to New York for this event. They have boxes to ship stuff in, you know.

While the money stickler within me isn’t that psyched for either machine, I can’t help but get caught up in the hype. And while it’s even better that I won’t be standing in line for anything on either launch day, I’ll probably drive around and see what the lines are like. Standing in line was so much fun, man! I stood in line for a PlayStation 2 (didn’t get one, Circuit City ran out), GameCube, Wii, and Xbox 360. I didn’t end up purchasing a PlayStation 3 until a year into its life.

The Wii line was probably the most fun, albeit less so for anyone who wasn’t me and my friends. Only half of the people in line were even waiting to purchase a Wii, everyone else was just hanging out and getting drunk in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Upon coming home in the wee hours of the morning, I spent an hour getting upset that my component cable hadn’t yet showed up, since it meant Twilight Princess looked like crap.

For Xbox 360, though, I spent my morning hanging out outside of a Costco. Places with a membership tend to get fewer allocations of hardware, but it also means there are fewer people showing up. I remember having to purchase a bundle with Kameo: Elements of Power and being pretty bummed out. I actually liked Kameo!

I can’t remember anything memorable about the PS2 line, except high-fiving my mom for allowing me to skip a few morning classes to give the purchase a shot. I still had to go to school for the rest of the day.

You guys have any good line stories?

Hey, You Should Play This

And You Should Read These, Too

Video games are just like any other hobby. Interest can become passion, and passion can turn into obsession. John DeVore has thoughtfully written about growing up with a father who loved video games, seemingly at the expense of having the kind of relationship his son wanted with him. Games allow us to escape, and we can use it as a coping mechanism sometimes. When the real world hurts, why not seek comfort in a virtual one? While that’s not the reason DeVore’s father seemed to spend countless hours staring at a television screen, the reasons we play games are not always about the pursuit of entertainment.

“I remember when he brought home our first videogame system. He carried the box in his arms as if he had snatched it out of a basket floating in the Nile. I remember thinking how many trips to the amusement park one could buy with the funds he invested in a toy I never asked for. If he had asked me if I wanted an expensive toy, I would have happily told him that what I truly required was a Castle Grayskull Playset. It was stunning to see that he had used me. His son. I was his excuse to buy a videogame system for himself. When he first powered it up, he clapped a slow clap; his football clap. The clap he had spent his life perfecting. A slow, satisfied clap that said ‘Good. Effing. Job.’”

I don’t know if it’s possible to give a link a higher recommendation than the one above these words right now. There are not many funny video games, and there aren’t many funny people writing about video games. But god damn, Jon Bois is one hell of a humorist. I’ve never heard of Bois “Breaking Madden” column, in which he regularly breaks Electronic Arts’ annualized franchise, but I’ll be reading it religiously from now on. You don’t have to care about sports to enjoy what Bois has put together, in which he takes the current troubles facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their logical conclusion.

“Heading into Thursday night's game against the Panthers, Schiano's Bucs are 0-6, and his job is likely in some jeopardy. Something must be done, but it must be a something that holds true to Mr. Schiano's game philosophy. Schiano has a special term for players who fit his mold: "Schiano men." I imagine that he knows more about coaching than I do, and that if the Bucs are failing, it's because their men are inadequately Schiano. I released every single real-world member of the Buccaneers from the team, and replaced them with 44 identical copies of Greg Schiano.”

If You Click It, It Will Play

Like it or Not, Crowdfunding Isn't Going Away

Tweets That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm"

Here Are Some Retro City Rampage Steam Codes

  • 5RDMJ-28Q5H-W64VI
  • 75WK7-MHR83-GIQZR
  • LF8C2-0C7V0-3RRQ0
  • GTC90-7YF20-V54K8

Oh, And This Other Stuff

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Posted by Morningstar

Steam codes!

Posted by cooljammer00


Posted by cooljammer00

I'd snag one of those RCR codes if I didn't own the game already. Also, @patrickklepek once referred to River City Ransom as River City Rampage and then I got confused.

Edited by cheddardust

Thank for the code. I got the first one.

Edited by Video_Game_King

Tips AGAINST horror games? Damn it! They stole an idea for a blog I was never going to write!

Edited by jonny_eh

Conan O'Brien playing horror PC games:

Posted by StarErik

Kameo's a great game. Love it. Feeling like it's time to re-play it soon.

Posted by posh

here's a neat article about emergent narrative that i think is worth reading

Posted by Magris

Man, that Breaking Madden article was one of the funniest things I've ever read in my entire life. Thanks Patrick! Miss you on the bombcast!

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I ended up liking the Wii bundle I bought from Sam's Club once upon a time, as it included enough controllers for my family as well as a bunch of stuff I would have picked up anyways (namely a recharging dock and the batteries to go with it). That'll probably be the route I go when I pick up an Xbox One or PS4, but I won't be standing in line (in fact, I'm thinking I won't buy a new console until E3 or so next year, which should give me plenty of time to make a decision as well as hopefully allow for some time for some great games).

Posted by Chaser324

I know it's nitpicking, but am I the only one that's mildly bothered by the second "probably" in this article's tagline?

Posted by Faythdream10

@chaser324: That and the gross misspelling of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hasn't that team suffered enough, Patrick?

These WRs are usually a little rougher when they first come out, I've noticed. Probably haven't had a second set of eyes yet.

Edited by mrburger

"When a boy hears his father call his name he runs."

Posted by wohlf
Edited by CrimsonClown

Thanks for the Steam code, I got the third one.

Posted by ericacolucci
Posted by jimmyfenix

YES! Gary eating that chili pepper is the best thing i have seen this week! well also that nice lady who also ate a chili and having a emotional breakdown while reviewing GTA V was also the best thing ever.

Posted by mrfluke

hey wheres the controversial link thats supposed to make us wage war in the comments? this aint the worth reading i know!!!111 there's actual 100% positivity here?!!?!

(im kidding around people)

Edited by Slepnir

Toren reminds me of a fully realized version of The White Birch prototype from Double Fine

Edited by TurboMan

sneak attack steam codes!

Retro City Rampage is pretty cool... I played for a few hours

Posted by Aetheldod

Del Toro´s crib is fucking awesome ... so jelly of him :(

Posted by MrMazz

I love that Playstation commercial and yay Tim Schafer XoXo talk

Posted by berniesbc

This Breaking Madden thing had me literally crying with laughter. Everyone should read it.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Haha, aw, poor Gary.

I know everyone's said this already, but you did a great job on the TEDx thing Scoops! There's even a brief article on the same subject on the New Yorker website, which I choose to believe is them cribbing off you.

Posted by ghostNPC

Tim Schafer is such a lovable guy.

Edited by YummyTreeSap

That link about level generation in Spelunky is fascinating.

Edited by TruthTellah

I know it's nitpicking, but am I the only one that's mildly bothered by the second "probably" in this article's tagline?


Posted by Catfish666

That Chinese Room interview left a bad taste in my mouth. I mostly loved Machine for Pigs, it's build up of atmosphere in the start was excellent, it was then only towards the end when it kinda bellyflopped (coughtechnopigcough). The devs come off really sitting up on their high horse, with such derision in their tone when speaking of the use of jump scares and FPS players.

It's important to stick to your guns when doing creative work, but it's also important to respond to criticism with a level head. That said, I am not looking forward to their next release.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Kameo is decent, but having played it for the first time recently I wouldn't call it great. It's no Banjo-Kazooie, that's for sure.

Wait, where's the blog post from some overly-sensitive "Game Journalist" decrying the evils of something mainstream and sexist? This isn't worth reading! This is an impostor! Also I found that Breaking Madden article to be really funny despite knowing very little about Tampa Bay's situation in the NFL.

Posted by oueddy

@mrfluke said:

hey wheres the controversial link thats supposed to make us wage war in the comments? this aint the worth reading i know!!!111 there's actual 100% positivity here?!!?!

(im kidding around people)

Didn't you read the Eldritch article? The comments on that are painful enough

It made reading the commentry on Gamasutra (thats more interesting than the article itself) all the more surprising

Edited by mrfluke

@oueddy said:

@mrfluke said:

hey wheres the controversial link thats supposed to make us wage war in the comments? this aint the worth reading i know!!!111 there's actual 100% positivity here?!!?!

(im kidding around people)

Didn't you read the Eldritch article? The comments on that are painful enough

It made reading the commentry on Gamasutra (thats more interesting than the article itself) all the more surprising

yea but people here though are totally cool and could care less this week..

there's usually a thing in a worth reading, whether it be something patrick wrote in a tone that comes off as hyperbolic, or something he links to, that sets a fire and causes war in the comments.

but no, comments are totally fine, and worth reading is totally fine this week.


Posted by TreuloseTomate

That email to Alexander Bruce is priceless.

Posted by afrofools

Timmeh! Awesome talk. Wasn't a fan of the monkey island puzzles, but I loved the story, words, and art. The spitting contest still haunts my dreams.

Posted by syzygyeolith

I can't be the only person who can see that the antichamber email is someone pretending they couldn't solve the first 'puzzle' for a laugh. Makes me sort of sad that it was replied to with a condescending email that somehow took it seriously.

Edited by Valke

"When we lose curiosity, I think we lose, entirely, inventiveness, and we start becoming old".

Oh FFS, I was not ready for that burst of wisdom. Completely taken off guard but definitely one of the best things I've heard in a long time.

*slow clap for del Toro*

Edited by Intangible_360

Oh man is that guy who sent that email to the Antechamber dev going to have his mind blown if he continues to play the game.

Posted by WalkmanBoy

Ahh poor Gary! Love that channel!

Posted by sissylion

"Uses french press w/whole beans, chews 'em" made me laugh out loud, which is not a thing that text on the internet usually does. I would maybe start following football just to better understand the Breaking Madden column because man is it smart.

Posted by Zamir

Posted by DarkbeatDK
Posted by tourgen

I'm a sucker for parallax scrolling and hand-painted art. Elegy for a Dead World looks awesome.

Posted by noizy

I had to pause a 'hot sauce'.

Edited by bananaz

Breaking Madden is now my first source of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coverage.

If you're not reading Breaking Madden out of apathy for football, read it anyway. You wont regret it. I don't care about Madden either, but you should see the Schiano game breakdown, it's beautiful.

Edited by development

@epicsteve at 35:30 in that Tim Schafer talk. Good talk, too. Tim has a unique kind of endearing nervousness.

Posted by Shivoa

Not sure if the GTA V thing was meant to be satirical/funny or not. I really hope it was a failed attempt at the former rather than anything genuine.

"I accidentally played Chess for the first time. This is what happened." Story of someone not getting any enjoyment out of screwing around with a board and some pieces without trying to learn the rules or why so many people find engagement in the activity.

Posted by Mandrewgora

that was a pretty cool playstation ad

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