Fakey's Summer of Games 2014

Another GB user (DevourerOfTime) put together a backlog list, and I liked the idea. Therefore, I decided to do something similar.

I keep a spread sheet of my "immediate" backlog. I say "immediate," because my real backlog is hundreds of games long. However, I try to keep my spread sheet under a hundred just to remind me what games I have high interest in so I keep them on my mind. I tried to keep this list to fifty games to make it more manageable and make it seem a little bit easier to tackle...

About nine games on the list are ones I'm in the middle of right now. I like to finish games before I move to the next ones, but I sometimes find myself juggling a few games for various reasons (some are episodic, some are just very, very long, and some just don't keep my attention enough to finish them in one stretch with a break).

I tried to put these games in the order I think I want to play them. Obviously, that could change, however. It may be fun to leave this list here permanently and create another list I continually update, just to see how much the new list changes. However, I'll have to think more on the best way to do that. :D

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Posted by Slag

oooo a backlog list, I dare not make mine or it would depress me too much. Steam is terrible for these things.

So I just finished playing Dark Matter and while I doubt anything I will say will dissuade you from playing it in favor some of your better choices, it is as bad as you've heard.

What you maybe haven't heard is the game clearly had a lot of promise and has occasional flashes of brilliance (the mechanical premise in particular is intriguing), so it makes a tragic kind of bad not the hilarious kind. Which just makes it harder to play, because just when you start to like it craps on itself. But yeah the scripting in the game has game breaking bugs and is visible to the player throughout the game, Controller support works maybe 80% of time,a lot of minimap mission markers are broken, the script really meanders nowhere and the game difficulty balancing is totally effed. I'm sure you've heard about the controversy regarding the ending too.

It's a damn shame, properly funded I think it could have been not just a good game but a very good one.

That being said obviously I played it too (because like you I had to see it for myself), so I can't judge anyone who does, but if you want something to remove though, that would be my number one recommendation. I mean you do have 50+ other games in this list I guarantee that are better than it.

Posted by DevourerOfTime

I'd recommend playing through Remember Me in French with English subtitles. The English VO is pretty bad and its kind of a Metro situation where you're immersed in the world a lot more if you play through in the native language.

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@slag: Thanks for the info! I do have 47 games ahead of it in my list, so we'll see when/if I actually get to it... I'll be honest that I was hoping that the game was actually pretty good after the new patch, and the negativity was covering up a decent game. :(

@devoureroftime: I actually didn't play either Metro game in Russian... I thought about it, but I have a hard time focusing on playing a game and reading dialog on screen. However, I will probably eventually pick up the new Metro Redux, and while I won't play both games all the way through, I'll play some of it, again (because I really like those games) and play in Russian with subtitles. :) I'll try Remember Me with subtitles, unless I feel like I'm unable to keep up with the dialog while playing. I really hate missing dialog, so that's the big requirement for me.

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@fakekisser: Sadly all the patch seemed to have is "fix" the part I put in spoiler tags. And I wouldn't call it much of an improvement. Plus it seemed to break the scripting throughout the game

my understanding is that original devs were laid off long ago, so the game is basically dead.

The thing is just horribly unfinished, it needs to go back in the oven, but the chefs have been laid off. :(

Is this list in actual order of how you plan to go? Heh if so I admire your planning very much! I like to let my whims guide my playlist a bit more spontaneously otherwise I get overwhelmed my the sheer size of my backlog.

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@slag: That is so sad to hear, indeed...

Yeah, this is roughly my order. However, this will undoubtedly change. I do tend to plan out my games, because I find that it helps me get through more of them when I have a plan, and I can make sure I get to the games I want to play most first instead of spending time on games I don't care about as much.

That being said, there are times when I'll hear mention of a game on a podcast or see something in a forum or whatever and jump to that game. Also, if I get burned out on one genre, that can make me want to jump towards another genre right away (I do build potential genre-fatigue into my plan, though, if you notice...).

Anyway, I think I'll probably try to talk about games I play each week on my blog. I won't be writing reviews or extensive critiques, but I think it would be interesting to record some brief thoughts and show how I actually end up going through my backlog, comparing it to this original list. :)

I once had a goal of writing something about every game I played on a personal Wordpress blog. However, it got to be too much. I'm taking my GB blog a little less "serious," so I hope that actually allows me to fulfill that goal.

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sure man, different strokes for different folks. That's very admirable in my book!

I think you're smart to not be too rigid, well I can see how a plan helps guide you, it's supposed to be fun so there is no reason not to let yourself play what your heart desires when it's feeling especially inspired. :)

Now that you mention it I can you very rarely have 2 games in the same genre in a row (the Telltale games being a very notable exception). That makes a lot of sense.

For me I don't suffer genre fatigue as much as I get fatigue for certain game lengths. Right now I'm in a short game mood back in the winter I felt more like longer games. But I guess it's basically just a more informal version of what you do.

My own efforts I'm keeping track of here


but instead of todo, I'm just tracking what I've done. It makes me feel better. :)

And hey if you can blog that on top of all that playing, more power to you. In my head I figured I'd review all I played. But between family and work and of course games, I find I don't have a lot of spare energy desire, or time for it. But yeah it all comes down to what is easy for you to do, if you have a format that is easy for you I'm sure you'll be just fine. Writing takes a lot of effort for me, so blogging is not something I can stick to very easily .

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@slag: I keep track of everything I play on HowLongToBeat.com. I like tracking how long it takes me to beat games and to look back on what I've finished.

I also try to alternate between long games and short games. With being married and having an infant, I favor shorter games much more, now. However, length doesn't keep me from playing games, and CRPG's have always been my favorite games. So...despite often wishing most games would stick to 6-12 really good, concise hours, I still spend time on the longer games that I really want to play. Sometimes, longer games keep getting pushed down in my backlog (i.e. Red Dead Redemption) as I try to finish more shorter games first, but I almost always eventually get to them...

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oh yeah, your time has to be in super short supply.I'm impressed you get to game as much as you do! Most of my friends in your shoes pretty much have to cut their game time down about 90% or so.

I've tried Htlb myself, I find it a very useful resource myself in determining what I want to play next and wanted to give back by adding my data (especially since I play some oddball games). I never found an easy way to use it though. It seems to require myself being more diligent about tracking my playtime than I care to do.

same with backloggery.com. I probably expect too much out of those services though.

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@slag: Well, since I'm not currently in a band, my only real hobby is gaming, and I'm fortunate that my wife supports it. :) I get to play an average of an hour a night, but I can sometimes fit in a couple hours a night and more on weekends. :)

I use Raptr to track my game time. It's kind of ridiculous how much effort I put into tracking many things I do (games I play, books I read, music I listen to). :P

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I totally get the appeal of tracking, I love stats. That's one reason I love baseball and stocks and spreadsheets etc.

I use raptr too, but it seems like it only works 65% of the time or so in terms of tracking game play time. Are you using the desktop app? Maybe I should do that... I just hate bloatware that might be selling my personal info.

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@slag: Yeah, I use the desktop app and manually track console or handheld games... Pretty nerdy. :P

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nah man I get the appeal, everybody has different aspects they enjoy in a hobby. Ain't nuthin' to be ashamed of. Thanks for the conversation!