Summer Time Backlog 2014

So summer, at least for me, started a month ago exactly, but I still want to put down a little reminder list of what games from my backlog I've been wanting to finally get around to. Usually when new consoles launch it's the perfect time to wrap up the leftovers of the previous generation, but with the Vita, 3DS, PC, and Wii U getting a ton of good games this year (check out my list of games still coming out), I doubt I'll be able to tackle many old titles while trying to keep up with the new stuff.

But hey! This list has way more games than I could possibly play through in a single summer anyway, so it's already overshooting the whole concept of wrapping everything up. This list is little more than a reminder, a subsection of my backlog that I've thought "Man, I should REALLY play this soon." Something to glance back at when I have time to play video games, but have trouble narrowing my focus.

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This is a cool idea. I think I might make one...though 60 games is a lot to plan for me. :)

I'll share some of my comments, as a lot of these games are ones I played or am interested in, as well.

I am really wanting to get into good visual novels, so Analogue and Dysfunctional Systems will also be on my list.

The Blackwell games are good. I bought the latest one, but I haven't gotten to it, yet.

I personally was very disappointed with Banner Saga. The art and setting and concept is amazing, but I never got a grasp on any strategy, and I just become very frustrated trying to completed it. Each fight felt like a chore to go through, as I didn't feel there was enough variety in strategies. It's not like XCOM where there are a lot different approaches based on terrain.

I want to play Steins;Gate, but it is so expensive right now, so I may have to wait on it.

I wish I would have waited and played the Wii U version of Wind Waker, because I didn't have fun with the GameCube version. It took me almost 3 years to complete it, because I kept putting it down. However, some of the enhancements in the Wii U version fixed some of what I hated (all the wasted time in the boat and backtracking).

Did you play Demon's Souls? I've been wanting to try these games, but I hate starting a series partway through. So, I've been thinking of starting with Demon's Souls before going to Dark Souls...

Similar to my above comment, I want to pay the Persona games (just the main RPG's), but I feel an obligation to start with the first one. I'm curious what you think about going through those games in order...

Seriously, so many of these games will be on my list. I'll link to my list, once it's created, so you can see. :)

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Did you play Demon's Souls? I've been wanting to try these games, but I hate starting a series partway through. So, I've been thinking of starting with Demon's Souls before going to Dark Souls...

I played a little bit of Demon's Souls. I should really start with it, but I just am not as motivated to jump into it as Dark Souls though. There is no reason to jump into one before the other. Start wherever you want. But Demon's Souls is much more likely to have its servers taken down in the near future than Dark Souls.

Similar to my above comment, I want to pay the Persona games (just the main RPG's), but I feel an obligation to start with the first one. I'm curious what you think about going through those games in order..

I've played through most of the series and, although all the games take place in the same universe, there is a pretty definite split between Persona 2 and Persona 3, both in gameplay and in story. The events of Persona and Persona 2 (both Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment) have zero impact on the later half of the series beyond just subtle, throwaway references off to the side.

Also, Persona & Persona 2 have aged pretty terribly. While the PSP remakes are a lot better (too bad the Eternal Punishment remake never came out here) at balancing the games and making them more playable, the game design is still stuck in the rough era of the early PS1.

That being said, you should probably play Persona before Persona 2 (and Innocent Sin before Eternal Punishment) and Persona 3 before Persona 4. Persona 2 has some reoccurring party members from the original, as well as a few story ties between them (if I remember correctly). Persona 3 & 4 are less obviously linked and not really necessary to play in order as they have completely unconnected stories and characters (beyond vague ties that are explored more in Persona 4 Arena), though there are some certain instances that playing Persona 3 first will allow you to enjoy your Persona 4 experience more.

Also, don't play or even watch trailers or gameplay for Persona 4 Arena until you've beaten Persona 3 & 4. Especially 4. P4A is kind of fast & loose when it comes to major spoilers about Persona 4. It's sort of necessary to play those games due to how it expands the universe (the story modes are basically visual novels), though I have no idea whether they're going to just write it off as non-canon when Persona 5 rolls around *shrug*.

Sooooo.... yeah. I'd recommend treating the Persona series as two separate entities: one starting with P3 and one starting with P1. Just proceed chronologically for each series and start with whichever you want first, though don't write off one if you didn't like the other.

But what versions of the games should you play? Wellllll......

If you're going to play the first two persona games, play the PSP versions. If you get through the first game and Innocent Sin and still want to continue, then pick up the PS1 version Eternal Punishment on PSN. That is the only way to play EP in English without buying an expensive copy on eBay. It's not a perfect experience, but it's all we got.

If you want to play the latter two persona games, I'd recommend picking up either Persona 3 Portable on PSP or Persona 3 FES on PS3 PSN. Pick up P3P if you...

  • A) Really want to play as a female protagonist.
  • B) Want the battle system to be a little bit more manageable.
  • C) Don't mind that nearly every in-game cutscene in the game has been ripped out in favour of static backgrounds and character portraits.
  • D) Don't mind a LOT of the voice acting is missing.
  • E) Don't mind that the load times are incredibly long.

Otherwise, Persona 3: FES is the way to go. It has "The Answer" epilogue that is kinda necessary and isn't included with the PSP version, so you're gonna have to pick up FES eventually anyway (you can choose to start The Answer from the main menu without having beaten the game). Luckily you can grab it for cheap on PS3 PSN.

As for Persona 4.... Well... Persona 4 Golden has a lot of improvements. A lot of improvements. And a lot of extra story events and social links and whatnot. But it has a worse voice actor for Chie so I have to obviously recommend the PS2 version instead.

Then play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. It's a proper sequel to Persona 4 Arena, but there is a DLC pack for the game that has all of the story from the original Persona 4 Arena.

...though 60 games is a lot to plan for me. :)

Like I said at the top, I don't plan on finishing all of these games. It's more just narrowing down the overwhelming list of games I have in my backlog down to a smaller, more manageable number with just a few games per system instead of, say, staring at my 500+ games on steam and thinking "what should I play" for 30-40 minutes.

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Thanks for the reply!

I don't have a PSP or Vita...yet, but I plan on getting a Vita or Vita TV (if/when it comes out in the US). I actually already bought all of the Persona games when they were on sale on PSN. I may try Persona 1 first, but if I can't make it through, it is nice to know I can just jump to Persona 3!

I made my own Summer of Games 2014 list. I now see how hard it is to keep the number down... I was able to keep myself to 50, but I honestly thought I would have easily been able to do 25-30. When I got to that number, though, I just felt I was leaving too much off that I want to keep in my "immediate" radar. :)

I was also surprised that more of the games on your list didn't make it to my own. There are many games on your list that are on my larger backlog (Rayman, Ys, Souls). I guess there are just too many others I have before those. So many games to play!!