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That was quick

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There it is! Got some dinner watchin' now. Thanks, Jason!

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There be some genuine Brad going on here.

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go brad!

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Holy balls, all them vials. And all them deaths!

It's about the journey, Brad.

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He didn't unlock DMX, but he's on his way to P-Diddy.

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I know what most people are going to say "oh Brads bad at video games" and any other time I would totally agree with you. However I have been stuck on this boss just like him for a really long time now. Nothing else in the entire game gave me any trouble at all. This dog is a piece of shit. Good luck @brad !

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This is a real tough fight. I did manage to beat him after many attempts, and basically came up with a cautious strategy of staying in front and just making hit-and-run attacks to his head using 2H Ludwig's Holy Blade. I only went to the side when he barfs lava, and only when I felt I had plenty of time.

I saved a recording and uploaded it after seeing Brad's attempt. @brad - feel free to check it out. I think it's about as safe a way to get this done as any:


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You'll get it eventually Brad.

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Am I bad person for sort of missing the episodes of Breaking Brad that actually succeed.

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Cursed Pthumerian Defilement

Damn, Bloodborne

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breaking badborne

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Suggestion: could you put a link to the previous episode in the show notes? I really like how they had that for Vinnyvania.

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That was pointless to watch. I will skip part 3 if it's this again.

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You know a premium feature is good once they introduce face cams.

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@efesell: @ryudo: I feel like this is a profound episode. It's Brad finally figuring out how to beat the boss. It's now up to Brad to be able to fight his urge to get greedy with wanting to hit more then necessary, which causes him to get needlessly hit.

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