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Great show GB Crew!

Thanks for all the AWESOME.

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As someone who rarely has a chance to watch these live, the recent string of super fast UPF archives makes me happy.

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FutureDan B)

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Holy shit I am the thumbnail! Brad it was great playing with you man. Bummer that it crashed out on us. Felt like I finally got into a TNT. Yay!

PS. Thank you Jason for saying my name correctly most people say Da-weasel.

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Thanks for quick upload and for never booting me out of the live channel. I guess I can close that one now had it paused at 30 minutes in. Lightning just scored again 2-0.

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Glad to see Jeff's back

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Perfect way to start my weekend!

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Somehow those glasses don't look out of place on Dan

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the spaceman dan can

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Three minutes in and this is already great.

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Dan is a wimp lol! I often have to rip those off 4-5 times a day as I often have to stay in the hospital. It's not a big deal.

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Sweet angle at 10:28. Classy

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Really hope Dan makes the future glasses his gimmick. Best thing to happen around here, ever.

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Every day is some sort of Lovecraftian nightmare as the time shows me I am moving forward, but my bones feel as if they are being ground to dust and every day feels somehow worse than the last. The fear stretches to all corners of my eye as I leave my home early in the morning feeling as if the weight of the world is bearing down on me. I am more miserable yesterday and today than I was two days ago. I sit there and laugh with friends with a "kill me" smile as time evaporates around me like I am in a salvador dali painting. I've never seen someone so lifeless and unhappy than myself as I drift in and out of endless meaningless hours with nothing to look forward to but the next hedonistic pleasure as I cry internally like a clock who has lost power and has just realized in a few ticks it will all be over.

Yet every friday i watch unprofessional fridays and for those 2 hours, I feel like I am on the couch with friends and laughing. As soon as the last few seconds come to an end, I shut off my monitor and lay in the dark again waiting for another friday where I felt happiness for that brief respite.

Thank you giant bomb crew.

Edit: Chappie is an amazing film - my favorite movie of 2015 just ahead of mad max, it is just a really fun movie I was smiling ear to ear. It made me feel good and was a ton of fun as well as funny.

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i'm seein double heah SIX CYCLOPSES!!

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Does Dan know that he is kind of near the Jelly Belly factory?

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Damn, Dan just laid waste to everyone in Puzzle Fighter. He even took off the Cool Guy glasses to give everyone else a chance.

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Thank God Jeff is back. That's a man who knows when to move on to another segment.

Also, suicides are great. I remember getting hooked on those when I played little league. I disagree that Doctor Pepper overpowers the suicide. Also, Chappie was terrible. I'm not sold on the director as being as good as some people give him credit for...District 9 was good but so far that's all I've liked.

That Zombies/Pterodactyls game is pretty similar to one that came out on the PS3 quite a while ago. I can't remember the name, but it was like this only way better. There were vehicles and the stage had this interesting layered look to it that added a lot of strategy.

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Brad's hair is glorious and I'm super jealous.

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good way to start the show lol

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Love it

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Trenched/Iron Brigade looks awesome. Going to give that one a go.

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Back to form.

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That beginning was like a fucked up version of that Master and Commander scene.

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Man, fridays got raw.

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IRON BRIGADE one of the best tower defense games ever

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I am the king of TaB cola, I drink at least three of them a day. It's the original and still the best.

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No mention of bad fighting games would be complete without War Gods. I could tell you many reasons why it's bad, but I can't tell you why I played so much of it. Like...waaaaaaaayyyy too much of it. Anubis and Voodoo, all day 'erry day!

Edit: @jeff I remember the arcade version of Soul Calibur 2 offering an AI training mode, possibly called "Conquest," where you chose a side and it would learn and fight on your behalf while you were gone. Doubt it was in the console version though. Not trying to second guess you or something; I just remember having a lot of fun hearing about my "bot's" exploits while I was away from the machine.

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I miss Coke Bläk :( Loved the crap outta that stuff. Too bad it was so freaking expensive (and nobody except me bought it). Another good Coffee Drink was Jolt Espresso....

[edit] I also miss Holiday Spice Pepsi. And while it still exists, I haven't had a Moxie in a long time.

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From seeing the Shadow stuff in KI it makes me wish that I could battle Amiibos online in Smash Bros :(

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I miss Coke Bläk :( Loved the crap outta that stuff. Too bad it was so freaking expensive (and nobody except me bought it). Another good Coffee Drink was Jolt Espresso....

[edit] I also miss Holiday Spice Pepsi. And while it still exists, I haven't had a Moxie in a long time.

As a 24 year old born and raised in Texas who's never been to the northeast or the west coast, I only recently (two weeks ago) had a Moxie. Weird drink. I liked it, I think, but it definitely is a different, unusual flavor. (I should mention that I normally cannot stand dark colored colas. None of them taste good to me, but I think I did like Moxie? Weird).

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Dan actually hasn't removed those glasses from his face since he first put them on Monday...

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I hope there is a new powerbombcast soon, I miss them so

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Did Brad just ask "do we have time for that"?....

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I want a gif of the guys doing the Iron Brigade poses and salutes

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oh Jason, you're the best :D

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Great show as usual, also Cyclops is pretty good at Puzzle Fighter.

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When my great great grandchildren ask me what my greatest accomplishment in life is, I shall point them to this video and say "I made Jason Oestreicher rage quit ZP2KX"... and they'll say "Is that it? My god you suck"

- Bison UK

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I love how Jason becomes "enthusiastic dad at his kid's baseball game" when watching Jeff fight his shadow.

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I just realised that Unprofessional Fridays is basically a talk show.

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Hearing Dan struggle with gesture and Geralt immediately reminded me of this

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Dangit, everyone doing those salutes got me good.