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Yeahhhh friday!!!

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thank youuuuuu

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Final segment was great!

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Emma Bunton

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Hollywood Undead - Bottle and A Gun - "And I play a bitch like Nintendo (ZELDA!)"

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This seems like something they should have saved for the BLLSL but I'm glad it exists anyway.

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Awesome start to the weekend, also happy ANZAC day to any fellow aussies and kiwis.

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I need that GoPro to be on every video. It's pretty great.

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Great UPF today! The last segment was amazing!

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I see Breff in the thumbnail and all I can think of is Jeff being called Brett, which makes me laugh every time it's mentioned.

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The Drews have eyes

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Name the Wiki: WikiWikiRap!

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This video doesn't seem to be marked as premium, was the show free today and I just didn't notice?

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Well... this looks amazing.

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rotating trees

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I love this website

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@enemylandlord: hm, yeah. This UPF still plays when I log out.

I wonder if they just decided to let everyone watch this one.

I've always thought that GB should make at least a few UPF's available to non-subscribers. This show is a huge reason why I continue my subscription, and I'm sure newcomers would be tempted if they got a chance to watch one or two.

Nice catch, I wouldn't have noticed.

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When did UPF become "mobile games your cousin plays" Fridays?

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"Smooth move, Ferguson." When explaining a joke is from an episode of 30 Rock is more important than it ever has been.

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Did Rorie actually say "do weed" un-ironically? I've never once heard someone say those two words together unless they were joking, let alone someone that lives in the bay area.

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When did UPF become "mobile games your cousin plays" Fridays?

That game is fun. I have no shame whatsoever in liking it.

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So uh, I can play the vid even though I'm not a premium member. Is that supposed to happen?

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Trine 3D: Trine Something New

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Keep forgetting that these are actually Unprofessional Saturdays here.

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jeff is on fire

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You guys should just buy a wireless keyboard. I've been using mine for years and still haven't changed batteries once.

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Oh man, Drew really Austin Powers'ed it.

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That last segment had me laughing like an idiot.

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kurt russell also drive a truck in Overboard

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Drew's Austin Powers moment while everyone else was just talking and ignoring it was fucking hilarious.

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I always cringe when Rorie tries to drop dictionary words into his sentences. So perplexingly uncouth.

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Let me start you off Jeff...

"Blowin on dat indo, Gamecube Nintendo" - Mike Jones (who?) feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall - Still Tippin

"Super Nintendo...Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn't picture this" - Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G) - Juicy

Also, what the fuck man? Jeff recommending How High at exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the video? Nonsense.

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I literally tuned in during Drew's Eye-gate fiasco, during 21:12-23:07, talk about horrifying, yeesh, gravy-town.

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Drew >

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More Heads Up, please! Best segment of the show. And speaking of Ellen...

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A purple mythological creature on the Playstation.

Jersey Devil?!

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Are we able to delete our credit card info after subscribing or do I have to e-mail Rorie for the third year in a row asking him to delete my credit card to avoid auto-renewal? This happens every time I renew. I don't want my credit card info saved anywhere.

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@basketsnake: You're probably better off actually sending an email or posting in the forums instead of posting a technical support question as a comment on a video.

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What's the "head transplant thing with Metal Gear Solid 5?"

It sounds like the kind of thing that sets off my Do-Not-Google alarm. But you know, I'm still curious.

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@draugen said:

What's the "head transplant thing with Metal Gear Solid 5?"

It sounds like the kind of thing that sets off my Do-Not-Google alarm. But you know, I'm still curious.

There's a surgeon in real life that's doing a head transplant and the doctor in MGS5 looks identical to him.

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Who knew Jeff was such a big Spice Girls fan?

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More like fight modiFIRE.