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Posted by shozo

That was a quick upload!

Posted by gubbin

Yes please I love God Hand

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Really hard to watch Brad play Agar.

Posted by LocalOaf

Fond memories of playing ARC when I was in middle school!

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With Jeff gone and Brad in the big chair, this is sure to be unprofessional.

Posted by Mikeytz

<scrubbing for circle game name>

Posted by YummyTreeSap

I don't think ARC was ever on Pogo. Definitely lots of fond memories though; I'll have to check out this remake for sure.

Posted by Dprotp

this was loads of unprofessional fun today! them haters who were complaining in the chat can go suck buckets

Posted by Bill_McNeal

I have no problem eating circles, as long as there aren't any wasps in them.

Posted by VoshiNova

Love it

Posted by JaysonD

Game name is Agar.io

Posted by meissnerd

It was a pleasure having my circle being eaten by Brad!

Posted by bathala

30 mins of circle floating around

when we could have gotten some God Hand, and the game associated (on the right side)with this is God Hand. LOL

Posted by GhostHouse

God damnit Brad

Posted by Xdeser2

love Agario. Its taken up too much of my time, its almost the perfect podcast game

Posted by Radicalysmic

I wish I could have fed brad more.

Posted by quasigoodandy

Does Brad even own any other shirts?

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Does Brad even own any other shirts?

He has a bunch of similar shirts, just like Vinny has a bunch of similar black tshirts.

Posted by Rich666

So this UPF was 3 free to play mobile games then Brad playing that Agario game for 50 minutes... Why?

Posted by psylah

There was a real Circle Jerk on the stream today.

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I'll admit watching Brad play (and eventually win) agar.io was pretty hypnotic and entertaining BUT FUCKING COME ON GOD HAND.

Posted by raiz265

woodford reserve! my favourite bourbon!

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I know that you guys were short staffed, but you could have mixed up the games more. There's always some new random game being released that you could try.

Posted by CastroCasper

@rorie Thanks for turning me on to the Screaming Females!

Posted by UnintendedBM

cool, enjoyed this, keep up the good videos =]

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UPF needs to be killed or have a facelift. I know this was bound to be an off week with Jeff and Dan gone, but this show has insane quality variation even ignoring that.

Posted by handlas

UPF needs to be killed or have a facelift. I know this was bound to be an off week with Jeff and Dan gone, but this show has insane quality variation even ignoring that.

...Ya. Didn't make it through all of this one.

Posted by Wraithtek

Brad never returned home.

Posted by joelalfaro

Awesome haircut!

Posted by Windir2112

This was a rough one. Agar was alright at first, but watching it for an hour is a no go. They really need Jeff around to be like "alright lets move it a long".

Posted by Efesell

I would watch them play Agar for way too long.

Posted by HatKing

A real shame we can't even trust this community to not be tasteless idiots when it comes to things like coming up with names in multiplayer video games.

Posted by Theultimo


My inner 16 yr old jumped for joy, used to play that on TEN

Posted by DataReborn

There was far too much circles eating other circles. It's a shame that used up so much time.

Posted by TheLordFagan

When Dad's away...

Posted by BachoGrande

Did anyone play Infantry Online through the Sony Online service? That was a rad game that kinda reminded me of the first title Drew plays on this UPF. I guess it's still up on independent servers.

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I will pay AT LEAST forty US dollars for a FFXII re-release, HD or otherwise.

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@zacagawea: Yep. It's been that way for a long time. They don't seem to have much of an interest in improving it, though.

Posted by BisonHero

Man, the chat was super salty on this one. Some UPFs I think get kinda dull, but having Danny and Jason kept the conversation pretty fresh in this one, and Agar.io was weirdly hypnotic and I don't see why everybody was flipping their shit over how long it got played. It was bizarre for a segment to last that long, but I didn't mind it, and whatever, they'll probably do an Encyclopedia Bombastica for God Hand anyways.

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As soon as I pressed play, I was like "Ah, fuck, where's Jeff?"

Not to be down on Brad, he's cool, and does well on the podcast. I just feel on UPF he should be on the couch not saying much and falling asleep.

Posted by Marblez3

Agario hype!

Posted by Sintesi

I'm diggin' Brad's coal black eyes and Michael-Biehn-like-hair-do. It grooves me in unnatural ways.

And so what about that? I'm entitled to these disturbing feelings.

Posted by J4r4te

I'll be honest I did a lot of skipping for this UPF, Agar IO was enjoyable but shouldnt have lasted more than 15 minutes especially if God Hand was next.

Posted by Eribuster

Casting my lot in the "I was okay with the Agar.io" hat.

Posted by ADAMWD

Rough episode this week, Brad played that stupid circle game for nearly an hour. Someone should have played Jeffs role and cut him off to keep the show moving so that Jason would have had more time.

Posted by BasketSnake

"How do the Enterprise lasers miss?" Thanks a lot, I now question everything about Star Trek.

Posted by AMyggen

I liked it!

Posted by CookieMonster

I was okay with Agar.io.

Posted by ripelivejam

Thanks guys. Count on something prominently featuring brad to bring out the bile in the community. Also like the guy proclaiming the sky is falling, i mean kill upf after a string of really terrific ones.