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Trackmania is the secret best racing series.

Edit: Loving the $2500 Mecha-Brad.

Posted by Kenobi

Holiday treat

Posted by Teddified

I'm going to declare that I won the Quiplash game even though that 3rd round would have killed me probably.

Posted by Gecoma108

This was one of the best ever UPF's. Amazingly funny.

Posted by jiggajoe14

God damn it that ending to the video was peak Giant Bomb

Posted by trelution

Stuff like this is why I'll be a premium member for life.

Posted by poser

Did they get Friday off for Canada Day?

Posted by csl316

These freaky robot people are making me worry that I'll grow up to be a cyber-racist.

Posted by cooljammer00

This UPF was an instant classic.

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I for one am ready to accept our robot overlords.

Posted by JeanLuc

can someone send me the link to that Gamespot stream?

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That Community episode was good.

This reminds me of that Game of the Year year where Vinny was the Big Brother TV man. I don't care how much it costs; this needs be a regular thing.

Posted by frankiebeanz

that was great

Posted by dgtlty

The thumbnail for this video is a huge spoiler!

Posted by MichiganJack

I will say again, this little gizmo is going to make Thanksgiving so weird. Just wait until it hits mass...oh shit. It just did!

You never have to go to family functions again!

Posted by AnotherPerson

audio is out of sync after about 10 mins, fwiw, good to see the robot rampage anyway tho

Posted by Lelcar

Vinny's back on UPF!

Posted by OtterChaos

Great UPF topped off by the appearance of Mr. Vinboto.

Posted by neamatoad

my embarrassingly bad dubstep 'remix' got played twice in a row


Posted by forteexe21

Surprised Vinny got his cybernetic implants this early.

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I fear we humans threw in the towel vs mecha Brad too soon......

Posted by Cat_Herder

@poser: One of the founding members of GB and all around awesome guy Ryan Davis passed away on July 3 two years ago.

Posted by Sweetz

Guys, that was some real dumb shit and it was freaking fantastic. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Posted by EricFine

Man... If this train had better wifi...


@cat_herder: I assumed it was because July 4th is a national holiday which fell on a Saturday this year, so everybody gets the 3rd off.

Posted by Paindamnation

This was the best unprofessional Fridays in SO long. Btw for those wondering like I was about the stream with Mary and Danny.

Skip to the last 5 minutes. OR WATCH QUALITY CONTENT!

Speed Runnin' With Robots

Posted by Redbullet685

Seriously one of the best UPF's ever. The best UPT(hursday) ever, undoubtedly.

Posted by Kingpk

Can't wait for UPFs to just be four of these robots on set in 5 years.

Posted by Marblez3

What.. the..

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@michiganjack: Jeff Green's got some pretty decent definition for a 50-something videogamesman with back problems

shit, i'm 32 with a fucked up back and i wish i looked that good

Posted by Homelessbird

God damn it that ending to the video was peak Giant Bomb

That robot tho

Posted by ripelivejam

Watched a few minutes over 4g and damn i want to keep going but my poor phone bill..

Posted by SaberLion

Brad is an AI, I knew it!

Posted by MerxWorx01

Is this the singularity everyone has been talking about. Its not so bad.

Posted by Genxalo

2 minutes in and I already regret not watching this live

Posted by Kananon

Watching this again I have no idea how I missed Brad behind the computer.

Posted by BrianP

this is the kind of stupid I pay for

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I vote for Alex Navarro

Posted by mickelboy182

One of the best UPFs ever. Robo Vinny a gamechanger.

Posted by Sto_Ln

Just that episode alone was worth 2 years of subscriptions for this website. I couldn't stop laughing

Posted by nifboy


Brad rolls in at about 2:33:30.

Posted by Veektarius

@teddified: None of those answers were any good, so I think your chances were good.. If I had been there I would have written Courtney Love

Posted by ShaggE

That was amazing. I want one of those so badly.

Posted by gunflame88

This one's for the books!

Posted by Zabant

Ironically the last 5 minutes demonstrate why Vinny is probably the greatest human alive.

Posted by ashkev

That reminded me of old crazy Giantbomb. Loved it.

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Jeff getting excited and looking at Brad when he realises that Elite is just Tie Fighter is the best

Posted by bassguy

I haven't laughed that much in weeks.