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Go Brad Go !!!!!

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I'm locked-on to this series! Glad it's up so early!

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I'm all horned-up and ready to strike

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Bout time! Give it to em Brad!

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Anyone else getting audio sync issues?

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Oh snap, what's that? Worthwhile premium content!? Holy shit!

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Brad is Jesus

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I finally started in on the chilice dungeons about 2 weeks ago. I'm struggling to get past a level 4 dungeon so I'm getting a little afraid I won't finish

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@tits_matador: Yea, big time.. i'm at 49m

ETA: refreshed and now it's fine

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I can't believe how Brad continues to make small accomplishments so god damn tense and amazing.

But during his victory, my hands were on my head and I was kicking air out of anxiety. It was grand.

"I'm gettin' greedy! Chop the taaaiiiillll!!!"

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wait is he only on amygdala? that's a looong way to go for the plat then. I haven't been following but, don't expect this to be completed. Rad tho. when I fought Amy I won the first time, but not out of skill, it just got stuck in a wall or animation loop or sometghing and I was underneath it and could just attack for days

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*fast forwards through video because I thought the episode would be all amygdala*.. wait did they just quit the boss fight? *rewinds back* no way... he beat it? *starts from beginning* WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH. That was so amazing and stressful. After this the other dungeons are a breeze. Just getting that full life bar back should be rejuvenating.

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So I'm still not sure what Brad is trying to do. It feels like each boss is the end, until he beats them and keeps going.

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Whoa, there's some audio crackling at the start of this video as well. What is UP with the equipment at GBHQ? It's been like this for weeks, it feels like.

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@csl316: chhhooopppp the taaaillll!!!!

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This is the turning point. Brad has went from the breakee of games, to the breaker.