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Just as I was about to sleep...

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finally my bombcast fix is here!

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YES! <3

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Podcast goodness, just got home too!

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Not gonna lie, I totally thought today was Monday. Crazy ass three day weekend!

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Is Brett back yet?

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Anybody feel like the "Filed Under" is like spoilers?

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New Bombcast room! Less reverb, I think? I like it!

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Edit: the crew was talking bout the shuttle ride with Jacob & Miranda after the tutorial in ME2 before they made the Genesis comic. I had to rely on that before I finished an ME1 save, so I remember it well.

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That flaming piano thing was so disappointing. It wasn't even timed to a dramatic moment in the song or anything (in fact the song was pretty boring in general), it didn't really match the rest of the staging, it was just 'hey this piano is on fire now I guess...'

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Aw ye, bombcast time!

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Oh man, EUROVISION talk.

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Almost called it, said 7 pm PST

Can't wait to listen!

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Wait, why is that piano on fire? That shouldn't be on fire!

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Oh wait, today is Tuesday. Holiday threw me off a second.


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Rejoice!!! Praise the bombcast

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Yes! I needed this! Everyone wish me luck on my job interview on Friday please! <3

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It's no Beastcast, but I'll take it

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Well I'm super happy we still got a bombcast no natter what the quality is. Its good enough!

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Pitbull approved.

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Who doesn't love a 2AM listen of the bombcast? Work be damned!

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god dammit

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Was there anything as good as Poland 2014? If not why even bother.

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So this Drummer's endless enthusiasm was 100 times better than the Flaming Piano

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Oooh time for loaded e3 questions starring brett jeffsman


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Audio sounds off

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Glad they got their own studio, things sound kinda tinny on this one. Sure they'll work out the kinks soon.

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They have the wrong Eurovision flaming piano up there....
Easy mistake to make though, it is Eurovision after all.

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I succesfully watched the first half of Eurovision. I didn't think Sweden was all that.

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Hey Brad if you like DOTA2 or Diablo you should play Witcher 1 with the overhead camera view

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Wish i could download on android

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As today's unofficial podcast ombudsman, I feel obligated to inform @danryckert that it isn't accurate to say "heat rises" (this comes up in the first minute of the podcast when discussing the podcast room).

It's actually hot air that rises! Or hot fluids, more specifically, which include liquids and gases. In short, air particles are all loose and the ones with more energy (heat) tend to have more motion and size so they kinda skip over top of cooler air particles which are smaller and have less motion and pack together closer to the center of gravity like a giant ball pit. The air particles generally sort themselves out based on their temperature.

This does not apply to solid particles because they are bonded together into rigid structures and their relative temperatures aren't enough to move those types of particles around.

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Wish i could download on android

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Are we going to get a Destiny: A Realm Reborn?

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I believe both the premium and regular bombcasts have no ads this week

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@bisonhero: Actually hot liquid will rise. As an example warmer, therefore less dense, water rises while colder, denser, water sinks.

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Good lord Brad is the biggest Destiny apologist on the planet.

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@colourful_hippie: Probably because they didn't record in the podcast studio.

Also, the term "Destiny apologist" is so hilariously hyperbolic. Fact is that this expansion has gotten a largely positive reception by the community, regardless of how people who don't actually play the game feels about it.

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@amyggen: Hardly, reviews have been generally middling and the community reception seem tepid at best.

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Speaking about the Golden State Warriors. A few years ago, Grantland did a story about their tumultuous history of bad luck. In 1978, the Warriors drafted Purvis Short with fifth pick. The next guy picked was Larry Bird. In 1989, they traded their draft pick to the Seattle Super Sonics for Alton Lister. That picked ended up being future Hall of Famer Gary Payton. An assistant coach named Gregg Popovich left to go the run the San Antonio Spurs. Eventually winning five NBA championships. Then there is the Latrell Sprewell stuff. There is more of those types of stories in the article. http://grantland.com/features/how-annoy-fan-base-60-easy-steps/

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That Mad Max description is kind of a bummer.

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@jrm: Going by GAF and Reddit the reception seems largely positive.

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Dan is real good about saying he's going to check out a game and then actually doing it, the amount of times the guys have shown interest in something and then just completely moved on and forgot about it...good job Rykert..