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Posted by Nameless2000

D'lo Brown going over.

Edited by InstantRyan

Time to make the rest of this workday fly by

Edited by ShaggE

Ahh, good old earlycast.

Posted by aradikus

Tuesday is the best day of the week! New releases & new Bombcast, life is good.

Posted by AMyggen

Posted by isawachuck


Posted by EricSmith

Why is D'Lo Brown on the header? I don't actually care. I love it.

Posted by Xdeser2

Giant Earlycast y'all!

Edited by Hassun

*Jason T-posing and making the D'Lo Brown head movements.*

Posted by Franstone

I've been counting the minutes till this moment since last week's Bombcast.
Hearing them talk about Tony Hawk 5 with hope and optimism fully knowing it was a train wreck was priceless to me.

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Posted by Jijipose

When is the four hour Tony Hawk spoiler cast?

Posted by cornfed40

Don't let Droz see this

Posted by Zorak

Thanks Brad!

Posted by AMyggen

@jijipose: Need all the details on these pools. What's the in-game explanation?

Posted by baka_shinji17

I'm down with the Bomb.

Posted by AjayRaz

*violently shakes my head*

Posted by Milkman

Looks like the Bombcast is finally the real deal now.

Posted by dysfunkshunal

It's a b-b-b-b-b-b-BOMCAST!

Posted by Sander9702

It's a shame they missed the FC:Primal announcement trailer.

Posted by ZookZoltn


Edited by TheHT

Read Only Memories!

Posted by thestanduser

Haven't listened to it yet, but they might've just missed the awful MGSV insurance debacle. Guess I can just listen to every other podcast report on it until they talk about it next week.

Posted by EnemyLandlord

I can only imagine the header image is teasing a new recurring segment about the best spinebusters in the biz. It's the one thing the bombcast has been missing all these years.

Posted by Hadokinz

WOO-HOO! The day is saved!

Posted by redyoshi

D'Lo Brown is the best. I love this website.

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by AMyggen

Undertale is amazing.

Posted by Tajasaurus

It's time to get the LO DOWN from the bombcast right guys

Posted by Corvak

October Destinycasts are the price of September Metal Gearcasts

Posted by Lannden

Hey guys, don't google Brian Vore by mistake. I had no idea vore was a thing and I'm sad I do now...

Posted by Spacefish

Indivisible looks cool, I hope they do well even if its just for rewarding good crowdfunding etiquette, complete honestly with the budget and release date, playable demo, no stretch goals/ feature creep etc.

I hope we see more of this and less big name X needs 300k for 10% of a gimped revival, trust me, look at the shit art we made, coming soon, possibly.

Posted by kipperee

Undertale best game 2015.

Posted by ACurlyCube

@lannden: I genuinely feel bad you now know

Posted by sinjunb

30 more fucking minutes of Destiny talk. Good lord.

Posted by Kirlia

@lannden: Poor Bryan Vore. And anyone else with that last name.

Also, duders: please play Undertale. It is not perfect, but it is still an incredible experience with rad music and interesting play mechanics. And it's been a very long time since I've felt so passionately about a game. But seriously, Dan liked it/respected it. Dan! PLAY UNDERTALE. (explodes)

Edited by AMyggen

@sinjunb: 13 minutes. And then 5-6 minutes about the microtransaction news :)

Posted by bedsafely

Yes new bombcast! Excited to hear Dan's thoughts on Undertale. Most enjoyable gaming experience I've had in an incredibly long time.

Posted by FissionMailed10


Posted by 2Mello

Glad Read Only Memories got a mention. Hope there will be a Quick Look! <3

Edited by Set

Undertale is my absolute top GOTY but I feel its the sort of game that's targeted at a specific age demographic. In the case of Undertale it's our generation.

I'm just hoping at least one of them beats the game more than once... Resorting to YouTube is lazy.

Posted by ildon

I think every single time Jeff has publicly talked about THPS5, he has been more negative on it than the last time.

Posted by Razzuel

No else plays Rock Band alone like I do? I don't have anyone to play with, so if I ever played with anybody, it was through online multiplayer. I didn't realize Rock Band 4 didn't have online play. I hope they add it later.

Posted by BladedEdge

I do sometimes wonder why the backlash towards talking about, covering, or just mentioning certain games is so..high. Sub topic, why does Brad seem to be addicted to all of them. But I mean think about it. Dota, Destiny, MGS5. I mean yes, there is only so much you can about a given game in a given, say, one month period? I don't mean the "We are tired of hearing about the same thing 4 weeks in a row" I mean I wonder about the "Omg not that again!" months down the line that something like Dota or Destiny gets that causes them to, say on this podcast desc, have to downplay that they even bring one of them up. See how people treat any Dota content on the site and etc even if its months since the last one, and about something completely new (a scandal among the teams, a complete revision of systems that make it more player friendly, whatever). In any other game that would be news..but its Dota so rage!!!"

I'm not even being critical of people who hold the opinion, I am one of them! I just couldn't for the life of me explain to you why I can't stand Dota or Destiny or etc and yet don't mind other games that come up with similar frequency/fan-bases.

Posted by thebipsnbeeps

CORRECTION: "I Will Follow" is like one of the oldest U2 songs they have, though the other song is from the new album.

Posted by Lanechanger

inb4 people that can't stand destiny tal... oh wait, too late :(

On a tangentially related note, I should really watch Bruce Lee movies, I have never watched one

Posted by RetroVirus

Booted up Undertale for the first time today, I pet dogs, it was good.

Posted by Efesell


Dark Horse GOTY in a year full of great games.

Posted by BallsLeon

WAIT A DAMN SECOND. What's wrong with Marvel Vs Capcom 2? That game is a ton of fun!