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OHHH SNAP SON! A glorious Bombcast!

Posted by nitch84

The week starts now!

Posted by Trefusis1313

Bombcast To The Rescue!

Posted by BBQBram

No time for haiku now

As a gift arrived in time

Glorious bomcast

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Boom son...i need the pick me up.

OH DAMN ME AND JEFF ARE THE SAME PERSON. I too really like Freddy got Fingered. I hate admitting that to people because the ones i tell just stare at me.

Posted by Grocery_Bag

Late night Bombcast = Great night Bombcast

Posted by Onemanarmyy


Posted by Max_Cherry

Norm MacDonald forever!

Posted by Lelcar

Where's Jason?

Posted by FLStyle
Posted by Splodge


That's how people say WOOOOOOO where I come from.

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Bombcast up ins like [several layers of explosion noises]!

Posted by Hassun

I have to admit to not liking the sphere grid.

Posted by dirtytea

Where's the studio picture?

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There's a fleshlight mounted to that desk, isn't there. The smile never lies.

edit: Organized Rhyme! "Check the OR" is really really good. I don't even like rap or hip hop, but Check the OR got a lot of play in our residence in college.

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by HammondofTexas


Posted by dirtytea

The Norm Macdonald show with Tom Green as a guest is a really good episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6g5fncB-LI

Posted by baka_shinji17

Let's get to Bombin'!

Posted by logan528

The great name of Colin Quinn shall not be besmirched.

Posted by Junkboy0

It's time!! It's time!! It's Bombcast time!!!!

Posted by kittykatman1

Haven't had a chance to listen yet but I sure hope nobody dares to sully the good name of our Lord and savior Colin Quinn. Bombcast or not, I Don't Give a Care. CQ is a legend and a saint on earth!

Posted by ripelivejam
Posted by magicwalnuts

Regardless of whatever the guys say about Colin Quinn. I don't think he's very funny.

Posted by logan528

Haven't had a chance to listen yet but I sure hope nobody dares to sully the good name of our Lord and savior Colin Quinn. Bombcast or not, I Don't Give a Care. CQ is a legend and a saint on earth!

Preach on good Sir. This man speaks the truth right gang?

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@logan528: I NEVER liked Colin Quinn, I don't think he ever made it through a single joke with fucking it up. Never like his style of standup and is one of the worst weekend updaters.

People's love for Colin Quinn seems as irrational to me as people's love for Bruce Campbell seems irrational to Jeff.

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hell yes, just what i was looking for to bring with me to bed!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Jeff's burning hate rant about Tidus is already great.

Posted by Chillicothe

Digital Devil Saga 2's "sphere grid" >>>>>> FFX's Sphere Grid

This is law.

Posted by stryker1121

A goal for '15 should be a swear free podcast that follows the Tao of Drew. Failing that, you guys can say anything but the Big 3.

Posted by HeathHuston

I thought The Grape One was Wayne Gretzky's energy drink.

Posted by BabyChooChoo

I love FFX, but the Sphere Grid fucking blows. I didn't find it confusing or anything either. It just sucks.

Posted by Fitzgerald

Man. Just when my faith in Jeff hovers at an all-time low, he redeems himself with such truth-bombs like the existential conundrum of Destiny (although it took him quite a while to reach that point, I got there at level 17) and the discussion regarding remaking FF7 was on-point. Way to go, Jeff!

Posted by atomicme317

Jeff sounds like he needs a hug this week. Don't let Destiny get ya down Jeff.

Posted by LarryDavis

Colin Quinn is in Grown Ups 2.

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On humans wearing masks, just reminded of:

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Posted by Domineeto

Holy shit only 30 minutes in and Jeff has already had like 3 hilarious rants. So good.

Posted by Andorski

Fantastic background music for the opening advertisement this week.

Posted by FPK

Actually it's 14% over. #AmericanEducationSystem

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Jeff's existential rants are the best. This one is a Destiny+existentialism combo. 23 minutes in.

Brad's weird rant about the FFXIII crystarium is weird. "They made it 3D!" And... it works exactly like if it was 2D.

Edited by Rollout

I enjoyed the sphere grid in FFX just because of the teleport spheres, which allowed huge changes in powering characters. I put Kimahri on Tidus' path and he became overpowered and did 9999 damage before anyone else broke 5000, at the top of his superior speed vs Auron, and my Yuna was also a stronger mage than Lulu ever could be.

Edited by AtomicOldMan

I think Jeff might be onto something with this Freddy Got Fingered thing. Also that character actor is Rip Torn.

Posted by DrDust

Pshhh i am not drunk...New bombcast, sure

Posted by JohnnyHalo666

Had to come here and see what thumbnail they chose. Also Freddy Got Fingered was a cornerstone of my buddies and mine stoned movie choices back in high school.

Posted by wrecks

Norm MacDonald.

Edited by AwkwardLoser

At this point Final Fantasy is exactly where Sonic is.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This is gonna to be good.

Posted by m2cks

Goddamn Jeff is a master of voices. He can do an entire bombcast with just him doing multiple characters and I'd listen to the entire thing.

Posted by MrBrian

who's going to buy a new rockband? NOBODY

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