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Posted by Judoboy


Posted by Ericklester


Posted by Gaff

What. The. Hell. Brad.

Posted by EricSmith

I...What the hell is up with those show notes!?

Posted by Y2Ken

Cast 'em if you got 'em.

Edited by DoYouEvenPraise

I think that image in the show notes is related to the "stuff in Jeff's garage" part of the description.

Posted by combustion_man

The show notes are the most giant bomb.

Posted by AMyggen

Video game butt in the show notes.

Posted by baka_shinji17

I love Synth.

Edited by InstantRyan

Those show notes........Thanks a lot duders

Edit: Sounds like GOTY stuff is happening next week? If so, wonder if JC3 is going to be taken into account and how much Austin will have played XCX by then.

Edited by Existence


Looking forward to the emails in this one.

Posted by kollay

"stuff in Jeff's garage" ALWAYS a good sign.

Posted by VoshiNova

@kollay said:

"stuff in Jeff's garage" ALWAYS a good sign.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

many thanks are given for this bountiful Bombcast

Edited by Hassun

I've seen that boner medicine in real life.

Edited by xerseslives

Pre-listening, I can probably skip the emails for this one.

Pro-legalization and all that, but weed culture is the dirt worst.

Posted by The_Spaz_Rises

Bwahahaha... those episode notes were hilarious. They used to sell that same stuff at our local store. I remember telling my ex who worked there at the time that they just effectively ruined my childhood arcade game...

Posted by Wildali

Best show notes ever, right?? Bwhahahahaha...

Posted by youeightit

The gross soda they mentioned from the Coke museum is called Beverly, it's from Italy. It was supposed to be a palette cleanser, not a beverage to casually enjoy. It was discontinued a few years ago.

I have home videos of myself and friends at the (I think) long gone Coke museum in Las Vegas in the 90s, drinking that stuff and gagging. It was super tasty!

Posted by bassguy

This is a good line-up. Let's have this line-up for the Bombcast every week. Please?

Edited by plasmathrower

Aim low.

Posted by huser

The hand turkey was my go to answer for test questions that eluded me.

Posted by Treefingers

Drew and Jason on the same cast? Sign me up!

Posted by WrenchNinja

Timestamps for the normal podcast

00:00:00 - Red Box Ad

00:01:57 - Podcast starts (Studio and office moving, buying airsoft guns in Japan, random ass bullshit)

00:32:53 - Jason talks about Rise of the Tomb Raider and Soma (Game of the year prep discussion slides in)

00:43:14 - Draftkings Ad

00:45:09 - Jeff talks about Star Wars: Battlefront

01:01:40 - Drew and the gang talk about Steam link, controller and machines

01:12:51 - Brad talks about Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (Only up to the first three bosses)

01:25:21 - Mattress Ad

01:27:20 - Brad talks about Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and the ending (He tries to avoid spoilers)

01:36:46 - More game of the year prep talk

01:39:46 - THE NEWS, starting with PS2 emulation on PS4

01:55:38 - Xbox 360 turns 10 and Super Famicom turns 25 (leading into PS4 and Xbone OS discussion)

02:09:37 - Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and Azure Revolution talk

02:11:09 - Emails

Posted by Oxyrain

The guys should do an 'Us vs. Them' using only steam controllers. Maybe Alex will use his Splatoon gyro control experience to dominate.

Posted by JMurph_93

Yes!!! Bring on the cavalcade of synthetic weed stories!

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by ShaggE

I am totally down with Brad's idea to have an "under construction" GIF on the homepage. Preferably with a Ghostbusters MIDI playing in the background and a link that says "Tucows web page of the day!"

Also, this site needs a guestbook.

Posted by meissnerd


Posted by Cagliostro88

The gross soda they mentioned from the Coke museum is called Beverly, it's from Italy. It was supposed to be a palette cleanser, not a beverage to casually enjoy. It was discontinued a few years ago.

I have home videos of myself and friends at the (I think) long gone Coke museum in Las Vegas in the 90s, drinking that stuff and gagging. It was super tasty!

I'm from Italy and this is the first time in my life i've heard of Beverly. Upon investigating it seems like it's something similar to some nonalcoholic italian aperitifs, which are certainly not drank casually as sodas. But don't expect to be able to buy it or for people to even know what it is here in Italy, the only thing i've been able to find in italian on the internet is an ad apparently from the late 60's, but that's it, not even a mention in any italian sites, only american ones.

Posted by xantar

The Sega Game mentioned does indeed seem to be Ultimate Qix, where you play Qix as a spaceship trapping monsters

Posted by jgzilk

The lack of FO4 coverage on this site is kind of crazy. The longest discussion pertaining to it was on the beastcast, and it was critical of Bethesda's business practice. I know these guys don't have time to actually play any games, but I would imagine it would garner a bit more talk around the shop. Destiny was covered in overabundance, and MGSV had several UPF's and Bombcasts. Seems odd to me. Austin said he was in love with the game, had played 70hrs a week ago, then not a peep since. I feel like Jeff barely scratched the surface of the game... I mean the dude used the pipe pistol for the entire game. Kind of proves he has no idea what he's talking about. My wife and I have been playing the game like mad, and the depth of content that continues to reveal itself is astounding. I know it isn't perfect, but obsession over frame rate and clipping is not what video games are about.

Posted by csx009

kind of shocked @jeff didn't pick Rahzel from SSX Tricky to be his life announcer. definitely not a funky dope maneuver.

Posted by ripelivejam

@jgzilk: i like how you want more coverage from them, then insult them for how they choose to play the game. Okay.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

It's that time of the week.

Posted by wutaiSTYLE

This is the video Jeff mentioned with the airsoft gun.

Too Human

Posted by MasterBrief

Yeah star wars Battlefront 1 and 2 were awesome and from what I played in the beta and from what the crew has said and people I know have said, the new one is very half assed and disappointing. Production value isn't shit if you don't have content. Also how could they not add galactic conquest? What a slap in the face to fans of the other games. Guess we will see if they add that as DLC.

Edited by buzz_clik

The mystery game being described sounds like Volfied to me, although I'm not sure if that ever came out via Sega Channel.

EDIT: Whup, Jeff eventually got to it! As you were.

Posted by cky4890

@jgzilk: if you go back to some older posts you'll see that Jeff played and review the game. And destiny shows better than any Bethesda game will being that it's a fps and has multiplayer. And metal gear scandal on started because of dans fucking obsession with metal gear

Posted by AMyggen

@jgzilk: There will be plenty of coverage of it during GOTY. They've also talked about it pretty extensively the last two Bombcasts.

Edited by pyide

The MST3K nostalgia trip made me real happy. I'm not sold on the new version, but I'm not against it. Keeping an open mind, I am crushed that Kevin Murphy isn't going to be a regular but it seems like decent choices for the bots in Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn.

I had the great luck of going to a local theater to see The Martian last month and noticed that a Rifftrax Live encore of Miami Connection (a movie which I had heard about but had not seen yet) was being shown in the same location. Needless to say I made that a double feature, and it was absolutely hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in years, I wish I had known that this was a thing a while ago. They even did a short before the flick, and it wasn't as impersonal as the audio commentary mp3s they put out for Rifftrax as they're actually on a stage somewhere in a theater with an audience when doing it live for the stream. And there's plenty of cutaways to them reading the scripts and looking at the movie and playing to the audience. Some picture-in-picture stuff, too.

I am not going to miss any of these if I can help it, there's another one coming up on December 3rd with an encore on Dec. 15th. They're doing Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. Check and see if it's playing near you. Seriously!

Posted by cjschris

@jgzilk: might be saving for GOTY talks

Edited by scoutnagnets

Speaking of Qix and porn games for the genesis, I seem to remember a GB video where Rorie plays a game called Gal's Panic!, a qix clone where you draw out shapes and reveal the background picture of a pretty asian lady and if you fail you're met with a pretty horrifying spider, but I can't for the life of me find the video. I think it might be one of those unarchived Christmas streams but I've wasted a good long time looking for it. If anyone could help that would be super awesome!

Posted by AndrewJPlant

From the words "angel dust" I was just waiting for a "Where is Bucky and what has he had" to drop.

Posted by Liquidsolidus

Strange to hear them be to open to casually talk MGSV spoilers around Drew.

Posted by CasaBlanka

I would put Battlefront in the same category as Splatoon or Garden Warfare. They are all bringing in new players to online multiplayer and doing a great job.

Posted by allodude

Hahaha I remember seeing those boner pills in my local liquor cornerstore. Somehow I just knew that that was what they were talking about.

Edited by gendergenerator

@jgzilk: FO4 got less talk because it came out during a crowded release schedule. everyone is trying to hurry to play a bunch of games before GOTY and a RPG you can spend loads of time in is kind of a hard thing to play when you have a bunch of other stuff to get to.

Destiny got a lot of talk because it's brad's thing and everyone else got sucked down that rabbit hole with brad to see what had changed with destiny. MGS5 got a lot of talk because it came out earlier in a time with less new releases. Playing a big open world at that point in time is much less daunting than it is currently.

Posted by Existence

A bit disappointed that they didn't even mention Life is Strange when they talked about games they need to play before GOTY, but I suppose it is to be expected. Hopefully GBE will push it come deliberations.

Posted by Digilante_

The best, as usual. Jeff, we don't have bins in public transport areas in the U.K because of the IRA in the 70's and 80's.

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