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Wow, super early this week!

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Just in time to listen at work.

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No early Premium?

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Brad should have spoken in a high-pitched voice after removing the foam on the mic.

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This is wonderful news! Also the shock value of "Dan never ______" is starting to wear a little thin. I think we need a video series to see what you guys can make him do for five bucks, or a Chalupa, you know whatever it takes.

Unless Chalupas are only reserved for the fanciest of dates.

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So that is Eddie Van Halen and..... who?

Haven't listened to the podcast yet, which would of course answer my question.

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This will distract me from my MKX woes.

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Holy early podcast!

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@hassun: This will distract me from writing a term paper and studying for finals.

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Waaaaay earlycast!

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Is that a young Bradley in the picture!?

Yay Earlycast!

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Woo good timing to wrap up my work day!

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No early Premium?

Great first impression for all those new subscribers.

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For any premium subscriber there is a link to the premium Bombcast at the top of the page if you are a premium subscriber and you are signed in under latest premium content

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WOOOO! Earlycast!

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this is crazy early

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Four minutes in and wrestling is mentioned... Dan Ryckert must be back...

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EARLY CAST while filling out expense reports! perfect. Thank you Bradley

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Wow! An early bomb. I love it.

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I love how many people say Scientology is so Crazy and then follow what happened in the Bible as completely OK and real.

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Awesome a nice earlycast!! Now I won't have to wait until after work tomorrow to listen.

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How does Dan function as an adult human being?

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Mexican Independence day is September 16th. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla.

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So that is Eddie Van Halen and..... who?

Haven't listened to the podcast yet, which would of course answer my question.

Grant Kirkhope, composer on a bunch of different Rare games.

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@baka_shinji17: I know I should discourage you from doing this but I was a terrible student myself.

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I'm 32, and have also never watched Law & Order.

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Love me an early bombcast

EDIT: Trying to beat Broken Age currently (fuck some of these puzzles) then onto the bombcast.

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i haven't listened yet- but i'd just like to express my initial enthusiasm for the


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Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of The Day of the Battle of Puebla against the French. Mexican Independence Day is September 16th.

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I've watched way too much Law & Order.

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Yikes. Corgan means TNA talk. TNA is the only promotion I've seen where even talking about how bad it is is boring. Usually really crappy stuff is at least fun to talk about.

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jackie earle haley bombcast

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Jerry Orbach take me away

And the e-meter was totally detecting that time Dan peed on all of his Dad's Christmas presents.

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@kanerobot: I don't know, when you get to some of the worst shit in TNA's history, it all becomes simultaneously depressing and hilarious all at once as well as makes you question how it hasn't completely shut down yet.

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real talk: taylor swift is awful. and not because she's pop- but rather because she is excruciatingly BORING.

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Truly Tuesday cast.

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That there is a picture of Eddie Van Halen. I guess I'm listening to the bombcast immediately this week.

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man now i want podcast notes on every podcasts. or little footnotes, Pratchett style.

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Not sure how anybody is still surprised to hear Dan hasn't experienced something. He enjoys a set of things like cheese and wrestling but isn't keen to seek out new stuff on his own. That's how he rolls for better or worse. Mostly worse.

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I love how many people say Scientology is so Crazy and then follow what happened in the Bible as completely OK and real.

The beliefs of both are equally daft to me but the criminal activity allegedly perpetrated by high-ranking members of Scientology is what brings the most criticism of late, it seems.

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That Scientology documentary was kinda weird. Like it was definitely super surprising how fucked up and crazy it is. But it was just like one thing after another and at a certain point I was getting kinda bored of it.

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I need this. Let's go.

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@brad@jeff This sounds like it's getting pretty spoiler-heavy for Bloodborne. Maybe a spoiler warning note like last time would be appropriate.