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Is today day 55 of 2015?

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Kept us waiting, huh?

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They're going to talk about The Order... shit's about to get real.

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My ears are ready.

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Woah early ass bombcast! And on 55/2015 I can't believe it!

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Apparently I've been missing a lot of bombcasts this year.

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Demolition Dan.

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yea I do... Teddy Bear

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The 55th Bombcast?! OH NO! I HAVE GONE BACK IN TIME!!!!!!!

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This new date system is the new world order.

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Well I do not think I needed another image of an eye being impaled on something sharp. So thanks for that.

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"Damn I'm possessed! Wonder if I can play the accordian too?"

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Oh shit, a bombcast awaiting me when I get home? Now I have something to listen to while I do homework.

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Well, that's an image that I'll have to look at while driving to work tomorrow.

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Stardate 552015

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What? Brad you are making me manually change the date of the podcast

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Holy crap I may be able to start and almost finish this Bombcast while it's still Tuesday. MIRACLES IN EUROPE!

Thanks @brad!

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I was about to do the dishes. I'm so glad this is up so early. :)

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Space future cast?

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im 55 and what is this

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Set your ass on fire.

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Isn't John Spartan just Master Chief's name?

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Is this a spoilercast?

Either way it's been AWHILE since i've seen Demolition Man, and now I have to watch it again before I listen.

So thanks again Giantbomb dot com - for making me watch amazing movies again - like you did with The Substitute.

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Great movie.

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My only question is whether Dan knows how to use the three seashells.

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Last week's bombcast was tagged as "bombcast-021715-final"

Instead of the usual "Giant Bombcast 02/10/2015"

And this week we have "Giant Bombcast 55/2015"?!


But still, love you guys, and the bombcast.

@tuxfool said:

Is today day 55 of 2015?

31+24 = 55, yeah you're right about that.

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For reasons I'd rather not get into I've had a couple drinks already but I think even if I was sober I would look at this podcast title like "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BOMB." Followed by "IT IS SUPREME."

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@sanj said:

My only question is whether Dan knows how to use the three seashells.

You throw them into a frying pan and they just melt, right?

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Jesus, why does anyone watch awards shows? They're awful. Always.

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Jesus, why does anyone watch awards shows? They're awful. Always.

Unless Ricky Gervais is hosting.

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I can't believe they're already on the 55th bombcast.

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Ah, the 55th podcast of 2015.

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@danryckert @drewbert This podcast is a Frosted Flakes(ggrrreat!) companion to Demolition Man http://www.earwolf.com/episode/demolition-man-live/

Also the Sega Genesis Demolition Man game is S-Rank.

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@yerolo said:

@frytup said:

Jesus, why does anyone watch awards shows? They're awful. Always.

Unless Ricky Gervais is hosting.

Nailed it. Ricky Gervais should host ALL award shows

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I suddenly have a craving for Taco Bell. Help.

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Giant Bombcast 55/2015 - Never forget.

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Game of the Generation comes down to Red Dead Redemption and Xenoblade Chronicles

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That GiantBomb ad for advertising on GiantBomb was a great start to the show.

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Perfect for the bus ride home from work :)

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As someone that lives in North America, I still remember the time I was watching Demolition Man on TV, and being completely flabbergasted and mind blown when I saw that they had replaced all the Taco Bell references to Pizza Hut instead - only to later learn that apparently I was watching some edited cut of Demolition Man for European audiences.

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cool, a podcast about my math rock band's time signature of choice

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Has Dan seen Cobra?

Edit: Guess so.