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Boom, there it is.

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Always Be Corbining

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Two podcasts at once? COLLUSION!

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Thanks guys!

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Danime? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiet!

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Danime is for Cool Guys™.

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Giant Longcast, yay.

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Danime, huh?

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Always be cop suspenderin'

@Coldman said:

Danime, huh?

oh god, it is so much better fully realized

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Hello, Video Game Aficionados!

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B B B Bombcast!

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I suddenly feel the need to buy Giant Bomb Premium!

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Wonky...it shows up, then it doesn't. In time for the commute, excellent.

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I look forward to The Age of Danime.

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People got fooled by the Gamespot X Giant Bomb merger when it really was a Giant Bomb X Anime Vice merger!

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No LBP talk?

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@forteexe21 said:

People got fooled by the Gamespot X Giant Bomb merger when it really was a Giant Bomb X Anime Vice merger!

I love that Anime Vice still links to Screened at the bottom, which now leads to www.moviefone.com.

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What's a Bombcast doing in Alaska?

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I'm loving these Bombcasts going up early! I can actually listen on Tuesday!

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No Drew :(

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Polar Bear Café is amazing. 52 episodes of talking animals doing nothing. Most characters are also kind of assholes in their own way (except the polar bear, that guy is total bro).

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Hearing discussion about Polar Bear Cafe completely made my day.

It's the best.

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There's nothing like relaxing to the new bombcast after a long day of receiving new obligations.

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YESSS!!! The Danime revelation has happened!

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Dan slowly realizing that Metal Gear is anime is pretty fun to listen to.

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It's been one hell of a month; a spacecraft landed on a comet and now an anime landed on Dan.

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2014 AD, After Danime.

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"If Seinfeld was good"

Oh no you didn't.

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What's this Giant Animecast crap that's taken over my gaming podcast?

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I wish Drew was there :(

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What? There is a huge following for Dragon Age.

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Holy shit, Jeff dropping Mates of State knowledge just like that. That's no fluke.

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I think Jeff would like A.D. Police Files. They straight up do a Robocop story.

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I totally watched The Substitute after the last UPF. IMDB ratings don't have a clue when it comes to old stuff. That movie's a fucking masterpiece. Though, where is the coke actually coming from?

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Love hearing Dan talk about Annie May.

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There is no more suitable place for this than here:

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Also, Jeff, Rorie, and Dan need to do a Substitute commentary track.

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The first 30 minutes of this podcast is AMAZING. Glad to hear Dan's revelation about Metal Gear.

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I love the Danime revelation =)

Welcome Dan to the world of cool shows for cool guys