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Bombcast time!

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Perfect timing again!

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Ladies. Gentlemen. It. Is. Tuesday.

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Been waiting all day on this

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It's Tuesday!

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The earlier the Bombcast, the less work I get done.

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The earlier the Bombcast, the less work I get done.

The later the bombcast the less sleep I get :P. Lose-lose situations abound!

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It's here. The wait is over.

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It's actually still Tuesday! MIRACLES!

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MK talk is the best talk.

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Im pretty sure having "Giant Bomb" and "Nuclear Football" on the same webpage automatically puts you on a watchlist

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Loving the car chase coverage.

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The Bombcast covering a car chase is amazing! :p

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Bloodborne: The mystical door in question leads to the back of the Cleric Beast's bridge. It's just not openable in the live version, solid, compared to the Network Test version which had some gaps of pixels. (Through camera-glitching nothing is rendered on the other side because that's how things work. Performance is improved a tiny squirt this way.)

Aaaaand that guide to the game kinda sucked and brought no new information, and getting PvP running is an utter mofo but at least it's not soulmemory. Playing through OG Dark Souls again and wishing I had a full 1080p60 HD remaster of that but with Bloodborne combat and all that, because then I'd care :/

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Nice to hear Jeff's having an alright time with Bloodborne. Didn't expect that. I think he might be enjoying it more than Brad, who I think is slightly tired of some the series tropes at this point.

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Can't believe I have this thought came up when Brad mentioned how Star Wars "is a thing I used to care about". "Fast and Furious now that's my new Star Wars"

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That cast tho

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As someone who plays a fair bit of both, depending on which friend is playing when, I've always thought it interesting that the Dota fanbase is much more actively hostile towards LoL than the other way around.

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Bombin' all night long.

I saw some of the Invasion stuff pop up in MK last week, I didn't try to dive into it as I was busy playing against a friend but I did have one of the Invasion matches appear post-game at some point. Was good to hear Jeff talk about the character representation - you don't really consider it, but there's a broad spread of characters in that game of different backgrounds and they're all treated as equal competitors. So good on Netherrealm for that.

Faction-wise, I've said it a bunch of times but they should have just had Outworld. I get that they wanted to have them as a separate "invading faction" for those events but I would have been way more inclined to side with them than any of the other factions. That said, I just hit 50 in the Brotherhood of Shadow and that comes with a pretty great Faction Kill. I'll likely end up going through all of the other ones for that trophy, especially now I have huge FXP boosters for my Kombat Kard, but I think I'm going to return to them once I've done all five.

Glad to hear Jeff's getting along with Bloodborne!

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I'd absolutely rather they talk about that car chase for an hour instead of Bloodborne

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At 1:22:00 I care...

Or at least I did, there is some great Star Wars EU stuff out there but the last few years it went so far up its own ass that I couldn't be bothered anymore.

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Interpreting Brad's opinion on the new Star Wars trailer. Be cynical about everything and you will never be disappointing.

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Hearing people talk about Star Wars cannon as though that's a thing that matters is really funny to me.

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Bloodborne is to Jeff as Demon's Souls is to Vinny.

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BASEBALL!! (best ad ever)

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@l44 said:

As someone who plays a fair bit of both, depending on which friend is playing when, I've always thought it interesting that the Dota fanbase is much more actively hostile towards LoL than the other way around.

Seriously. Maybe it's a slight underdog factor as I think League is still more successful/popular than Dota 2 or maybe it's the fact that Giant Bomb is more of a Dota site but I see this happen all the time.

Whenever a website (PC Gamer in my experience) shares anything about league on Facebook there is a comment about how Dota 2 is better (with a 75% chance of "League sucks" or some variation included) in the first five comments.

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I love a good high speed car chase and I love that the state of California throws public safety to the wind and broadcasts them live whenever possible.

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"Boob city" - Jeff Gerstmann

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Did Dan leave or fall asleep or what? He just disappeared for a while.

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@jeff Are you using PS4 Controller and Inputmapper? If you are, you should open that program, and then plug in the controller before you open Steam.

Inputmapper needs to take exclusive control of the PS4 controller so that it can hide the PS4 driver from all other programs. Then it can populate an Xbox 360 controller outputs.

When it doesn't get into exclusive mode Inputmapper will output xbox 360 and PS4 at the same times. Usually when the application can recognize the PS4 controller. It ends up reading both controllers, outputting each button press twice.

If Steam is running when you plug in the controller for inputmapper, then the program can't gain exclusive control and thus never hide the PS4 controller from any games that can recognize it.

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I watched the Batman v Superman trailer more than the Star Wars trailer.

There's a new Mortal Kombat web series coming. @danryckert's boy Kung Jin is in it.

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Been a while since I heard Jeff go "I'll just be making poop noises over here."

In other news, apparently games journalism nostalgia is a thing.

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How can you fuckers hate the faction that has Raiden right there on the faction screen. Now Chris Lambert will never laugh again. I hope you're happy.

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@danryckert Reggae can be a very powerful type of music. Real reggae is about Jamaican pride as well as bringing people of all races and cultures together. A lot of punk rock, especially bands like The Clash(Police and Thieves is a cover of a Junior Murvin single) were strongly influenced by Jamaican reggae/ska. Much of the music also has a strong class-conscious, anti-war, anti-authoritarian stance. It is a shame that most people only associate reggae with smoking weed.

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@jeff I'm going to save you some time and say that you won't like MGSV if you're hoping for MGS4-type craziness. Kojima has been pretty adamant about MGSV being more gameplay focused and having shorter/less-frequent cutscenes.

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I put over 1200 hours into Dota 2 not including the hours of twitch watched. HoTS is super fun! It's faster, more loose, come backs happens a lot, and when you lose it's not an hour wait while the other team farms level 5 Daigons. Dota 2 has a depth that makes it a great sport to watch; Heroes of the Storm is fun and simple making it a great game to play for enjoyment.

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@majortoms: No, I'm using an Xbox One controller.

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So far the best beginning to a bombcaat in a while?

There video out of the car chase?