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We talk unreservedly about Inside from 01:07:00 to 01:18:45. Be warned!

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Posted by ip007

Where is the video? :P

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Posted by bathala

why is cool world the thumbnail

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Posted by TanookiSuit

Cool World!!!!

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Posted by Hassun

Thanks for the spoiler warning.

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Posted by csl316

Just about all of my Sega CD memories are perfectly positive.

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Posted by FNGbomber

Just in time for #dogwalk! Also, I gotta get on that Inside

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Posted by mickdog524

Jesus Christ, Dan. How are you not dead?

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Posted by MosesWalker

Cool World is such a "great" movie.

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Posted by baka_shinji17

I thought that was Monkey Bone for a sec. I'm sorry.

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Oh man, cool world is so bad

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Posted by Chicken008

No spoiler times for Dan's bladder talk?

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wonderful not broken audio

oh perfect day

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Posted by JonDo

Caffeine is really a potent substance; it takes 45 minutes to even take full effect so whatever you feel immediately is just the beginning.

Caffeine lasts 12 hours but sometime before that, you will often have a terrible crash -- particularly when you haven't eaten right or if you're really acclimated to the caffeine. It can be essentially an immediate rush and crash.

Jeff is probably just super acclimated to it as he suspects, and gets a rush that he can barely even feel, and then a crash. It makes sense.

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I swear, Dan is a perpetual head shake generator.

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Wow. Dan was drinking so much espresso. Holy shit.

He had to really be having... like 20 shots a day or more? I'm a barista and I think I drink and know people who drink a lot but that's a crazy amount to take in a day.

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Posted by DrMantisTabogganMD

Yay! Please just post spoiler tags every time. There's been too much dodging around and vague conversations about Inside.

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Posted by cooljammer00

... Is the plot of Overcooked cribbed heavily from Infamous?

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Posted by ripelivejam

from what i've seen of I Am Setsuna it looks really up my alley but i really can't pick it up right now. should be playing/finishing bravery default for my jrpg fix methinks.

also how serendipitous dan is changing his eating habits right when i'm trying to change mine. fun times. *stares longingly at taco bell*

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@cooljammer00 said:

... Is the plot of Overcooked cribbed heavily from Infamous?

It's very similar to Infamous 2, yeah.

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Posted by Jetlag

If someone wanted to watch a playthrough of Inside is there a good one to look for?

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Posted by Invo1221

Once again, back is the incredible

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@jetlag: Longplays are the best, single video, no commentary.

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Put on your headphones, Dan. You're supposed to be a professional here.

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Faaaaaaaaack. I finally deleted Clash of Clans last week, after roughly two years. It was okay when I was playing with a good group, and only had to check in twice a day.

Then they ruined it for me around last December, removing the twice-a-day mechanic, making it viable to play all day long. Welp, not what I wanted in a phone game. Also for people in the know, I was on TH9, and it was just taking forever. Building walls for months is boring as fuck, and by all accounts, TH10 wasn't much more interesting.

The worst part is it STILL took me over half a year to finally quit.

And I don't miss it at all. Maybe two, three, brief phantom-game sensations. So much of my life back, and now I'm having regrets I spent so much time on it to begin with.

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Posted by Chicken008
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Posted by VooDooPC

When does Dan's internship end?

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Posted by Sammo21

I find it very ironic to hear Jeff and Dan telling people to stop hating on something...

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2870984-screen shot 2016-07-20 at 1.35.17 pm.png

Based on a throwaway comment early in the podcast.

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Posted by LandHawk

@jondo: I'm suffering from the same caffeine acclimation, what do I move on to so I can maintain a rush?

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Posted by ComradeSolar

UN Squadron was the first SNES game I ever played! I'm glad Jeff mentioned that immediately

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How many millions did Valve make off of their 15% take on gambled items? Valve got theirs for years!

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Posted by Bill_McNeal

1. I nearly wet myself laughing when I heard how much "coffee" Dan was drinking. I was sitting in traffic and the people next to me gave me an odd look and then rolled up their windows.

2. I should probably just play Inside. I'm tired of skipping around in the various podcasts I listen to. It's especially difficult if I'm driving or showering.

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" Episode Notes

We talk unreservedly about Inside from 01:07:00 to 01:18:45. Be warned!"

I call this note.....the BRAD note.

I had to laugh - I think 2 or 3 weeks ago Vinny made fun of Brad Spoiler Shoemaker on the Beast cast. I love Brad's work - he's just so excitable and wants to talk it all through. He always agrees that they shouldn't say more - then goes on to say one or two more really big things! Spoilers don't generally bother me, but it can be fun to listen to.

I sit there "don't do it Brad.....yep, he's gonna spoil it...."

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Posted by KingVincent

@sammo21: Jeff and Dan aren't saying that people shouldn't hate Pokemon Go. They are saying that people should stop hating the people that play it.

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Posted by ripelivejam

@captain_insano: granted he announces when theyre spoiling something unless its something 5 or more years olf that everyone knows about anyway, and even then it's exceedingly rare.

he didn't spoil anything specific in inside until today's bombcast; he just talked vaguely and excitedly about it which isnt spoiling.

ill probably go ahead and listen and ill probably still want to experience the spectacle for myself, personally. the older i get the less i care about spoilers i think.

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Posted by allyc31

Thanks for the spoiler warning and time code for the Inside chat. Looking forward to playing it but 14 month old has other ideas.

Keep up the great work

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Posted by Vextroid

Surprised with the Gary Busey video games talk, that no one mentioned Vice City.

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Posted by Cronoman66

I haven't listened yet, so I don't know why Cool World was used for the image, but I tried to watch that film the other day, was so bad I could barely watch an hour of it.

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Posted by Ronald

Caffeine is a drug, and like any drug the more you take it the more your body adapts to it and it gets harder and harder to chase that rush and high lasts for shorter. There was a while where I could drink multiple liters of Mountain Dew in a day and not feel a thing. But once I stopped drinking it for a year and then went back light on it the caffeine does work again. So, if Jeff wants to feel again he either needs to stop for a while and try to get his body to flush itself of caffeine or he needs to switch to speed.

And caffeine free Mountain Dew tastes horrible.

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Posted by Y2Ken

Holy crap, Dan. That's a LOT of espresso. My housemate on occasion would drink about a cup of it and even that was a lot.

My rule with those things is one coffee in the morning and either a coffee or a single soft drink (soda) if I want one in the afternoon/evening. I drink diet drinks but I still wouldn't have more than one in a day as a rule. They're delicious but you gotta look after yourself for the long-term.

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Posted by Redhotchilimist

Spoilers for Limbo and Inside:

I like Inside a whole lot more than Limbo. In Limbo, the beginning in the forest with the spider was the enjoyable part for me, and when the houses, water parts, gravity parts and inside garden showed up it wasn't as fun for me anymore. Except for the mind-controlling bug.

In Inside, you lose the spider but gain mind-control puzzles, the blob part and the pretty graphics. The same elements all show up, except sawblades and kids with spears, but they are expanded. Some of the same stuff bothered me. Without the human/monster element, these games are kinda boring. There's a long section in the water part especially that wasn't as exciting as either the beginning or the end. But then the blob section arrives, and it's HILARIOUS. All of a sudden you're a tall, powerful, weird thing that runs and stumbles through everything, crushing walls and people. And afterwards you do puzzles as it, while all the humans either stand looking out from behind the corner of a wall or revving up puzzle objects for you to get you out of there.

Personally, I ended Limbo disappointed. Nothing made sense, and the exciting parts ended ages(more like an hour) ago. In Inside, not only is the ending hilarious, but it's coherent. What's the plot of Limbo? Nobody knows, because nothing makes any obvious sense, you just fly through a window at the end and that's it. What's the plot of Inside? Some scientists have done experiments on a weird blob thing and managed to make weird mindless humans that can be mindcontrolled, and either the blob or someone else is controlling you to help it escape. That's it. It can be a metaphor for whatever, but unlike Limbo there's actually something obvious going on IN the lines and not just in between them, and I like that a lot.