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It was an amazing watch. Thanks for doing it.

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This version of the intro song is great. But we really need some Xmas jingle..

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We saw a "behind the scenes look" at how ads are done on the bombcast. It was enlightening. You won't get that on this bombcast though... it's ok to be jelly.

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Yeeees! Finally my favorite intro! Brad never uses it an it's so damn good.

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Yeeees! Finally my favorite intro! Brad never uses it an it's so damn good.

A bit of a callback to when Jeff used to guest host the podcast back in the day and almost always used this music :)

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I missed the gosh-darned video!

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Yo what's the email address to send emails to the Bombcast at Giant Bomb?

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5 hours of pure good fun. T'was a great show.

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This is going to be so great.

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2014 Y'ALL

Posted by bigmess

Is this podcast also in the archived live stream from today?

I like to see some moving mouths in my bombcast so I'd like to watch the video if that's the case.

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I watched this live, I will still listen

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twitch has got the video for this archived for the time being

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Who the hell is Matthew? You mean Rorie?

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@gnarfman said:

twitch has got the video for this archived for the time being

They said they weren't going to archive the video part, so hopefully GB Unarchived gets a hold of it.

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hyuk hyuk

Posted by MosaicM80

To bad the original podcast got nuked. Lost almost all of it according to Jeff's Twitter. Gotta hate when you lose that much content.

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For the love of god. STOP TALKING ABOUT ICP. Dont validate this behaviour. Do. Not. Engage.

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Just thought I'd leave this little piece of Goty deliberations art I made here.

This live podcast was great! That's really too bad about the original though.

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I just got a pair of headphones with subwoofers in them, because they seemed like a pretty dumb purchase. I was greatly rewarded by Jeff and Rorie's search for ad music with plenty of womp-womp.

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Damn that bass slap is slinkyyyy

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Nothing stops the Bombcast!

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I love this thumbnail, Jeffery looks hard at work and Matthew looks so sophisticated.

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It has begun! :D (so to speak :P since this is an e-mails podcast :P)

Looking forward to this series of deliberations guys (just like every year!)

Posted by siavashh

Was this part of the the final giantbomb live show?

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love this, zero fucks given

Posted by ketchupman36

Matt and Jeff are really a great duo.

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What a season what a season

Posted by ThunderSlash

Is this the audio version of The Final Giant Bomb Live Show of 2014 video?

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YEAH Matthew Rorie.

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Posted by JohnnyHalo666

@ripelivejam: It was my first and I'm now a premium subscriber. I love these dudes and the community they foster. You can't get much better than this on the introwebs.

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Caught a good chunk of this live, much respect for the duders!

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This version of the intro song is great. But we really need some Xmas jingle..

Makes me miss Ryan all over again. I wish that it was practical to listen to all the podcasts again.

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Their Twitch channel has the archive of the podcast video, along with everything else they did today (although I'm sure that will go up on the site soon enough).

Posted by ripelivejam

that wario email, i'm dying.

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Is this podcast with live advertisements? I missed most of the livestream.

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They lost an entire podcast, again? I would never trust a system like that again :/

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@lord_python: again? This is the first time a podcast has been lost since 2009.

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Great show! You guys entertained me for 5 hours last night! Thanks!!!

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so no Dan or Brad? ugh, okay ill give it a go

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