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I've been looking forward to this! :)

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Where were you when Dan Ryckert killed the boohbah zone?

This is going to be a weird thing to watch when Don Rickles dies.

Good to see Jason experimenting with the camera/visuals a bit. Keep it up @unastrike! @vinny has shown you the path. Now you must walk it.

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Now we can find out if Jeff is actually a wizard.

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goddamn it

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Well good morning GB

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Love the description.

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Fantasia me!

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Who better to appreciate classical music and Disney than Jeff and Dan. Perfect.

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That thumbnail promises great things.

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Kinect Game: Arm-Flailing Evolved

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I really hope that Barkerville is secretly hidden in this game somewhere

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Hooray for Disneys!

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This ought to be good.

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Magic has happened.

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Jeff mentioning Elite Beat Agents just makes me wish there was a new Elite Beat Agents game. Which is weird, now that I think about it, that I enjoyed that first one as much as I did. I kinda didn't like most of the music in the game, but I still had a lot of fun with it.

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time to wrestling tie in: 17min 25sec

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"Jazz Hand" Gerstmann

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is this frog fractions 2

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Final Fantasiasy

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Video not working?

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Dancing editor Jeff Gerstmann with another report.

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Did half of Jeffs face slump, or am I high.... I feel like I could be high... For half a second there I was real worried he had a stroke or something.

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Been waiting for some more info on this game.

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Fantasia: Music Evolved.... c'mon people, where are the Halo jokes!?

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"Dan stands there like an idiot."

Is that new?

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I'm pretty sure motion controlled games exists solely to make funny quicklooks.

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Also, thank you Jason for the goofy ass shenanigans in the background.

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Oh god, the bit about the word "rhapsody"...

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I, uh, totally forgot this game was coming out at some point. I hope it's still super interesting. :)

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"The word rhapsody existed before Queen's song, right?" Oh Dan, you lovable fool.

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Oh gosh.. This is gonna be good.

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I actually really liked the look of this game, when it actually looks like you're conducting something.

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I always love green screen/kinect Quick Looks!

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The amount of times Dan and Jeff bring up Kid Rock in Quick Looks is honestly worrying. I think we need to get them help.

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I don't particularly like Disney or rhythm games, but I do love a quick look.

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British wizards are most deadliest and most cunning forcing people into forced progression

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Okay, Jason writes the best decks.

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Gotta love that Jeff shirt

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I didn't expect so much of the game to be staring at a star field in the background. I seem to remember the demo videos from before being much more interesting background wise.

I'll have to see more videos before I'm sold on this.