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Yay, second!

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Nice. The Return of the Creeper Cam.

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Someone post that creeper-cam gif.

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Super fast upload! I can relive the moment!

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smash for wii u has a life bar option! its under special smash and its called stamina. and thank you drew for that final creeper cam. i havent laughed that hard in a while.

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I missed the end live.

Posted by OtterChaos

Funny to see them call out Dan on his obnoxious PvP behavior, I admit I would like to see less of Dan's joie de vivre during games. Wasn't there a VinnyVania today? Missed that so need the archive stat.

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I just want to say that you guys have gotten so damn efficient in recent years. I don't know how hard it is to get this sort of content up in a timely manner, so thank you!

Also, side note, how come anytime Jeff is on point, I feel the cops need to be called.

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The return of creeper cam was glorious.

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That was one of the best episodes in a while.

Also Creeper Cam's (triumphant?) return.

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Also noticed that the creeper cam game is just a remake... Same level!

That was one of the best episodes in a while.

Also Creeper Cam's (triumphant?) return.


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Is this anime?

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LoL so "Nobody really liked you Dan"!I like Dan but damn dude even annoys me and im not playing the games with him.

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@otterchaos: Yep was pretty funny to see them reach their annoying bullshit limit.

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Oh senpai Jeff!

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Always love the Jason Dan dynamic.

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Watching Jeff beat down Dan made me lol after Dan being a dick to Jason.

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@bob_omb said:

Yay, second!

that self esteem tho

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Power Stone is absolutely a fighting game.

edit: I take it back, it's not.

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What a rare UPF where Dan is the one disturbed by the acts of Creeper Jeff.

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Oh man, they played Powerstone. Seriously one of the all-time greats.

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2D>3D also Rorie is moe.


I like Jason and I like Drew but they are in the control room and how do we make them make stuff together?

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@novis: Efficient and timely in recent years? Seems like every other week there's been an audio sync issue that's been resolved by Tuesday/Monday, when they're back in the office. Last week we had the last 10 minutes cut off in the HD download.

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Was the AC broken in the GB offices today or something? By the Gal Gun 2 segment, Rorie's shirt is visibility soaked with sweat.

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"Die, die, die, die, I mean, love, love, love, love, love" Jeff Gerstmann.

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"Tetromino" is the mathematical term for shapes made up of four squares connected edge-to-edge. In general (not restricted to four) these are called polyominoes (according to Wikipedia, this term "was invented by Solomon W. Golomb in 1953 and it was popularized by Martin Gardner").

So the term is not Tetris-specific, though clearly the game is named after the fact that it features tetrominoes.

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Jeff, you're not supposed to be playing these types of games...

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Final Creeper Cam was the greatest thing ever... maybe Giant Creepy Jeff Head is the final boss for Gal Gun 2

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The extreme focus on getting gems made Powerstone not fun. So close to being awesome but they have a messed up focus. I mean I know some people love it but it'd be more interesting and nuanced with a different focus. There are better Arena Fighters for sure.

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The last part was horrifying and may haunt my dreams tonight. Dan really needs to see the Best of Quick Looks that features the original Gal Gun to understand.

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What's better Powerstone 1 or 2? I like the 4 player mode in 2 but haven't played enough of either to know which is better.

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I've tried Malta once years ago and good lord it was the fucking worst beverage I've had. Blegch!

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Damn I'm sad I missed this live. I wish I could have seen the chat for the return of Creeper Cam.

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Had me laughing out loud with the last bit. Good show.

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Shocker Jeff hates another good game with Powerstone lol. Finally Dan gets called out on his 4 year old on a sugar rush behavior.

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Don't worry @rorie. I also fuckin hated Ready Player One. That book is hot hot hot garbage.

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@danryckert Sorry but you hit one of my pet peeves....

People who talk shit during fighting games or competitive multiplayer represent to worst parts of the gaming community. That type of behavior actively turns people away to the point that they do not have fun and do not want to play. That is why many people feel the fighting game community is unwelcoming to newcomers. Shit talking easily makes an environment feel toxic. Applying it to wrestling makes no sense either. Wrestlers are clearly performing for a live audience and know ahead of time that their opponents may say something. Wrestlers also don't act like that in their normal lives. Dan you are great, but if you continue to act like an immature, myopic asshole then you will taint the whole Giantbomb crew, the same way a few bad eggs taint the entire fighting game community. Giantbomb should always be about promoting a healthy environment for people to have fun and play games. Please don't forget that!

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@roundlay: i can hear (feel?) the heavy breathing.

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Is Gang Beasts a fighting game?

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Oh god, that relapse.....

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@evilboy2000: It just all depends on the group. Everyone else pretty much had the right idea of if you're group is down with shit talking one another then it can be a lot of fun. If you're the only one in the room doing so and everyone else is kinda rolling their eyes at it then maybe there's a problem.

Even in the latter scenario though I don't know that Dans annoying little brother method of shit talking really contributes much to a toxic environment.

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Dan was so disgusted throughout that whole GalGun segment