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Posted by Yelix

Quick looks! Sunday! Football!

Posted by purspike


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D4 in the coffee!?!

Posted by baka_shinji17

D4? More like Dersona 4!

Posted by ChrisTaran

More Swery on Giant Bomb? Yes please!

Posted by AMyggen

I love you, Swery.

Posted by KarlPilkington

Nearly finished the episodes available now, it's seriously great.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

This is the sole reason I want an Xbox One. Ugh. Wish I had a job and/or a source of income. Or that this was on PS4. Or both.

Posted by hazyship

You just swipe to move the camera. I really hope they figure that out by the end of this because holy shit. No wonder they can't build a PC.

Posted by KaneRobot

Oh baby. Here we go. Haven't had the chance to yet but I'm buying this just on principle.

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It's nudging me greatly toward an Xbox One, but alas... Microsoft couldn't brainstorm a way to market it to anyone else.

How long is this game? Will watching this burn through a third of it?

Posted by defcomm

ohhhh nice

Posted by Monkeyman04
Posted by YuriMegumi

Claaaam Chowda

Posted by AMyggen

The accents are incredible. Also, stack those pizza slices, son! This is obviously Swery's take on a David Cage-like game, and it seems pretty amazing.

Posted by Doskias

Every time the main character says "D," it reminds me how much I liked D on 3DO.

I bet that game doesn't hold up!

Posted by onkel

Wow, Diablo 4 already out?

Posted by Marblez3

This is brilliant. Wouldn't expect any less from SWERY, nor would I want any less.

Posted by Hassun

@mooseymcman: Deadly Premonition did make it to PC eventually.

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This smells like a new endurance run to me.

Posted by TehPickle

Yeah @vinny you're totally spot on with Millennium.

I don't remember it being very good.

Posted by paulunga

Could you please turn up the gameplay volume in the future? That stuff was a big part of Deadly Premonition's appeal but I couldn't really hear much of that in this QL.

Posted by calbags

just started re watching the deadly premonition endurance run, BR all the way baby

Posted by wrecks

Posted by EternalGamer2

This is the first game that makes me tempted to buy an Xbox One.

Posted by RonnieBarzel

I would watch a show titled "A Touch Beyond." Procedural drama, light-hearted romantic comedy...I don't care.

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It's surprisingly meaty and non-linear. I finished the prolouge and episode 1 at 5-6 hours, and there's quite a bit of content I missed. After I finish the third episode I'm definitely going back to replay it and work on some collectibles. Don't let the "episodic" or Kinect thing (and you should use Kinect) fool you, it's a legit game. And it's super original, weird, and awesome.

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@jcali said:

I smells like a new endurance to me.

Would be an extremely short one then.

Posted by Linkster7

Oh my god I just realized I'm stuck in a Swery time loop, I've seen this all before!

Posted by StraightGrizzly

Alex wants.....THE D! *I'll see myself out*

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@absolutedeicide: Very good to hear, I'll make sure to half-pay attention to this video to keep some more surprise intact.

Also, that opening credits sequence just sold me. Not the first time credits have done that.

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Yeah, the gameplay volume needs to be jacked. I need that "boston" accent in my life badly.

Posted by OrwellHuxZam

Amanda's the cat lady who scarred up York's face!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@hassun: And PS3 too, but I want to say Microsoft helped fund or publish this. It did have the Microsoft Studios logo in there.

Posted by EnemyLandlord

This looks legitimately amazing. For the first time I'm bummed I can't afford an xone. Fingers crossed for a pc release because holy shit.

Posted by Hassun

@mooseymcman: That's why I doubt it will come to Sony platforms, but PC might still be possible. Something like Dead Rising 3.

Posted by Mysterysheep
Posted by SigmaCloud

Did you see that Amanda? F.K. ...in the clam chowda

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@hassun: But it'd be more likely for me to afford an Xbox One than a gaming PC in the near future (next couple of years), so that doesn't really help me.

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I'm so happy these two are doing the QL for D4. I'm loving the game so far. Alex is spot on with saying that it is bat shit crazy.

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Protip: In Amanda's shop menu, you can buy presents for her to fill out a friendship meter thing. It has like 3 levels. Fill out that meter. Thank me later.

Posted by joetom

Please let this come out on PC.

Posted by Ravelle

This is the first game that makes me tempted to buy an Xbox One.

It will come to PC eventually I think.

Posted by Terranova

This is just bat shit crazy and i want to play it but I'm not going to get a Xb-one just for that, hopefully it will get a PC release some time down the road if not then i'll just youtube or something to see the rest.

Posted by Hassun

@mooseymcman: I doubt this game will need an all that strong PC.

Also I'm surprised Vinny and Alex haven't convinced you to build your own high-end gaming PC yet.

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Posted by big_jon

@karlpilkington: Is there more than what's in the QL? I'm actually thinking about getting this. I don't usually play games like this but I figured maybe I'd give it a shot. Worth the try?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@hassun: My computer can't even run 2D games at a consistent frame rate, let alone something like that. That looks like a 360 game, which is WAY above what my computer can do.

Posted by Ford_Dent

I am so happy about this game. Played through the first episode yesterday, and will probably play through it again soon enough--I missed some of the side-missions and I can't bear the thought of not getting every last bit of insanity out of this game.

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