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John Malkovich gotta eat!

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There better be an all Malkovich mode. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich,

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They will show up for anything.

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I love that they go off the deep end with their zombie stuff but good gosh does the mode suck so much to play.

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Whelp, looks like all it takes for me to buy a game is if it has John Malkovich in it.

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To be honest I hope this ends up being good, as I miss playing zombies on BO2.

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Why do they still makes these? Looks like they pump a lot of money into it... does it make money? Who's playing it?

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jeff right when he says need take out zombies and make it separate game this seems really dumb new levels of zombie dumb which is amazing that not hit rock bottom yet on zombies in games.

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Kevin Spacey is a zombie.

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Given the celebrity quadruple from (I think) Blops 2's zombie mode, I don't see why anyone would think of Advanced Warfare also featuring another squad of celebrities to be particularly surprising.

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rose mcgowan? wut.

edit: oh wait, nevermind, i got her confused with rose mcdowall. that would be way funnier

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f**king ridiculous.

I'm all in.

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Patrick's headlines and decks always sound so cynical

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too bad they're not also nazis .. cuz 'datta been insta bai, amirite?

I can't say that I'm hyped. I've already had my fill of bland game zombies. Hope these zombies wall run and do all kinds of crazy stuff and not just swipe with their arms and /follow the player(s).

Hell, if you've gotta have some all-star cast or whatever make the enemy at least somewhat original.

Meh, Activision gots to cash in big on old tricks yet again I suppose.

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@larrydavis: Wasn't some of it because of a car accident?

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Something about John Malkovich with an exo suit makes me smile. Like imagine the how crazy and old John Malkovich can act now attach that character with jet boost. That's great in my head.

I don't play Zombies but I can see the appeal. It can be fun and I think it's stupid and silly but it's optional stupidity and silliness. I think Black Ops 2 had a crazier and better cast with the Trejo and crew.

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@larrydavis: Wasn't some of it because of a car accident?

That was a while ago (I think after filming but before release of Planet Terror), she had more work done fairly recently and looks much worse.

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I have no idea what is going on anymore.

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Finally I can Being John Malkovich.

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let's advertise these big named stars and not show any of em!

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Exo zombies. That's so dumb I actually kind of want to see it.

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Patrick's headlines and decks always sound so cynical

Patrick is so deep, man.

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Dude, those are just straight up Doom enemies now. Mechanically augmented zombies? Fucking Doom baddies!

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dang I'm so tired of zombies.