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Who cares, shitty "in engine" video, yayyyy!

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Eh.....no thanks.

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More like star borez

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I'm going to wait for clarification on the SP situation, right now it sounds like they took the Titanfall route except it's all bots and I have a hard time dropping $60 on that, along with with how so many games from the publisher have been broken, like the seven months until functional Battlefield 4.

Let's wait and pray. If this releases in a messed up state people (in suits) need to get fired.

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Pls sir, I want some gameplay.

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How did that AT-AT get to that spot in the forest? Was it air-dropped? There's no way it maneuvered there on its own. Boy, AT-ATs are stupid.

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With this coming out in November and still no in game assets shown I am getting less excited, despite having been waiting for this game since Rebellion was supposed to be doing it. This will probably be a buggy, unplayable mess unless they have a great showing at E3.

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Excited! But disappointed by lack of Clone Wars era stuff.

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Looks alright. A defense engineer type I take it. A jetpack assault class I take it. Some tanky walker vehicle.

Don't screw it up.

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Boba Fett? Boba Fett???

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There are a lot jaded melonfarmers in this thread. The video is cool, and the game looks to be pretty fantastic. I do hope it's not broken at release.

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After the Colonial Marines / FC3 E3-trailers, I'm having a very very hard time believing we're gonna get anything remotely as good looking as this. Especially on the consoles.

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In engine? Don't care. If it's not gameplay it's not worth getting excited over IMO.

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I'm in.

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People will hate me for this, but I think st is totally cheesy to have Vader, Solo, Luke, Leia, or any of the main characters show up in these games.

That would be like playing Call of Duty in a WW 2 map where you bump into General George S. Patton, he pulls a mother of pearl pistol out of his belt to shoot at you. F_ck that, we all know that woudl never happen....Patton/Vader/Caesar would be surrounded by 20 people with weapons...you'd never even see their faces.

Can't we just leave those major characters out of multiplyer to not makes these games a cheeze fest? I get it some of you like that cheese, but it just irks me...because it can't win. Vader is fucking Sith he'd kick yourr ass. And, lets say he doesn't just smear you like jelly; well, that just DIMINISHES Vader as a character if some grunt could take him down.


...You don't tug on superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger
And you don't mess around with...Vader

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Was super excited to see this, had hoped for gameplay though. This felt more like a fan-animation. "HEY LETS DO SOMETHING ON THAT TREE PLANET! THROW VADER IN THERE TOO, FUCK IT!"

I'll start being excited again when we see some gameplay.

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20 v 20...

at least its not 6v6 I guess.

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Ok this "In-Engine-Fottage" looks great. Now I want to see it with a HUD.

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I loved the trailer for the new movie; but this trailer did next to nothing for me.

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Preorder today to get fucked up Vader mask skin.

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Why bother? By the time this comes out, Star Wars continuity will have moved on (and hopefully not have sucked at it.)

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The sound Tie fighters make is the only cool thing that has ever come out of star wars. That said, Ill always be willing to give big ol' war games a shot.

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@dberg said:

Why bother? By the time this comes out, Star Wars continuity will have moved on (and hopefully not have sucked at it.)

Yeah, cause fuck all our memories.

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Looks pretty good, I'm reasonably excited for this.

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I think it looks like their hearts are in the right place.

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Man, Microsoft really missed the boat in not having the co-marketing deal on this one.

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The "No Single Player Campaign" thing is a huge bummer. Still, I will probably get it once people confirm it's not completely busted on release.

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Also, no space battles? What the fuck?

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@somejerk: Less like Titanfall, more like original Battlefront. It has a bunch of missions that can be played solo offline or split screen as well as online cooperatively.

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Eh, I'd rather have regular ass Jedi and Sith, than characters from the movies.

Still, the engine looks gorgeous. Assuming the gameplay shapes up, I'm excited to try this,

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I guess "little dude staring up at giant thing" is the new "gruff military guy walking away from explosion" for game box art.

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There is zero chance the actual gameplay will look anything like that. Anyone expecting it to come close is going to be seriously pissed, which makes this trailer ill-advised. Smart money is on this for 2015's "most disappointing game". I'd love to be proven wrong.

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So much cynicism in here. Gamers really are impossible to please.

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@bonzaiimonkey: Just EA. Everyone else has the "Guy Holding Weapon Looking Down" (Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Destiny, etc.)

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Ugh 20v20 almost guarantees no orbit to planet massive battles. I'm also worried that the Y-Wings in the video seem more like an artillery strike rather then players actually piloting them. I wish multiplayer shooters would stop shrinking in scale from the decade old games they are supposed to be a sequel to.

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Good lord, all the people bitching about it not being "gameplay" need to lighten up. Here are a few things to consider:

  • It was created using PS4 hardware. That's impressive, whether or not it's actual gameplay.
  • Plenty of gameplay elements are shown here, like jetpacks, bubble shields, airstrikes, air combat, etc. That's cool.
  • Frostbite games look really good in action. BF4 looked great, even on Xbox One and PS4!
  • This game has been in development for what... 2+ years? It's safe to say that the engine has been highly optimized for the current-gen consoles, making it less surprising a game like this can actually look really good without having to be on a PC.
  • Yes, it will obviously look best on a PC

I'm stoked for this game, and we will see actual gameplay in due time. The game is still almost 7 months from launch! FFS, internet, just enjoy something for once.


Maaan. Most posts in this thread are woefully typical angsty internet.

Personally I think it looks OK for an in-engine asset demo. Obviously very curious to see what the gameplay/modes will be like. Not a fan of hero characters being in the game, but if they are used well (not just bullet sponge mission objectives) it *could* be interesting.

As for the grahpics. I can buy the game might look that goods. Just imagine the money & tech that Disney & EA could pump in to this.

E3 will be judgement day in a lot of ways. At least we'll know based on gameplay if it actually has a chance to make that November date. Seems solid though.

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@somejerk: Pretty sure Battlefront will have a longer tail than Titanfall did.

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hey guys i dont think this game is gonna look like this

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@billyok: They can't get off unless something other people are excited about ends up disappointing.

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loved it.

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But it's "in engine footage"

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Can't wait for it to come out and everyone flip out that the graphics look nothing like this trailer.

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Hell fucking yes, I cant wait

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There is nothing wrong with Titanfall. I hope this game ends up being that good.

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Can't wait for all the incoming starwars games

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@billyok: After this many downgrades and this being EA, can you blame people?