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I still think that a top-down Halo game has plenty of potential. Of course, the only thing we can hope for is that it is not as muffed as the previous one.

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The last one was decent, for what it was. The co-op missions at least were kinda fun.

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Cut the crap and port Halo Wars to PC, please.

Posted by Morningstar

And no micro transactions I hear.

Posted by Evan_Buchholz

Wonder if they'll actually release it with 360 Controller support this time.

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Cool, now bring The Master Chief Collection to PC

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I'll be way into this if they cut the partnership with Sir Michael Transactions. That really put me off of the first one.

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And Steam. Don't forget. For all those who hate the idea of it being Windows 8 only.

And yes, there is controller support.

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A follow up to last years hottest release

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TBH - I'm glad they are going back to this idea. I think it's got legs - they just fucked it up with the weird F2P shit. I just want Renegade Ops but Halo, is that hard?

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Come on Microsoft... you know you want to release the MC collection on PC.

Just do it already.

Posted by aidros

Yeah i'm getting this. Dannnnngggg ittttt

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Why can't they just port over Halo Wars instead of more twin stick shooters? :(

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@patrickklepek It's also releasing on steam same day... so yeah, MS is publishing a game on PC and not on the Xbox One, the plateforme that actually has a controller with 2 sticks... as in, twin stick. Am I the only one seeing this as one of stupidest thing?

Posted by kineticflow

"The follow-up is coming to Windows, Surface, and Windows Phones later this year"

Patrick, Surface is just a tablet that runs Windows... this is like saying "Angry Birds is coming to iOS, iPad and iPhones"

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The sequel that no one asked for!

Or did they?... At least I think they didn't.

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no thanks

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@shaka999 said:

Come on Microsoft... you know you want to release the MC collection on PC.

Just do it already.

Nearly all of the games they are using are PC ports anyway!

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As much as the last one was 'ok,' I really hope they take their lessons and improve on it. A top-down Halo could be really cool, but not if its an arcade-styled score-assault with micro-transactions that muddy the game.

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I hope this isn't another micro-transaction cash-grab like the first game was, because this concept could be really successful.

I suspect that it is.

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If they get rid of the microtransactions this could pretty cool

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This one has "Games With Gold" written all over it.

I for one will not be purchasing as it will most likely be free at some point.

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Looking forward to 2015! Can't wait for 12 straight months of Crimson Dragon and Halo: Spartan Strike as the free Games with Gold titles.

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Not sure about the game but I liked the music in the trailer.

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As a big Halo guy I say fuck this garbage.

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Oh boy! I hope it's Windows 8.1 only. I need a "great" game like this to convince me to "upgrade" from windows 7.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Not a fan of Halo, but I might just give this one a go.

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Isn't the mobile space just jam-packed with these kinds of games now?

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Let's get down to brass tacks here, fellas. Where's Halo Wars 2?

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