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Posted by Roboculus92

These guys make good trailers.

Posted by Zaccheus

Yep, these guys know how to do it.

Posted by Monkeyman04

That was a great trailer! Had me smiling throughout.

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Superluke! Bernerna!

Posted by koriar

"With working netcode" is a wonderful line. Hopefully it's accurate!

Posted by Torabi

Paradox has the best marketing department.

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I bow once again before you Captain Arrowhead.

EDIT: Wait what? This aint Arrowhead's anymore? That's right they're doin Gauntlet now. I must've missed a memo.

Posted by heatDrive88

Video games are awesome, you guys.

Posted by Springfart

i put on my robe and wizard hat

Posted by Dberg

Paradox are like the Swedish Hideo Kojima.

Posted by Tennmuerti
Posted by MachoFantastico

This just reminded me of this:

Posted by madman356647

I liked their sense of humor with Magicka and their DLCs, so I approve!

Posted by theodacourt

I want to hear more about these game changing artefacts.

Posted by geirr

Pretty sweet!

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Best game trailer ever. Also there is nothing I don't like about the above music video. Good find

Posted by vikingdeath1

I never played the first game with a gamepad, Did it work well?

And that trailer was pretty Rad.

Posted by asantosbr

I loved Magicka, this trailer reminds me that these Sweden dudes are awesome, cant wait for Magicka 2, and it's Vizards.

Posted by Crommi


Posted by Hassun

I hope there won't be too much DLC for Magicka 2 but it's good to see they're still on top of their humour.

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Still my favorite karaoke based trailer:

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And trailer of the year goes to..

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@crommi: What, no encouragement to join the Magicka 2 Web Ring? I am disappointed.

Posted by ExiledVip3r

The Magicka dev's just understand me on a deep personal level.

Posted by eloj

I LOLed at the "working netcode" part. See Bungie, this is humility; they knew it was broken, they didn't double down and insist it was well designed. :-p

Posted by lockonandfire

Makes me proud to be European.

Posted by Grondoth

But we already know Vlad's terrible, dark secret.

He's a Vampire.

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@vikingdeath1 said:

I never played the first game with a gamepad, Did it work well?

And that trailer was pretty Rad.

It worked pretty well, but you couldn't type in the combinations as fast as you could on a pc due to the fact that multiple elements can be pressed at the same time. If the game follows the new Magicka system from Wizard Wars with only 3 elements per spell, then the controller should work much better.

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@crommi: LOL the intentional broken pictures links are great.

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Posted by Jackalol

Don't know how much actual interest I have in playing Magicka 2 but this trailer is pretty fuckin good.

Posted by neroes

Nothing justifies killing a cat, not even doom music.

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They always make my favorite trailers.

Posted by Abendlaender

I was kinda hoping this is going to be sung in the Magicka "language"

Excited for this game nonetheless

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@neroes: Nowadays that is a deep cut and I praise you for it.

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Alright, I guess I'll buy this.

Posted by Christoffer
@dberg said:

Paradox are like the Swedish Hideo Kojima.

I always hoped Frictional were the swedish Hideo Kojimas.

Posted by Skittlenizzle

I'm getting this. Loved the first one despite its flaws.

Posted by moondogg


Posted by Tajasaurus

These guys know how to make incredible trailers holy shit

Posted by bybeach

Blowing up cats huh?

Grrrrrrrrr. :(...

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I loved the first magicka (I never finished it because it got ridiculously hard later on) so I can't wait to play this one. I'm so glad they're keeping the sense of humor from the first one, it's one of my favorite things about that game.

also vlad is totally not a vampire.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

@koriar said:

"With working netcode" is a wonderful line. Hopefully it's accurate!

At least they are self aware :)

Posted by IAmTheCheese

Very smart marketing, much how Edmund McMillen said, when a game doesn't really shine unless played, making a trailer focusing on gameplay features won't work, you gotta make soemthing people will remember.

Posted by FreddieFiasco

Ubisoft needs to take a page from Paradox's book so they can figure out how to synthesize and mass produce entertaining and unique trailers; only then will Armageddon truly begin, once we've lost the last bastions of creativity and originality.

Posted by THE_RUCKUS


Posted by Nentisys

based paradox

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Bloodninja referenced. Job's done.

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