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Way to abstract for me. Once a game crosses the point of doing things differently just for show, they start to lose purpose. If it doesn't add anything to the experience, what's the point? Maybe it will prove me wrong.

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Okay, this is actually Frog Fractions 2.

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Not all that into it.

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@patrickklepek You're not the only one! Dafuq... The text at the end did a better job of explaining this than any of the visuals. The music is also really amateurish, which is quite fitting.

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500 words? Fucking easy. *types it up way too far in advance, throws the curve all out of whack*

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Stop plugging your beer brand in video descriptions Patrick!

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That is compromised of Dark Matter

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@lmitchell8075: The abstract visuals do serve a purpose, it's a simple and effective way to create an environment and player models that fit their hide-and-seek style of gameplay. And it looks kinda neat.

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so its antichamber?

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This gave me anxiety. Not the enjoyable kind, either.

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looks rad, I like games that aren't afraid to be as abstract as they please

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Always Be Ostensibly

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Jeez, that looked fantastic. Hope it comes out on PC 'cause this would legitimately be a decent reason for me to get a PS4.

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Basically a 16 color version of Quake... Possibly 4 player split screen based on that last part?

That's the best essay I got.

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Seriously though, looks super interesting.

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Patrick, please try drugs. Just ask Max.

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@patrickklepek Still rockin' the 'ostensibly'...

Hey, someone's gotta. Ryan and I used to shoulder that burden, now I must go on.

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Is it weird that I grinned at "ostensibly" as one would upon greeting an old friend?

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Is this dark world Antichamber?

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