Octurbo: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

I initially wasn't going to do this one but then I played it and figured it's about time I got around to some half-decent TG-16 games again, even if they're just graphically-enhanced NES ports. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu is probably the best known Jackie Chan license game outside of that one Arcade fighter where Jackie fights Mortal Kombat knock-offs, and pits a Drunken Master-era Jackie against all manner of Chinese-themed opponents as he searches for his kidnapped sister Josephine. It's another one of those "walk right and hit things" affairs, but it's got oodles of goofy charm and, well, Jackie Chan is in it. You know, the guy from the movies.

Rumble in the Grafx

Welcome to Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu! This is Jackie Chan and this is a game that he is in.
The map screen. Jackie isn't exactly heading towards the end stage as the crow flies, but then fuck crows. What do they know about scenic routes?
In lieu of any actual crows to divekick, I'll redirect my hatred of flying creatures towards these butterflies instead. After trying to farm Blue Titanite Slabs out of these things for an hour, I have a lot of aggression to work out against our papillon pals.
I found a frog! These guys spit out power-ups when you hit them, but I always feel bad about it. They just want to hang out!
These tigers, I've found, are generally less friendly. Still, doesn't stop me popping them in the jaw when they get close. I've played Yakuza 2: martial arts work surprisingly well against enormous Bengal tigers.
Now I have two frogs! Steadfastly refusing to harm these guys unless it's absolutely necessary.
I don't even know what this is. A Chinese hopping vampire? That weird doll thing from Dragon Ball? Were they the same thing?
Occasionally, Jackie collects scrolls that give him a limited number of special moves, activated with simple button combos. Some are more useful than others - this Sweep is handy for banning lots of people at once. To the underworld, I mean.
Either I just inhaled something wonderful or this is a secret bonus stage I just found.
Aww. Ah well, time for some extra health. The game helpfully demonstrates what you're expected to do with this handy diagram.
I just have to hop on clouds and knock as many pieces of fruit off before the time limit expires. It's a bonus stage. They're all pretty much like this, aren't they? Maybe with less cloudfruit?
Every two pieces restores a piece of my health, and when I'm maxed out the remainder all go into this little loyalty card thing. I think I can earn an extra life if I get all eight? Screw that.
Figures the hawks wait until I'm on a platform from which I don't really want to fall off. They must be on loan from Ninja Gaiden.
Jeez, is this stage still going? I've been walking in and out of temples all day.
Damn Mongolians! How do they keep getting in? We should build something to keep them out, like a giant electrified fence perhaps. Maybe a garden maze? Worked for me with that Die Hard game a few days ago.
Anyway I inevitably receive an ass-whupping after slowing losing my health from many a spike trap and feral tiger ambush and take a brief nap. Of course, Jackie Chan can never die, so I'm just letting them win. Temporarily. To build tension for the final showdown.
Our game over burdens are a little more literal for poor Jackie, but he can bust those rocks in twain if we choose to continue. Just to be clear: there's no lives in this game. You get five continues and that's it.
Some "Legend of Mystical Ninja"-tier dick moves from the architecture around here.
I'm not sure what baldy's plan is, but I'm going to kick him as soon as he drops back down. Maybe that was his plan all along, and I'm just being led along like a puppet. Fiendish!
Another bonus stage, this time I have to hit this big rock with either a high or low hit, depending on what it asks. This is the only way to pick mushrooms in China.
Man, I'm a sucker for a good silhouette fight. More games need to do this. I guess this was the customary "do we have a concept page for this yet?" observation for today.
I finally reach the end of the stage, only for Christopher Lee to wake up this enormous statue. I've fought so many giant statue bosses in these damn Eastern-set games. Just once I want to fight an evil animated Michelangelo's David. I bet I could deduce where his weak point is.
The odd thing about this boss is while he looks enormous and intimidating, the only thing in this fight that can hurt you is a little flame that wanders around. As long as you keep out of its way, there's not much this dude in a bathrobe can do.
While meant to be a visual hint that you can jump onto his palms and then attack his head, there's something unnerving about the cupping motion of the hands here. Do we have a page for telescopic limbs ye... oh wait, I've used up my daily allowance for comments like those.
Eventually this sauna smackdown is too hot for this guy to handle, and I'm finally allowed to move onto the next area.
Well this looks like it'll be pleasant. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. In lava land.

Jackie Chan's Drama Karate is a fine little platformer/brawler thing. There's variation in both the moves Jackie can perform, at least to the extent that an 8-bit game is able, as well as in the enemies and how they approach you. Tigers are to be dealt with cautiously, Mongolian spearguys are to be dealt with quickly, hawks are to be flying kicked to oblivion and adorable frogs are to be left expressly alone unless in the player is in a really critical situation. It's also challenging but not brutally so, which is all I can really ask from a NES-era title.

I've heard the TG-16 version has a few additions and improvements over the NES original, due to it being developed a year later, so maybe I should do a compare and contrast one of these days. Or just look up the changes on Wikipedia, that seems easier. Might come back to this one at any rate. Can't get enough Jackie.

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Posted by darkvare

you know which game i wanna play the ps1 jackie chan game man that was the best

Posted by Video_Game_King

@mento said:

The map screen. Jackie isn't exactly heading towards the end stage as the crow flies, but then fuck crows. What do they know about scenic routes?

Are you saying you don't find roller coasters scenic?