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Greetings, fellow webizens of Immense Incendiary. As you may already be aware, I've been posting screenshot LPs of TurboGrafx-16 games throughout the year as part of a feature I tentatively dubbed TurboMento-12, a name it got stuck with in lieu of anything better.

The goal of TurboMento-12 was twofold: A) I wanted to show off the library of a console very few of us ever got to see, either due to its age, its non-European exclusivity or everyone's wise decision to stick with their SNESes and Mega Drives during that era, and B) Because I wanted to see for myself what I had missed out on. I don't feel like I've quite managed that with the paltry nine games covered so far, even adding in the three more to come.

Look at this enigmatic thing. Is that a cupholder? What's with all that junk in the trunk? Does it really come with turbo toggles as standard? (Well, I suppose that's explicable for a console called the TurboGrafx.)

So what Octurbo is, is an excuse to quickly run through a whole mess of TG16 games that are still out there. These won't be full playthroughs: I'll probably stick to whatever constitutes the first "world" of each of these games and then hastily move on. Through this I can show off a lot more of the TG16 library as well as hopefully narrow down the three final games I want to beat for TurboMento-12.

I apologize in advance for spamming your notifications with new blog alerts. I have no clue how many of these I'll get through, but I'm going to be pretty busy with them this month.

Just so I'm not constantly copy/pasting tables, I'll link back to this "Table of Contents" blog after each entry and keep track of them all here:

Blazing LazersBonk's RevengeJ.J. and Jeff
Alien CrushKeith Courage in Alpha ZonesCadash
New Adventure IslandDouble DungeonsNeutopia II
Lady SwordDragon's CurseThe Tower of Druaga
BravomanShockmanBomberman '93
BatmanChew Man FuGhost Manor
Die HardSomer Assault Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
Yo BroDragon EggParasol Stars
Silent DebuggersCratermazeLegend of Hero Tonma
Fushigi no Yume no AliceSamurai Ghost Splatterhouse

That's all thirty! Have fun in moderation, kiddos. Maybe I'll do this all over again next year. I've done stupider things.

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Eagerly waiting for Grafvember.