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    The Comic Commish: The Previous Generation (Jan-Jun 2010)

    Welcome to another edition of the Comic Commish, bringing you the greatest hits from the previous generation of consoles. As always, my eternal thanks to Gold sponsor @omghisam and the Giant Bomb crew...

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    Hello dear;nice to see your reply.please write me directly here at ruby4grant@live.com for is confidential and my pictures also,take care and have a nice day,God bless you.
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    Final Fantasy VIII definitely has its problems. It also has the best soundtrack of any FF game, so you take the good with the bad. Oddly, it's the only post-SNES era Final Fantasy I've beaten more tha...

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    Oh hey, I guess I wrote a short PAX blog and a short review for The Starship Damrey. I got something longer in my pocket for next week, so to speak.