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    Not to add to the overdone reference humor already abundant in the QL itself but, boy, this comments section escalated quickly.If you see any post that breaks the forum rules -- one with a transphobic...

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    A diabolically challenging heart beating beneath a cute feathery facade.

    Toki Tori 2 can be a deceptive little game -- one that hides its true colors until the player is already deep into their adventure. What you see is a bright and cheerfully cartoony game starring the e...

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    Mento + The Mechanics: Part 2

    Well, I promised a second part within the week and here it is. I've had some interesting replies already, so I wanted to start by thanking those who took the time to post and also for giving me some f...

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    I quite liked Bladestorm. I've always thought of it as a gateway to the Musou genre, though it's a little more thoughtful and RPG-focused. (Though it stops getting thoughtful when it starts introducin...

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    Mento + The Mechanics: Part 1

    I've spent the past few weeks kind of hopping back and forth on comics and LPs, so I figured it's about time to get back to my usual weirdly wordy worldly musings. One of the core aspects of any game,...

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    Not much from me, still deep into October. October 1993 has 34 SNES/SFC releases, more than any other month of the year excluding, naturally enough, November with 42 and December with 55. People love ...

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    This was a fun first stream from GBeast. Well, first stream with more than two people anyway.There were so many near-misses for some Gang Beasts playthroughs this week though. I can always watch the h...

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    Felt I had to update my Wizard list, given the circumstances.
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    Damn, almost forgot. I made another bunch of these.

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    @herbiebug: Check your PMs.We're also addressing concerns others in this thread have made. As always, PM the mods and/or Rorie if you have issues with how moderation is being handled. For now (and re...

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    All right, just so we're all clear going forward: Our cardinal rule of "Don't be a jerk" applies to posts referring to other users, staff and guests/interviewees of the site equally. I'm specifically ...

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    The Comic Commish: The Previous Generation (Jul-Dec 2011)

    Hey one and all to another installment of the Comic Commish, a monthly series where I look back on the best games on the previous generation of consoles and then violate their memory with crude stickp...

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    Done up to here.@hailinel: @blacklagoon: I left "Mind=0" as an alias. No idea how our search engine parses the equals symbol though (let alone the asymptotically equal to symbol).@video_game_king: I s...

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    I accidentally did that once and accidentally knocked one out while I was in there. These things happen.

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    Another dumb idea for a list: games where the main characters are forced to explain something, but the game fades to black when they're explaining. Then it fades back in at the end. EG: Chrono Cross.