Fun With Anagrams

Decided to play the Anagram Game. Popularized by the Simpsons, the Anagram Game is where you take a person's name and rearrange the letters to form a description of that person. I shall be doing it with video games.

Thanks for 100 upvotes, everyone. Boosted to an even 100 entries.

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Awesome list!

Posted by Skald

Fourteen and fifteen are literally the funniest anagrams I have ever seen.

Posted by jelekeloy

Dude, this is excellent.

Posted by Paliv

Badass list!

Posted by Oni

This is amazing

Posted by Cerogravian

Greatness. Hope you will be able to keep this up.
...Do you accept submissions or challenges btw?

Posted by Mento
@Cerogravian said:
" Greatness. Hope you will be able to keep this up. ...Do you accept submissions or challenges btw? "
Sure. If anyone has a good one, post it in the comments and I'll add it to the list (with credit). I want to see if I can hit 50 atm.
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Really excellent idea for a list.  Nice.

Posted by Jadeskye

Dude this is great!

Posted by Jeust

Great idea and list!

Posted by Gamer_152

Amazing list. One of the best on the site.

Posted by Korolev

Bold Errands..... my god there is nothing more accurate. This is simply brilliant.  
Bold Errands. 

Posted by Apathylad

I remember a couple from Resident Evil: 
Evil Nerd Site. It Needs Liver.

Posted by Anwar

awesome just awesome

Posted by Siphillis

Probably the most impressive list I've read in months.

Posted by maimran91

How bout a palindrome list!

Posted by dankempster

This is an incredible list. If you haven't been features on the Spotlight before, you really need to be.

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The Dead or Alive one really had my laugh out loud. We need more of these! :D

Posted by restragularman

So good.

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

The KOTOR one had me absofuckinglutely baffled.

Posted by Mento
@digitalsea87:  That it has the same letters? Or because HK47 didn't actually kill everybody onboard the Ebon Hawk with some manner of sharp implement? Because you know he would if given the opportunity.
Posted by ValiantGrizzly
@Mento:  Oh, I know he would. It's just insane how much of a coincidence that anagram is.
Or is it?
Posted by SuicidalSnowman

Phenomenal.  As others have said, one of the site's best.  Just  a quick note: CoD 4: Modern Warfare isn't the game with "No Russian," its Modern Warfare 2.  But it still fits the game perfectly.

Posted by Mento
@SuicidalSnowman: Ah, thanks for the correction (and the praise!). Since I don't usually bother including numbers into the anagram, that can be easily fixed.
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These are excellent :)

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I lol'd at Alucard and Master Chief's descriptions, haha. 
Also at Last Remnant's, though you can correct that problem by installing it to your hard drive.

Posted by Grillbar

funny as hell. some of then are alittle weak, but most of then are fantastic and actually really acurate good on you for using your brain for greatness.

Posted by habster3

What's with the MGS one? That game's amazing D:

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Using the word "struggle" in the No More Heroes 2 one is cheating!

Aside from that, pretty awesome.

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Wow, this is amazing! I love it! Excellent job.

I've got one.

Grim Fandango:

"Damn, no rig fag" or "Man Gif D Organ"

Posted by guttridgeb

Loved the list but I'm wondering what relates Halo Reach with cholera

Posted by TwelveFootFour

thumbs up!

Posted by Daneian

Now I have a powerful urge to use my Fear Chemist to go oak a ho.

Posted by madmanmaple89

Hey, hey, I got one. DOOM:


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@habster3 said:

What's with the MGS one? That game's amazing D:

Thought the same thing. Seems weird to (presumably) like stealth games like Sly Cooper, yet not the progenitor of the genre.