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@joshthevaliant: I tried, you can actually just run up that slope in Bob-Omb's Battlefield as long as you don't stop or change direction. Man, I learn something new about this game every time I play it.

The Big Boo's Haunt thing is a big help too. That's not an easy star to reach.

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@joshthevaliant: Ah, I must've just lucked out with those chests then. You're right about the last Bob-Omb's Battlefield red coin too, I figured it was halfway up on a ledge, but it's just the one on the sliding slope (which you can't really get heading up very easily, unless you pull off a fancy long jump). Corrections are due!

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@generic_username: @joshthevaliant: @dankempster: Thanks guys, for both the approbations and suggestions. I'm going to stick with this to the bitter end, and so I've published a part two elsewhere.

This certainly is a game with a lot of weird tricks and secrets built in. I'm perhaps not giving Nintendo enough credit by suggesting it was mostly serendipity and guesswork.

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@roy42: Oh, of course, you're right. You can pay money to fix the roulette wheel to get better odds on where it lands. Still, I don't know how often they're going to want to pay for the privilege. It feels like a few of them will refuse to do so out of principle.

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I'm torn on which would be most annoying, but I think Goomba's Greedy Gala and its random-ass roulette wheel clinches it for me. That would be genuinely infuriating after 50 turns (or, heck, 10).

Sad fact: I actually played this one a lot. On single-player. For all that furniture you can put in your little dioramas.

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@james_hayward: You might be right, some of the stuff she says does have an Italian or Portuguese flair to it. It's possible they created Old Vailia to be more of an indistinct composite of Romance languages.

(I just looked it up, and it's supposed to be a mix of French, Italian and Occitan. That's... quite a lot of work for a dialect a handful of characters use. Maybe the Vailian Republics feature more heavily in future PoE games?)

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@excitable_misunderstood_genius: Is it because Rangers are underpowered or because they're overpowered? Their damage output isn't optimal compared to the Rogue and Barbarian and their various class skills have been debuffs I'm not into, but that animal companion has been really helpful throughout the early- to mid-game. He gets knocked out a lot these days, especially if I'm fighting ogres or something that hits for 50+ damage per swing, but he's still a great distraction.

Importantly, the animal companion never loses health after battles even if he gets beaten to hell, so he's great as the party vanguard. If I wanted to be a real dick about the well-being of my lovable animal chum, I could always send him out first to keep something busy while my Wizard throws a crapton of AoE stuff in that direction, which leads to completing a lot of battles without a scratch on the party. My one problem with my Wizard's mostly AoE-focused grimoire has been avoiding collateral damage (Grieving Mother has a lot of AoE spells too), but having a animal companion that shrugs everything off after every battle mitigates that issue somewhat.

The summon idols are a similar deal, and I've got around five or six of them now. They can make a lot of tough group battles easier to deal with and it's darn useful that the game lets me summon them all once per rest. (Actually, summoning a lot of weak monsters to keep enemies busy was a common strategy of mine for IE games too. Though there's way fewer actual monster summoning spells in PoE, I'm glad they kept that tactic alive in some fashion.)

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@arbitrarywater: I'm not opposed to giving Ori a bigger gun, but pistols are the only firearms I've found so far that have a bunch of enchantments. Of course, you can always make your own high-level weapons of mass destruction, but it can get costly and require some really obscure gems. The Damage Reduction thing has its limitations as well, as you'll find plenty of monsters with minimal armor and a lot of health. It's been working out pretty well so far though.

I'd absolutely recommend to anyone that they should roll a few player-generated characters for the early parts of the game, where there aren't too many NPCs standing around to recruit, and then dump them for the characters Obsidian's created when you've found enough of them to form a co-ordinated six-person team (or fewer, if you don't want to share XP). They've been a fun bunch for sure.

@sparky_buzzsaw: Thanks, man. If you don't mind the limited range, a rogue with a gun seems to be a surefire (as it were) means to sneak attack people.

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