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I've been extolling the virtues of Blood Will Tell for a while now, to the extent that I was trying to think of a way to shoehorn it into my Berserk blog for having a similar premise (based on a long serial manga about a damaged, embittered swordsman wandering through a grim world tearing down fiends in revenge while a comic-relief sidekick tags along) and taking a similar character action, boss encounter-heavy route with its video game adaptation. You've already made a strong enough case for it here though, so I don't need to add anything to it. I just hope it shows up on PSN someday so more can enjoy it.

The movie's not too bad either, though it makes it more obvious that Dororo is a girl than either the game or the manga does. I don't believe the manga ever made it clear, even; I believe that the designers kind of intuited what was going on when they were writing their non-canonical ending set almost a decade after the rest of the game.

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I've written about the Wii's great hidden library here and here before. Just read the titles in the headers if you don't care about the further elaboration. I'd recommend The Last Story and Kirby's Epic Yarn too.

There's an equally high amount of great, largely underrated stuff for the GameCube too. The Metroid Primes, Wind Waker and the Pikmins are fairly obvious, but there's also Skies of Arcadia Legends, Chibi Robo, Baten Kaitos, Eternal Darkness, Tales of Symphonia and, perhaps the best game for the system, Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door.

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Eh, usual mischief. I'm almost done with November '93's US Block (there's usually an equal amount of games that were first released in the US and first released in Japan) and it's mostly filling in the blank pages of sports and licensed games. Japan Block's way more fun, and there's Illusion of Time and Equinox coming up so I'm pretty stoked.

But for now, I've still got to do... let's see... The Lawnmower Man and Time Slip. Great.

I suspect Jeff's announcement came about due to him filling in wrestler pages over the weekend. I hope this means more wiki interest from the staff in the weeks to come, but we're getting awfully close to the end of the games drought and yesterday proved that the engineers have enough to do without worrying about a huge wiki update. Still, here's hoping.

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Gotcha. I think I messed that up when I added the first Super Fire Pro Wrestling a while back. It's fixed now.

What's the ruling on discussing likenesses (homages, parodies, etc.) on that character's page?

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@wholefunshow: Deleted the first one.

About that release's image: Someone uploaded the one that's currently there without adding it to the page's image gallery first, so it's not connected to the page in any way. It's safe to replace it with the correct one. Shouldn't be too hard to find that box art image again if you wanted to upload it to its correct page (GameFAQs is a good resource for watermark-free box art images, I've found).

@shockinggus: The image has been processed through the image moderation queue and is now the default for that page.

For the record, regular users should be able to moderate/process items in the image queue (well, excepting the images that you yourself uploaded). If that system is on the blink someone needs to log a bug report because the mods don't usually ever check the thing.

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Epilogue: I just recruited a Tyke enemy (little guys with spears) and the first suggested name was "Tyke Myson". Goddammit, game.

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@wjb: Oh lord, the AI is terrible in this game. Really made me appreciate Xenoblade's ally AI. There's no tactical setting between "cast all your biggest spells constantly at these small fry" and "don't cast shit and watch helplessly as I forget to heal myself and collapse like an idiot". There's a "keep us healthy" option but they'll still unload all their strongest attacks whenever there's no-one who needs healing. I've also noticed that they'll just put their familiars away and bop enemies ineffectually with their crappy harp and grapple hook gun.

As for the monsters, yeah, I rolled with the defaults for a while (and gave Swaine the lemur some kid gave me, since he's proficient with that genus) but I'm near the end of the game and a lot of other creatures are outclassing them. I've just been tossing the occasional strong-looking creatures in the third slot and comparing stats with my defaults whenever they finally catch up. It's how I found put my pirate cat is pretty badass.

@rorie: Honestly, I like Ni no Kuni just fine, but it's weaker than any of Level-5's PS2 games. I'd say it works best as a gateway to Level-5's other RPG output (and probably RPGs in general, because of the family-friendly Ghibli edge) but I'd much rather be playing Dark Cloud 2 or Rogue Galaxy.

I've been wondering about the name too. I suspect they might have been worried about calling it Another World and getting it confused with Delphine's Out of This World (which was Another World in a few territories and was rereleased fairly recently). Second World maybe, since that's a more literal reading of the Japanese. It's possible they were expecting that most of their sales would come from people who had been anticipating the game since its DS incarnation, who would recognize it better by its Japanese name. JRPGs are in the same kind of place that Fighters once were, where they can only really guarantee sales from folk already dedicated to the genre and tries to market directly to them.

@euandewar: They're all pretty lengthy, in fairness. My backlog is filled with games of equivalent length too and it's just hard to find the time to play them. RPGs aren't really suited for playing in spurts either, because immersion counts for a lot. I'd have to say though, that Level-5 RPGs were to the PS2 that Rare platformers were to the N64: they found a niche and really made it their own.

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@slag: 6/10. Told you it was harder than it looks.

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@thatpinguino: I believe it was largely the point early on. They wanted to focus on long-form written stuff and be a site like Rock Paper Shotgun, rather than build a lot of infrastructure for looser video content like a lot of gaming sites were doing in the wake of GB, Roosterteeth and YouTube. They were also making grand statements about being the Traveling Wilburys (not a direct quote) of gaming journalism too, but they were known for getting a little ahead of themselves in those halcyon days.

@paulunga: To be fair to the place, I mostly see Polygon through the filter of those already biased against it (and sites like it, such as Kotaku) who occasionally quote the awful article titles that they're running with incredulous disdain. It used to be that most of the Polygon vitriol was reserved for their inspirational documentary and certain staff members like Gies and Kuchera, but now it's almost exclusively these types of awful articles. I hope articles like the one you linked aren't just once-in-a-blue-moon worthy pieces, because that's precisely how quality writing can find itself buried and under-appreciated. Who wants to sift through all that muck for a few jewels?