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That darn Doraemon sure gets everywhere. There's four SuFami Doraemon games alone, so I look forward to trying to find something new to write for each of their overviews besides "there's this robot cat from the future that rescues a bunch of crappy schoolkids".

The thing with Zeboyd RPGs is that they're usually as grindy and interminable as the RPGs they're ostensibly parodying. The only reason I've found to want to play them is for the humor, and Penny Arcade is to humor what Penny Arcade is to respecting the rights of LGBTQ folk. Wait, that's not how you do analogies, I'll start over: Penny Arcade is to humor what Penny Arcade is to sensitivity towards sexual assault victims. Nope, screwed up again. I'll come back to this later.

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Didn't know you did one of these last week. Like Slag, I was similarly kept out of the loop due to some site issues, which apparently also included blanking on the @ call-out. I was a little excited to see The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 on your list, but I guess it's not out for a while yet.

I'm up to August now! Thanks for asking. July had 28 games, I'm surprised I got through them so quickly. I'm currently experimenting with using in-game backgrounds as header images, like here, here and here. Seeing what folk think before I do too many more of them.

I'd make another E3 Anticipation list this year, but it's mostly just Nintendo Wii U/3DS stuff and Witcher 3. Didn't see anything that would justify the purchase of a PS4 or Xbox One, at least not yet.

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Another one for the ol' Community Section, so let's just @marino and we'll almost be done here.

Great work, as always. You dug pretty deep for a few of those clips.

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I figure you've received a deluge of E3 blogs from other users, so I've provided my now customary "Alternative to E3" series that every spoilsport can enjoy. Parts One, Two, Three and Four can be found yonder.

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@def: Removed them. Maybe I should've waited for E3 to be over, I'm guessing there'll be more.

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@video_game_king: Nah, he's like "I run this place. This mostly empty place. I guess it's just us two, huh? Well, I still rule you."

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@bobafettjm: Seemed like another standard 16-bit brawler to me, albeit with anime RoboCop.

Oddly, I worked on the page of another cybercop brawler just a few weeks ago: Edo no Kiba. Same sort of thing, except you're running constantly. I'd say RoboCop was a big inspiration around that time, but then 1993 is also the year RoboCop 3 came out...

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Man, I almost missed this week's update. Notifications are screwy again. Looks like they're adding new Trading Card-enabled games like crazy. I'm perplexed at the number of new games Steam seems to add weekly now, though given how Jim Sterling's been campaigning against Steam's lax quality control for the past couple of months I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked.

As for the SNES project, June '93's been surprisingly busy considering how empty most summer schedules tend to be these days. I've had to add five new pages:

And many of the rest were skeleton pages, with no images (beyond the box art), releases or text besides the usual sidebar details. I suspect that whomever was trying to add every Super Famicom game to the wiki may have stopped around this point, because there's only been at most one or two games without pages per month until now. There's still a sixth page I have to make, so I'm hoping to get that done and move onto July '93 before next Friday.

Oh hey, did you know the Pocky and Rocky 2 page was practically empty? I assumed a lot of people played that back in the day. The first game has such a detailed page too, so it's kind of odd that the people who worked on it overlooked the sequel.

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Just a single follow-up blog for May Madness before I move onto something completely different.

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