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It's weird Drew never got one. Or the ComicVine guys, for that matter.

It's time to bring this back, with a twist: Giant Bomb Top Trumps. Stop buildin' a website, Dave Snider, and make us more cards.

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I'm fairly sure a few of the usernames credited in that LordKat article are the same folks who were planning the harassment attacks on Quinn and other Indie devs from the IRC logs she posted. Odd coincidence. Maybe those are just common internet usernames.

Either way, we're not really receptive to unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, from either side. Like insults and pejorative labels, it's just going to stir up more trouble between two groups of people who are clearly not going to see eye-to-eye about these attacks and harassment any time soon. I'm not saying that we're going to shut this conversation down (though we'll continue to delete posts that are insulting or discuss someone's private life) but let's not throw any more fuel onto the fire than is strictly necessary.

All the same, I would perhaps advise anyone to treat an article or video exposé that credits a person who posted "We need to stop caring about ZQ tweets and start finding ways to crack ZQ emails lol" and "DO NOT TALK BLACKHAT HERE, TALK IN PM" to a public chatroom with some degree of skepticism.

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I got super side-tracked this week. Shortly after completing the US Block for December '93, I decided for whatever reason that I ought to be screencapping the company logo screens at the start of the games I was covering, at least whenever they were different. I've added about 150 of those to the relevant company pages.

At which point I got distracted by how empty those company pages were of text and worked on a few of those too.

And then I started discovering cases where we had multiple similar company pages that needed combining. Loriciels and Loriciel SA; Gremlin Graphics Software and Gremlin Interactive; Virgin Games, Virgin Games and Virgin Interactive; Pack-In-Soft and Pack-In-Video; Victor Entertainment Ltd. and Victor Entertainment; RSP and Riedel Software Productions. Most are cases where a company renamed itself something very similar at some point during its existence, meaning there should have been a chronological division between the two pages; however, because the names were so similar there were plenty of cases where a wiki editor more or less flipped a coin when it came to crediting a game page to one or the other and the two pages became an unholy mess. We might still have a lot of cases remaining where the wrong company page is attached to a game at the release level (it'll just say "Delete" for developer/publisher) so if any of you editors find one, feel free to change it.

Anyway, I'm absolutely with you with regards to single pages for multiple releases. Can I assume you're referring to things like game shows? A lot of the licenses to those adaptations passed hands in the 30 or so years they've been around, and even though the games are functionally identical each developer had different ideas for the presentation and interface. There's a few other licenses that had the same issue too (an anime called Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes, had a single game page for what turned out to be at least six identically-titled but otherwise separate adaptations).

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Just the second part to that Indie game thing I did last week. It got zero replies, so I've been spending this week thinking up new ideas.

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@def: Done.

@deepo: For some reason that image wasn't displaying properly as the default, so I re-uploaded it. Should be fine now.

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I'm onto December '93 now. It's the home stretch. Thankfully, there's a relatively short US Block this time (filled with such wonders like Barbie: Super Model, the Beethoven movie game and the Dennis the Menace movie game) and I can get to the fun stuff sooner.

Got some good headers this time though! I like the ones for Super Chase HQ, Soul & Sword (my only new page this week!) and Battle Cars. The panoramas you get in racing games with the behind-the-car perspective might make for some good headers further down the road (as it were), but it doesn't make things any easier when they all have parallax scrolling.

In other internet news, there was a guy trying to Kickstart a coffee table book filled with Super Famicom box art who had to shut it down because he couldn't hash out all of the copyright nonsense. I'm half-tempted to ask him for his image sources, but I'm not sure how to do so without sounding self-serving or weird. It's for this wiki, I swear! It's not like I want all that glorious SFC art on my computer for my own personal use... (and now I sound even weirder).

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Just the one blog this week. Part 2 should be up tomorrow, but of course it'll be too late for this Spotlight.

(I've been spending all my time watching the darn Deadly Premontion ERs instead of writing this week. Worth it all for those reactions to the cutscene after the first boss fight.)

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Taking the "Bogus Journey" route? There's not a whole lot else left after you've conquered space and time, I suppose.

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Oh hi, doggy. Linking to a video with minimal original commentary is Youtube spam (as described in our forum rules) and so we're going to have to lock this down. You're still my favorite customer, though.

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@bobafettjm: @beachthunder: I think decks might be the most intimidating thing after releases for wiki editors, neophytes and veterans alike. For one, a new editor might not know what a "deck" is and leave it blank during the page creation process, or skip past it if they're editing an existing page and don't notice it. If they follow the instructions and write a "short description of the game", they might not be sure what works as such. Even veterans might see a blank deck and wonder how many of the usual rules ("no second person, no past tense, no subjectivity") still apply if it's meant to be a short, breezy synopsis.

I know when I was doing NES games a little while back, I'd keep them fairly terse with decks like this: "An RPG game for the NES developed by so-and-so and published by whatstheirface in 1988. It was never released outside of Japan." I later realised that such a non-descriptive deck can be fairly useless for someone trying to search for that game based on its content, and the information I'd included (like release year and platform) would already be apparent from wherever you're seeing the deck (either the page itself, or the more detailed search engine). Most don't even realize that you don't need to include the name of the game in the deck, because the deck follows right underneath the title of the page. (I try to visualize it as "[Name of the Game]: A game where the player beats up horses. It didn't sell well.", where the title is pre-colon and the deck is post-colon. Eww, post-colon.)

These days I try to mix the terse with the descriptive. I'll include its genre and developer for search engine purposes, and then try to sum up the game's content succinctly without breaking those three rules I mentioned earlier. I'm still persistently worried that I messed up or that the deck doesn't work for one reason or another, but like bobafettjm says: any deck is better than no deck.

(I wouldn't even know what the deck rules are for, say, character or company pages, since I don't do a lot of those. Probably a good idea that you mention the game/series they're best known for, I guess?)