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These are some superb entries so far. Remember folks, we're only giving out one award (of five) per user, so even if face15 and aurahack have you discouraged go ahead and make something anyway.

Don't worry about all this anti-gif talk either. Most of the mods aren't that persnickety. Well, as far as banners are concerned at least.

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Good luck, everyone. I wanna see lots of cool entries.

I am a gif-neutral mod, for the record. If you've got a great idea for a gif banner, go for it, but don't assume any banner that ain't in motion is gonna lose.

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@bobafettjm: Nah, it's a lot of fun. Especially the research part, though it's not easy with some of these obscure text-heavy JRPGs that don't have fan translations yet. You do get to discover fun shit like a SRPG that was bundled with a device that let the Super Famicom talk to a Barcode Battler, and then discovering there's another ten games compatible with it.

Daunting is getting the whole SNES library up there with moderately full pages, of course. I don't suspect that'll happen any time soon, but then what's the point of a hobby without long-term goals?

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@arbitrarywater: Yep. There were four this time and, uh, there's eight for the next one. These things are going to start getting busy soon.

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Fine work. I'm surprised so many games have trading cards now, but then they're probably even easier to whip up than achievements. It's just a few bits of concept art on some card templates which are then sent off to Steam's technicians. As weirdly avaricious as it all seems, at least it's convincing people to play some obscure Steam games without forcing the developers to have to go out of their way with prohibitively expensive advertising.

Meanwhile, I polished off April and May '93 for the SNES project. Those months had the least amount of releases of the year though, so I won't be keeping up that pace forever. At least I'm now caught up to where 2014 is currently so I'll probably try to maintain that parallel moving forward, finishing June '93 before June '14 ends and so forth.

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This is a weird one. Whenever I mouseover the notifications or PMs, I get the same drop down menu twice, one underneath the other.

Newest Chrome and Win 7 versions.

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@devoureroftime: I was a big fan of Ys VI and VII, but a new one is not enough to get me to buy a new console. Especially as I still have to pick up Oath of Felghana (the Ys III remake) and Ys Origin on Steam at some point. Celceta itself is a remake of Ys IV, so I'm not sure what kind of order I'm going for here. I am sure it's the sort of series where chronological order doesn't matters too much.

I've heard a few troubling things about Pikmin 3 (not that it's bad, just that it's removed some of the things I loved about 2) but there's no way I'm ignoring a Pikmin game for long.