GOTY 2013

Eh, screw it. Everyone seems to be writing theirs today, and I can't imagine I'll get through anything else monumental this year. Subject to change, of course. If I can squeeze in Super Mario 3D World or A Link Between Worlds (or if Remember Me really surprises me) I might have some last second editing to do.

So here we go, then. My top ten games of 2013. Actually, let's make it top twenty. I like reading myself talk.

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Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Of all the GOTY lists I've read so far, this might be my favorite. Your enthusiasm and intellect, as always, combine to make for a great read. Had SR3 contained better side missions, it would yave been in serious contention for my number one spot. It is equal parts hilarious, fun, and a tribute to the insanity that made the series great. For a game that was released far too early for obvious financial needs, it shouldn't be nearly so much fun. But it is.

Posted by Fobwashed

Oh man, I enjoyed the hell out of Project X Zone for a while but after a long while, I checked online to see how far I had gotten. Less than half way... I then never played the game again =P The story was interesting and the cameos fast and furious but once I saw how much was left, I couldn't continue playing.

Solid list =)

Posted by omghisam

You seemed so down on Project X Zone at the time you were playing it. I'm surprised it made the list.

Posted by DevourerOfTime

I was reaaallly enjoying Sly 4 up until the fourth world. The handling of a certain character, some boring level design, and an underwhelming final area kinda ruined the game for me.

Still, very excited to see where they take that franchise. With that ending, they kinda have to make a Sly 5.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Project X Zone is twenty bones on Amazon, so I ordered it as an early selfie Christmas prezzie. Seprezzie? Prezelfie?

Posted by Mento

@fobwashed: @omghisam: I should've elaborated somewhere that I only actually played 15 games from 2013 this year. I'm sure with a larger group to draw from a lot of the games towards the bottom wouldn't have made it. The thing with PXZ specifically is that it does not do the game any favors to be played from start to finish in a focused playthrough; it's definitely better suited for the occasional map or two while on the bus, or some similarly dull scenario that would benefit from a quick ten to fifteen minute session on a portable console. People should be allowed to play games however they like, of course, but there's definitely cases where it would be far more conducive to one's enjoyment of a game to play it in spurts.

It really did not need to be that long though, seriously. It's not like they didn't cycle through the same fifteen bosses over and over...

@devoureroftime: I think I know who you mean, and yeah that was kind of a bummer. Not only because of how they treated that character but how ponderously and obviously they set up the reveal. They got all the gameplay pieces right (I liked the backtracking/costume aspects, as largely pointless in the scheme of things as it was to go back for those treasures) but it really could've used a better script.

But that just means they have nowhere else to go but up for Sly 5. I'm looking forward to it.

@sparky_buzzsaw: Thanks, man. I probably shouldn't be giving games so much kudos for coming through a troubled development period surprisingly well given the circumstances, but then I did make Sleeping Dogs my GOTY last year. Maybe I just have a fondness for underdog stories, lethargic or no.

Posted by Fobwashed

@mento: Oh man, I did NOT try to marathon that game to begin with =P But yeah, the third or fourth time I saw the same basic boss was about when I checked online to see how far along I was. It just felt way too repetitive and as crazy weird as the story was, it wasn't enough of a draw to keep me going. The story itself felt very filler after the initial meet ups =\ Really unfortunate considering how amazing the premise is.

Posted by mracoon

Nice list, I always enjoy reading the reasoning behind people's picks.

Posted by Yummylee

Huh, I have apparently already recommended this. But when I was reading through (again, as it seems) your SRIV write-up exclaiming that SR2 was the height of the series, a sudden instinctual reaction came over me to quickly scroll down to the recommendation button :P