In Memoriam: Ryan Davis

Just a few games with Quick Looks that I remember fondly because of Ryan T. Davis. There's a few obvious exclusions (in fact, just go to the list of Funniest Quick Looks and Ctrl-F "Ryan" for all the highlights), but there's a specific reason why I chose these nineteen items in particular. Secret message stuff.

With everyone posting blogs remembering the jerk we loved to love I figured as the designated "list guy" around these parts I'd honor the fellow in my own way.

(Huh. I did want my 100th list to be special, but I didn't imagine it would go down like this. RIP duder.)

(Now with even more unforgettable moments.)

List items

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Terrific work, Mento.

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Heck yes did you nail the number 1

Posted by ogto

great stuff. hope you add more. goddamn, i miss and will miss ryan...

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Just Cause 2 and/or Mercs 2 before Mercs 2 came out

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It's nice that you mentioned the ITSP thing. He apologized immediately after, as well as making a post the next day. It's great when a guy will try to make amends for something so quickly and sincerely.

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God, I can remember every single one of these vividly myself, and it won't stop me from rewatching each of them this weekend to enjoy some of the finest Ryan moments.

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There are not enough thumbs for me to sufficiently point up for this list.

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Cards Against humanity

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Ah yes, I remember the Insanely moment. It was an obvious misstep on his part, but he owned it like a true gentleman. A low moment, for sure, but he came back immediately with elegance. The best part was that a lot of people thought that it wasn't a gigantic deal. Just a slip of the tongue. He just made it his mission that everyone know how wrong it was of him. What a class act. Gonna miss ya big man.

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Great list - I remember each of these. That Insanely Twist Planet moment wasn't even that bad I remember and I kinda found it funny how it was so "taboo" only to find out what it was...

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Alla dis. Cheers, Mento.

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Oh man, multimedia poker, that was incredible

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Great list, some awesome Ryan moments here. :D

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I see what you did there. Very sneaky, sir.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance for me.

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What thing with Ryan being 'wrong' in the Shadow Planet videos are people talking about? I saw all those videos some time ago but i cannot remember what you're talking about.

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@ogto: During the live stream he yelled f****t when he got super mad/excited and they edited it out of the archive with silence. He made a blog about it the next day saying he was sorry.

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@crusader8463: Rather than simply shouting it I think he called Will Smith a "fucking f****t". Though my memory might be failing me.