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    7 Days a Skeptic

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 25, 2004

    The horrific sequel to Ben Croshaw's "5 Days a Stranger," the spirit of John DeFoe finds his way aboard a spaceship, four hundred years in the future.

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    Long after the gentleman thief Trilby defeated the murderous ghost of John DeFoe and burned down the haunted DeFoe manor, DeFoe returns for the second installment in Ben Croshaw's " Chzo Mythos"series.

    Jonathan Somerset is the psychiatrist aboard the spaceship "Mephistopheles". Everything on board is quiet and peaceful until the ship's scanners detect a man made metal box floating in space. Bring the box aboard, it is revealed to be a coffin with the inscription "Here Lies John DeFoe, Finally At Rest. Do Not Disturb His Sleep." With a unanimous vote to leave the box alone, the crew retires to their normal routine. However, after the ship loses power for unexplainable reasons, the captain is found murdered and the metal box is found open and empty. Now with crew members being murdered one by one and a distress signal that won't be answered for five days, Jonathan must find a way to escape the murderous spirit and survive long enough to be rescued.


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