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Adelpha is the homeworld of the Talan. It exists parallel to ours. When a portal is formed between our universe and theirs, an accident causes a black hole to form threatening the existence of both worlds. A group of scientists is sent in to fix the problem, escorted by Cutter Slade (the player).

Adelpha is divided into distinct regions, each with their own unique landscape.

The player wakes up in Ranzaar, home of the Dolotai Guardians, an outpost in the mountains covered in snow . A 'daoka', a sort of portal links this region to the next. From here Cutter travels to each region: the rice fields of Shamazaar, the swamps of Okasankaar, the forests of Okaar, the mountainous region of Motazaar where the Talan mine for helidium, and the desert city of Talanzaar, capital of Adelpha.

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