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    A large truck that appears in Saints Row 2. It can be most readily found around Brotherhood territory.

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    The Alaskan is a large truck that appears only during Saints Row 2. It appears to be a 1980s GMC Suburban based design, and has an extremely powerful engine, much like the Legion. It is likely powered by a V8 engine, and is all-wheel-drive. The Alaskan is a good all-round, with higher than average acceleration, and a good top speed. Its handling is relatively good in addition, though using the handbrake with the vehicle can cause it to bounce a little. This problem can easily be replicated in the Thorogood, to a larger extent, by handbraking around a corner. Due to the large size of the vehicle, the Alaskan can take quite a beating before exploding, meaning that it can be good when brawn is more important than finesse.  
    This may be the reason that the Brotherhood of Stilwater employ the Alaskan as a gang vehicle. It is one of the vehicles that players will find pursuing them when they have angered the Brotherhood.


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