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    "Algie" from Bully. Member of the Nerds who often gets involved with members of other cliques.

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    Algie is a prominent member of the Nerds clique in Bully and Bully: Scholarship Edition. Voiced by Brett Tabisel.


    Algie wears astronomy club green, but has many distinguishing features that combine to make him one of the most easily identifiable characters in Bullworth. He is overweight with a round build, has harry potter style glasses, and wears jean shorts which are always unzipped revealing briefs underneath. Height-wise, Algie is slightly shorter than Jimmy.

    Despite being a frequent target of bullying from most other cliques and an awkward personality even amongst his peers, Algie has a tendency to find himself involved outside of his own social circle. This is most notable during the initial Greasers arc, where Algie, along with Ted, falls for Lola and attempts to woo her, raising the ire of Johnny Vincent's gang. Algie has a very weak bladder, and frequently talks about his mother. Algie aspires to be popular, often trying to speak in ebonics (cool-speak). Once the bike park opens up, Algie can sometimes be found riding a basic bmx bike.

    Unlike his peers, Algie is almost always unarmed outside of holding textbooks.


    Algie is a central character during many missions throughout the game and frequently crosses paths with Jimmy Hopkins, even during offshoot cutscenes. The first time Jimmy meets Algie is in the library, where Jimmy is offered cash to escort Algie to his locker. Halfway through, Algie remarks about his weak bladder, and requires protection while on the toilet before proceeding to his locker. Later, Algie's failed attempts to woo Lola enrage the Greasers, requiring Jimmy to help him escape.

    Algie's most memorable scene comes during "Funhouse Fun", where he attempts to speak in only ebonics to Jimmy before being shut down. Algie makes a few offshoot appearances during chapter 5 cutscenes, snidely dismissing Jimmy for not being cool anymore and betraying the nerds.

    During the nerds challenge, Algie initially has the lowest of the 5 high scores for ConSumo, at 641 lbs.


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