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Alingon is named after the Salarian word meaning "deceptive", due to their probe technology going awry because of the high concentration of magnetically active periclase.  This weird anomaly has given rise to urban legends of space pirates lying in wait in the atmosphere and crashed ships filled with fortune.  However, such stories are dismissed due to the difficulties the pirates would endure in the magnetic anomalies.
Even with an uninteresting thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide, xenon gas can be skimmed from the atmosphere for use in ion engines.  Alingon also has spectacular and beautiful dry ice formations on the surface.
Orbital Distance: 10.1 AU
Orbital Period: 31.7 EY (Earth Years)
Radius: 3.085 km
Day Length: 56.3 km
Atmosphere Pressure: 0.04 atm
Surface Temperature: -166° C
Surface Gravity: 0.5 g
Mass: 0.116 EM (Earth Masses)
Moons: N/A

Mineral Deposits

Though a small planet, Alingon is rich in minerals, with high concentrations of Palladium and Iridium with plentiful deposits of Platinum as well.
Palladium: 11,500
Platinum: 8,700
Iridium: 10,400
Element Zero: 0

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