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Check out this video here...

The first half is more a rundown of the general game, while the second half (about 26:45) is all about this entire delay debacle and what actions we can take.

Please contact Sega about this situation. The more people that join in, the better chance we have of having this game released from Sega's clutches. Or to at least pry a reason why this pointless delay is happening out of them. We will use #FreeAnarchyReigns as the tag for everyone involved with this.

SEGA's twitter (just one tweet helps!)!/sega

Platinum Game's and Atsushi Inaba's twitter (tweet to them and show support!)!/platinumgames/!/PG_inaba

Sign this petition! (It only takes a second, and really helps!)

Don't go too far and make us look foolish, (we must understand their financial situation) but make them understand that Platinum and this game in general has a fanbase, and we'd like some answers. Try to include #FreeAnarchyReigns in your tweets (if we can get it trending then that would be huge), and be sure to retweet other tweets that have the tag and that are generally discussing Anarchy Reigns. Also, show your support publicly in any other way you can. Through message boards, facebook, ect.

While we'd love for this game to have it's rightful release here, this is more about supporting Platinum Games, Anarchy Reigns, and making Sega understand that Platinum in general do have fans in the US and Europe that crave their games and want some communication on why this is happening, which Sega seems to not think is true. I also ask anyone that already is planning on importing the game to please show their support for Platinum as well by joining in, it would be greatly appreciated. Let's try as hard as we can to show Sega that we want answers, or Anarchy in the US and Europe!

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Maybe I'm just talking crazy here, but what if the reason Sega delayed it is because they cannot afford to advertise it right now and think it would get buried and tank like Vanquish did, but think they could give it the support it needs down the line? It's a messed up situation and all, but I'm not sure what the point of this is except to bitch them out for delaying it.

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@iAmJohn: That's the thing, we don't know. We're not intending this to be a "bitch at Sega" campaign. It's to show Sega the support we can garner for Platinum. give them a stronger presence, and to ask for more communication between Sega. Sega hasn't even told Platinum themselves why they delayed the game let alone us, and I feel as though Platinum and their fans deserve more respect than that. If we can get any sort of communication from Sega on what's going on, we'll already have a bigger presence than we did.

I stated in the video that what you said could be the case (but we don't know, which is frustrating and a big part of this), but I still don't know quite what that would gain them over releasing it in the summer, which is a nice time for a title like this to break out. And considering Platinum's previous efforts bringing in little to no profits, I doubt that they're thinking this is going to be any different. Although personally I think it could be because of the reasons I talk about in the video. It has more appeal to a modern gamer than their other games. I still don't think it would be huge, but it could very well leave a bigger mark.

Not only that, but by releasing this (other than the single player) online only game so far apart, it won't be healthy for the game's community and it's future, which I'm sure is a big reason why Platinum's so upset about it.

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#hashtags #are #dumb #kefka2012

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@Ravenlight: Hashtags are also an undeniably efficient of getting the word out, which is why we're using them.

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I'm going to be optimistic and assume that SEGA has a good reason for delaying the game. Have they really not told platinum? If so that is awful, and Sega being a poor publisher.

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@durden77: I'll give you that Sega went about this in the worst possible way and that you're right in saying it's not too much to ask that they give a more concrete answer as to their plans (especially to Platinum because seriously, god damn). I guess I'm just reticent to the idea of a campaign like this because it seems like the kind of thing that can go really ugly really fast. But if it worked for Operation Rainfall...

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@durden77 said:


"Today's Q1 2013 release news was the first we'd heard of it. Even if we wanted to, we can't comment as we're (still) in the dark officially."

It's not very cool. They and their fans deserve more than that.

I did not know it was until Q1, that sucks. Wasn't it supposed to come out late July; now I truly wonder what pushed it back. Summer seems like a far better time to release a somewhat niche game like this compared to the now stacked Q1 2013.

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@iAmJohn: If I have it my way, this movement will just be a big "why?" to Sega, and a big "we're behind you" for Platinum. We're not trying to be hostile, we just simply don't understand why we can't join in on the Anarchy that Platinum has worked so hard on and is perfectly ready to ship, and I think with the way Sega has handled it, rightfully so. And like you said, this is all involving Platinum, one of (IMO) the greatest developers of recent times. Their fans and themselves deserve more respect than that. There are no plans at all for things to get hostile, and everyone that has joined in so far understands the message.

@ImmortalSaiyan: It was supposed to come out today I believe. Yeh to Q1 2013. And the game is completely ready and perfectly shippable right now. Hell even the demo has English support in every area. That's the thing, I don't have a problem with delays, but this seems pointless and we want to know why it's happening to a game many of us were looking forward too for many months. And I agree, summer could really be good for this game, which continues to make it not make sense.

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Where did all of SEGA's money go? What are all these crap unwanted games they keep putting out?

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I don't know. But what I do know is that Arif S Kinchen the voice of Black Baron, and Black Baron HIMSELF have given some support. JP Kellams, the writer and translator for the game has shown support too. That's pretty cool

If people keep joining in, we really might be able to break through. Any support would be much appreciated guys.

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Sorry for the double post, but we just got support from Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Game's game designer!

Please guys, just one tweet or retweet helps. Comon Platinum fans, Anarchy Reigns fans, and gamers in general, we can really break through if we keep this momentum going! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I decided to import the game after playing the demo and hearing of the delay. I honestly feel sort of guilty about it as Sega has had a number of financial issues recently and I feel like my impatient has led to them losing money that they need. Then again, Sega is publishing the game in Japan as well, so my issue concerns Sega of America. I am sure they had a good reason to delay the game, but I was overzealous. I hope the game comes out and sells like gangbusters in the U.S. I really do.

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@jewunit: I really wouldn't feel bad for them. While I feel for them and wish them the best, they put themselves in this situation. We the fans have to suffer for it, and they're providing little to no communication to us on the subject, which doesn't make many people happy. Enjoy your copy though! If you'd like to help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, sign this petition guys!

It just takes a second, and could really help. Once again I ask for your help even if you are importing.

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It's fully available in english? LOL I've been playing it in Japanese all this time!

I have always wanted a game like this and really love everything that comes out of Platinumgames. This game indeed needs a big community and keeping it in Japan only won't help.

Signed the petition. will definitely tell them how awesome MA is and get some of my friends to share it too.

This game is too perfect, let it live!

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