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 And 1 Streetball is a game that has been worked on for around 2 years, but you can hardly tell when you play the game.

The main mode is the career mode, and while it's concept, which places you as a contestant n the ESPN 2 show, is great sounding, the career mode really lacks substance that makes you want to play through the entire game.

The actual gameplay is pure hell basically. There is no real way to square up to the basketball goal. Plus, it seems that the developers took what the critics said about the last And 1 game to heart, as in the last game, it was very easy to brake the ankles of the defender, but in this game, it is insanely much more complicated, and much more pointless. The game is also insanely easy, all you need to do is give yourself a self-alley oop, and no one can stop you. And 1 also try's to have their own gamebreaker mode, but it comes off extremely stupid, when you "earn" a mic point, just push R1+R2 and you will pull off a series of moves and dunk it in and earn 3 points(even in 1 point games), plus, you don't even control it, and the animations itself look extremely stupid.

Did I mention there is no defense in this game at all? Theres a steal button and Block button, but other than that, no defense, no stance, no nothing.

plus, The AI is insanely stupid, teamates will act stupid, opponents will act stupid, its just stupid..

speaking of stupid, if a replay shows up, you can push R1 and hear that loud mouth on the mic say "Yo, THAT WAS CRAZY"...

This game is a rental at best, please don't waste 40 bucks on this budget game...    


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