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    Anna Kyoyama

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    A powerful itako shaman, Anna Kyoyama is Yoh's fiancee and trainer. She aims to make Yoh the Shaman King in order to live a relaxed and easy life alongside him.

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    Game Appearances

    Anna appears in the Shaman King games, sometimes playable, others simply as an important character in the storyline. In the Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars games, Anna is a playable character alongside Yoh Asakura. Her abilities include summoning shikigami, attacking with her beads, and slapping characters with her “right hand.” As a Support Koma, Anna uses her Inn Hostess Punch to paralyze and blind enemies.


    Anna Kyoyama was born with the power to read minds, in addition to a significantly high amount of spiritual energy. As a result, Anna was abandoned by her parents at the shamanic hub, Mt. Osore. Curious at her abilities, Yoh Asakura’s grandmother, Kino Asakura, trained her at the mountain to develop her hidden abilities more. Losing faith in her own existence, Anna became cold and distant towards the world, resulting in a thick and dangerous anger brewing within her soul.

    When Anna was 10 years old, Yoh Asakura visited Kino at Mt. Osore to also meet Anna, who at that point was being trained by Kino. Discouraged by Anna’s distance, Yoh dismissed Anna’s attitude, only to find a gigantic oni demon following her. The demon was created from Anna’s negative energy, which was only amplified from her hatred for the world. The monster had begun to attack Yoh, but Anna instinctively stopped the attack. Confused at this, Anna follows Yoh to his grandmother’s home.

    Anna reads Yoh’s thoughts by accident when at Kino’s house, eventually locking herself in her room. Yoh, from the other side of the door, says that he understands Anna’s power and he would like to travel to the Osore temple with her. Yoh also says that he wants to help Anna control her mind-reading ability. Yoh explains of the temple’s fabled power of wish-granting and how it could help her mind-reading ability be controlled, but says that if the temple can’t grant her wish, he would become Shaman King to protect her.

    The oni dwelling inside Anna grows as she and Yoh enter the temple grounds. It kidnaps Anna and attacks Yoh. Weakening from the considerable amount of furyoku energy spent on the demon’s power, Anna enters a spiritual trance. Yoh announces to the demon that he will fight to save Anna, regardless of the cost. Anna is in awe at Yoh’s courage to save her, and is able to weaken the oni with positive emotive power, specifically her love for Yoh. Matamune, a cat spirit loyal to the Asakura family and its greatest shaman Hao Asakura, forms an oversoul with Yoh, allowing him to kill the demon during the moment it is weakened.

    Yoh and Anna meet one last time as children, with Anna still struggling with her mind-reading abilities. She reads Yoh’s mind when he thinks of her as “cute,” slapping him before they say their goodbyes.

    Anna reappears in Yoh’s life after he loses his first battle with Tao Ren. Anna enlists Yoh in her strenuous training regime, one that many of the characters in the series call “torture.”

    The manga and anime stories diverge throughout the Shaman King series, but Anna ultimately follows Yoh after his departure to the Shaman Fight in Patch Village.

    In the manga, Anna gives Yoh the Chō Senji Ryakketsu in order to increase his abilities as a shaman, but continues his training while also fighting Hao herself. She is rescued by Yoh a number of times throughout the series.

    In the anime, Anna trains Yoh further. During the final confrontation with Hao, Yoh’s soul is eaten by Hao, leaving Anna in a state of distress. She falls to her knees upon seeing Yoh’s motionless body, and in a memorial, she wears his headphones, until his soul is liberated from Hao by Amidamaru. With a “welcome back,” she returns Yoh’s headphones. As Yoh gathers souls to power the Perfect Oversoul Amidamaru, Anna calls out to him, giving him her shamanic energy to defeat Hao.

    After the anime and manga conclude, Anna and Yoh have a child named Hana Asakura in the Funbari no Uta series. She keeps her strict attitude, and follows Yoh while their child finds the Five Great Earth Power Shamans.




    Anna can summon any spirit that has passed on to the afterlife by knowing a brief amount of information about its life. She uses this power to summon Amidamaru’s blacksmith friend Mosuke and the spirit of Lee Pyron’s master.


    Anna uses the 1080 Beads to subdue Hao Asakura’s shikigami Zenki and Kouki, making them her personal guardians. These are used throughout the manga and anime, ultimately being retaken by Hao Asakura

    Mind Reading

    Anna has the power to read minds as a child, but not by command. The lack of control of this power is hindered by the end of the series, where she is able to control it without trouble. This power also prevents her mind from being read by other shaman, like Hao Asakura.

     Anna uses her Inn Hostess Punch!
     Anna uses her Inn Hostess Punch!


    Anna is well known for her torturous physical strength. Her “right hand” is incredibly strong, as is her “legendary left hand.” Her “Inn Hostess Punch” is her signature technique, which is also used as a Support Koma in Jump Ultimate Stars.



    Anna’s thin build hides an immense shamanic power. She has dark blonde hair and normally wears a black dress, sandals, and a red scarf, which is moved from her head to her neck throughout the series. She is known to wear a rain jacket in the rain, and sunglasses during her trek to find Yoh.

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